How to disable the sticky keys on the keyboard

By | 07.04.2016

keyboard keys

Function sticky keys on the keyboard, useful for those who are just starting to use a computer or people who for whatever reason can not press multiple keys simultaneously (trauma, loss of capacity of one hand). But the average user, this feature may interfere, because if it is turned on, the computer emits a characteristic squeak. It can be uncomfortable and if a person accustomed to use the keyboard in the usual way.

The function may be triggered accidentally, for example when you are on a laptop with his hand touched the sensitive panel that replaces the mouse or the adjacent button. As a rule, often slow keys Shift. Usually this occurs when a sharp irritating high plaintive sound. Normally, when you press this button the sound disappears. If this does not work, you can remove the sticky keys, turning off mode.

Windows 7

Principles to disable various software about the same, different designations interface. The main thing is to find how to turn it off on the proposed prompts. It must be done like this. Click Start , then Control Panel , then View , category and, in the latter, Small Icons .

screenshot 1

Click on them left mouse button, and the screen will arise a new dialog box in front of you. Next you will see the Access Center (or, in English Ease of Access).

screenshot 2

Log in them. Find the link Change the keyboard settings. Open it. Then find a mode of relief work with the keyboard.

screenshot 3

Open it and find the inscription: Simplify section of the text. Now you need to disable the setting: find the button Enable sticky keys and to remove from it a tick.

screenshot 4

When you are done, do not forget to click the Apply button to set parameters to take effect. If this does not work, enter the input filter settings here. Remove the check mark from the top 2 fields, and save the settings.

Windows XP

Click Start, click the Control Panel. Next, locate the component Accessibility. Click on it with the left button. In the resulting Open dialog box, Keyboard tab. You will see a section Sticky Keys. Uncheck the box marked Sticky, and the problem is resolved. Just do not forget to click the Apply button at the bottom. Because if you click OK — close the tab without saving changes, and all will have to do re-keying.

You can also remove the problem in a more rapid manner. Press the Shift key five times (only overnight), and then you’ll get a dialog box prompts you to disable Sticky Keys. To accept it, press the Options button and click the link in a new dialog box. Next you will be asked to: Set up Sticky Keys, which can be removed with a tick all the right points. Once you have made your selection, click Save or Apply and close the window.

If you are only worried about the sound, in the same tab you can find settings to disable it and then you can leave the Sticky Keys if necessary.

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