How to completely remove the Bluestacks and playing it from your computer?

By | 24.04.2016


How to uninstall the application Bluestacks notification center

Bluestacks — trusted application (if downloaded ofsayta!) — One of the best emulators Android software shell for the PC and MAC. It has a full set of functions used in devices with this system: the creation or synchronization account, installing and running applications, communication in whats app, etc.

To install a new version of Bluestacks or completely remove it from the Microsoft Windows, you must uninstall correctly. described steps, how to solve this problem The table instructions below. Check it out and do all the operations in the specified sequence.

The standard uninstall

Deleting files and folders

1. Open the «Start» (click the label «the Windows» or press «Win»).

2. In the right column, select «Control Panel.»

3. Set the «Category» in the superstructure «Browse».

4. In the «Program» run «Uninstall a program».

5. In the list of software installed in the operating system, select the program «Bluestacks Notification Center» (left-click on the application name).

Software list

6. Press the function «Delete» (located in the upper part of the window).

7. After uninstall again go back to the list to remove Bluestacks Player — addition emulator (perform steps №5 and №6).

8. Restart your PC.

Cleaning the registry

1. Dial the directive in the «Start» menu search box — regedit. Press «Enter».

run regedit

2. In the editor, in the «Edit» section, select «Find …».

option "Find ..."

3. In the «Search» in the «Find» type — bluestacks.

search for items

4. Click «Find Next» (the registry will start checking for the emulator keys left after uninstalling).

5. Remove the computer entry found:

key removal
    • click on the right button;
  • Select «Delete» from the context menu.

6. After completing the deletion, continue the search: Edit → Find Next (or press «F3»).

search continuation

7. Scan and clean all registry directory until you see a message stating that the verification is completed.

An alternative way to remove

It is worth mentioning that the BlueStacks, for that matter, and other applications for the PC, with the help of special tools is removed more quickly and more effectively. Uninstalling and cleaning is carried out in semi-automatic mode.

Among the most user-friendly software to remove the helper:

  • Revo Uninstaller Pro;
  • Uninstall Tool;
  • Soft Organizer.

Download and install the OS to choose from one of the applications above. After running:

  • activate a built-in uninstaller emulator (click the icon → «Delete»);
  • Run a system scan for the presence of the remaining elements;
  • delete all found files, folders and registry keys.

Removing games

In order to remove the game from the Bluestacks, follow these steps:

1. In the Start Bluestacks, tab «Home», click the «All Applications» (located at the top right).

"Applications" button

2. In the Applications folder, select «Settings».

3. Enable the «Advanced Settings».

option "Advanced Settings"

4. Open the «Applications» section.

5. Click on the icon of the game, from which you want to get rid of.

6. In the training «On the application» panel, click «Delete.»

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