How to clear the history in Mozilla Firefox and delete cookies?

By | 07.04.2016

Mozilla Firefox

In order to obtain access to records of visits to the site, you must enter «Log» menu -> «Show All History». Then appears a window with detailed information. It shows the data for such periods:

  • Today;
  • Yesterday;
  • The last 7 days;
  • This month;
  • The three previous months (each month a separate item).

«Delete» To clear the history in Mozilla Firefox for one of the periods mentioned above, simply click on it, right click and select from the drop down menu. After that point, together with the entire history contained in it, it will be deleted. As you can see, this method of treatment history is incredibly simple.

clear browsing history in mozilla firefox

In addition to the cleansing of all the records in a certain section of the magazine, you can simply click on one of the entries and select «Delete this page». After that, the page will be deleted from the story, but it does not affect the other elements of the magazine. It is worth noting that such removal is very basic.

Better delete browsing history

When we visit any site, recorded not only the address but also:

  • History of downloads;
  • The words entered in the search box;
  • cookies;
  • Cache;
  • Username and password (if there was a registration on the website);
  • Site Settings;
  • Other information.

To clear the cookies in Firefox, as well as other information, which could give a visit to a particular website, you must go to the menu «Tools» -> «Clear Recent History …». In the opened window you can choose what to delete and what time interval (All, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or today).

Another way to remove data from the browsing history is available in the log window. If the list, for example, for the «Today» to select an entry and right-click, the item will be available «Forget about this site.» Selecting this option deletes all data (cookies, cache, and other information) associated with this website.

If you want to know more information about how to clear the browsing history in Mozile, you can visit the official site of the browser (

Are reading this as a clear system cache on your computer .

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