How to clean the registry of Windows 7?

By | 07.04.2016

Windows 7
Registry — a special database, which is designed to store various information about the characteristics of the computer, software settings, and settings on any operating system. The registry contains data that Windows 7 installed and the computer program are turning in their work dozens of times per second when the system or during loading. Therefore a fragmented registry, crowded with unnecessary sections or records may be the cause of very serious reduction performance of the entire computer. More often than not in the registry are unnecessary entries after the removal or installation of various programs. This can be construed as references to non-existent shortcuts and options already remote programs.

Timely cleaning windows 7 registry to avoid accumulation of obsolete entries, which in turn will accelerate the work of the entire operating system, and prevent failures and errors. Despite the need for regular cleaning of the registry windows 7, many users do not know how to do it. Clean your computer registry in two ways: by means of the program manually. For each of these methods in detail, written below.

The software method of cleaning the registry

As the name of the method, cleaning should be carried out with the help of specialized software. To do this, we will use the registry cleaning program for windows 7 — CCleaner. After installing the program, if you have not already, you should open it. After that, you need to make a number of simple steps, after the program that automatically scans for unused registry settings and offer to fix them. So:

    1. You must first go to the section «Register» button to enter which is located on the control panel to the left of the screen.
    2. Then press the button «search problems», with their own CCleaner will analyze all the registry entries and display a list of the parameters that must be removed or corrected.
    3. After checking out, you will be a list of all invalid registry entries. It should be a tick mark only the ones you want to delete or correct. (By default, the program offers a proofreading or cleaning once all problems found).
    4. click «Fix» to continue windows 7 registry cleaning process.
    5. You will be prompted to save the values ​​of the registry at this time, so you can save a security copy of the registry file on your hard drive or removable storage device. Then click «Correct marked.» The program will delete \ fix all registry values ​​and notify the message on the screen.


How to clean windows registry manually 7

Clean up registry and setting its parameters can be done manually through the built-in operating system utility RegEdit. However, it should immediately be noted that this method is suitable only enough for advanced users who are familiar with the operating system and registry in particular. The fact that clean your registry manually although it is possible to everyone, but there is a risk of removal or alteration of very important parameters of the system, which will lead to the abandonment of its work. In order that would go to the registry windows 7, you should go to the «Start» menu and type in the search word «RegEdit» programs (without the quotes). select «RegEdit» From the list of programs found.

Before you will be a utility for the windows registry settings manually. With it you will be able to clean up your computer registry.


On the left is a list of the main sections of the registry. It is a standard folder tree, moving on which you can find you are interested in recording. And the left side are located the parameters of a program or service.

Remember to make windows 7 registry cleaning regularly. This will not clutter up the operating system obsolete entries and will maintain the performance of the entire computer.

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