How to clear the cache on your computer or laptop?

By | 07.04.2016

Very often, many users are faced with many different problems in their computer. The most common among them — it is very slow speed when performing different tasks or programs. Typically, the main reason is crowded cache. Cache — a special storage of certain temporary files on your computer. Why should clear the cache if there are temporary files?

The fact that the system does not always cleans them automatically, as many of these files store sensitive user information that may be required in the future. However, if you do not clear the cache on your computer in a timely manner, it will turn into a cluster of junk files, thus reducing the performance of the entire computer. Before you clear the system cache, you should know that it comes in two basic types: DNS cache and temporary files. Each of them is responsible for certain parts of your computer. Below are brief descriptions of each type of temporary files, as well as the methods are given to clear the cache on your computer.

How to clear the cache dns

DNS — this is a special mechanism, which is used on the Internet to determine the correspondence between the text and the name of a numeric IP-address. That is, each time by entering the DNS-server domain information is cached and saved on your computer for future use. Thus, the presence of such data provides the fastest access to any of the domains as well as reduces the load on the DNS-server itself. However, this type of cache there are also disadvantages. For example, when you change your computer’s IP-address, you can not open the site, which refers to a specific domain name. To avoid this should be cleaned dns cache. to open «Start» menu In order to do this, and it found the item and click «Run.» This will bring up a window with the program as shown in the screenshot below and n.

dns cache

In this window, enter the command line «ipconfig / flushdns» (without the quotes) and click «OK». DNS cache memory will be erased in the automatic mode, and the progress window will be closed.

How to clear the cache memory system files

System temporary files include various errors, sketches, update files, and more. In continuous operation of the system accumulates a myriad of similar files, which not only leads to a strong decrease in speed, but also takes up considerable space on the hard disk. And so what it means to clear the cache of system files? This removal of all unnecessary temporary files on Windows, as a rule, standard system tools.

system cache

To do this, open the «Start» menu. It go into «Programs» >> «Accessories» >> «System Tools.» select «Disk Cleanup» to be found in the list that appears. You will be offered a choice to clean the hard disk partition. By default, the system partition is selected C. Therefore, click «OK» button once and wait until Windows collects information about all the temporary files. After that you can choose from a list of only those temporary files that you want to delete (paragraph 1), ticking, you are interested in components for cleaning. After that, pressing the «OK» button, it will be cleared the cache on your computer.

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