As a self-clean the computer’s RAM

By | 07.04.2016

Each user working at the computer, which has a small amount of RAM, from time to time faced with the problem of slow performance of the operating system, periodic «departures» of running programs, or the lack of RAM errors. In order that would get rid of all this is only clear memory is enough.

It should be understood that while the user does not see the entire memory. It takes part of its operating needs, as well as all of her life. And the rest of the free memory available to run programs or access the graphics card that uses system memory. If you run after the operating system does not have enough free RAM, then you should proceed with the memory cleaning process by turning off unnecessary services, disabling startup programs or intensive processes.

So, how to clean the computer’s memory? There are two major and effective method:

1. Clearing the program list in startup

Clear the list of programs that are automatically loaded with the operating system can be a variety of programs. For these purposes it is well proven program CCleaner. In her example we look at how to do it. Immediately after the start of the program should go to the tab «Service» located in the left pane (1). Then select the «Startup» section (2). The screen will display a list of programs that run when Windows starts. From it should choose only those that you do not need immediately after switching. Typically, this automatic update, or irrelevant programs that take up precious megabytes of RAM. So, select the line (3) we are interested in and click «Disable» (4).

In addition, this program will be useful for cleaning up temporary files, browser, system folders, as well as various applications.

Clear the RAM

2. Turn off unused Windows services

Clear the RAM as possible and by turning off all sorts of small services and Windows components. Make it easy enough. To do this, open the «Start» menu, go to the «Control Panel», and then find the section «Administration», in which we are interested to be the tab «Services». After the discovery of which will be in front of you a list of all computer services. As in the case of startup programs, simply select the service and we are interested in the properties of its disable automatic downloading. Most often users disable modules not only refresh but also some system components. These may include all kinds of support services: faxes, modems, and other wireless technologies. If you do not use it — you can safely disable. And if necessary, activate the same manner.

After completing the above steps, your computer will have more free RAM, and you can work comfortably behind him.

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