How to clear the history in Mozile: sweep out traces of the network

By | 08.04.2016

Mozilla Firefox

How to clear the history in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best browsers, with which you can make surfing the net. It is updated regularly, slightly modified in its interface, but its settings are simple and intuitive. Especially for Mozily written many plug-ins that make it easier to work on the network.

It is no secret that the history of each user is stored in the browser, it is monitored in order to identify their interests and offer him the required information or advertising of goods that he is looking for, or which could potentially be interested in it.

To get rid of further surveillance, it is necessary to know how to clear the history in Mozile and do not forget to clean it.

What is it for?

  • On the home computer of general use sometimes want to hide from households place their stay in the network.
  • In public places in general, do not leave any information.
  • Advertising can be very annoying. This user has decided a question, and advertising it everywhere pursues: to whatever site it went no advertising looms before my eyes. A couple of examples:
    1. You searched cap model to just watch and admire — a couple of months you will impose shops offering to buy a hat.
    2. You are interested in the principles of operation of LEDs — for a long time and you will offer to buy compulsively LEDs.

At each visited site advertising is formed by «needs» and the needs of each user, although it is in this no longer needs.

Settings history

Setting the user has the right to set their own, after passing through the chain:
settings history

In the menu bar, you need to click Tools in the menu that appears, select Settings.

screenshot 1

Go to the tab Privacy:
screenshot 2

Choose one of three options:
screenshot 3

The history includes:
screenshot 4

How to clear the history?

Option 1: the browser will remember the story

settings history
screenshot 5

In the Privacy invited to remove:

  1. Your recent history;
  2. individual cookies.

To delete the history mozile, you need to press the first label and the checkbox to mark items in the window.
screenshot 6

Cookies and cache must be periodically cleaned. The magazine is desirable to clean more often, because it accumulates a lot of daily records.

Purification of the selected items will happen if you click «Clear Private Data Now.»

Option 2: the browser will not remember history

It appears, announcing that the browser will work practically in private mode, and will not remember visited Web sites the user.

Clicking «Remove all the current history» FireFox gives the command to clear all previous save.
screenshot 7

Option 3: the browser will remember your settings

In private mode, select the third option, tick the box marked «Delete history when you close Firefox» and press the OK button.

screenshot 8

After closing the browser records will not be saved.

Clear history Firefox

You can individually clear the cache, cookies and history. The magazine can be cleaned several times during the day or before closing the browser and turning off the computer.

In the menu bar, select Log, and the option «delete recent history».

screenshot 9

The application window that opens, select the desired period or immediately, «All» and press the inscription «Clear Private Data Now.»

screenshot 10

If the magazine is not purified for a long time, from the menu bar, select Log, and the option «Show All History». Open a library in the left column, which lists the saved files by date

screenshot 11

Calling Right-menu on any line, you can remove it by using the appropriate command. In the screenshot below you can see that in the Journal are five tabs. We must consistently push on each team and take advantage of the bottom menu line.

screenshot 12

Methods for removing history mozile quite simple. If not cleaned for a long time recording, the browser will be slow, so the cleaning process is best to exercise regularly.

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