How to find and restore deleted messages VKontakte?

By | 27.04.2016

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How can I recover deleted messages into the contacts?

If you deleted conversation with a friend in a social network Vkontakte, intended or accidental, but it is you really want, do not rush to get upset and sorry about the «loss». This article will tell you in detail how to restore deleted messages (when possible) standard means VK, as well as using a special browser-based applications.

To return to the dialogue, first of all, do the following:

  1. Check that the Internet connection is; what is its speed. The constant interruption of a connection, a slow link may lead to an incorrect display of web pages, including your account Vkontakte.
  2. Temporarily disable Web filter in antivirusnik, refresh the page by «F5» key and try again to see dialogue with the interlocutor. Sometimes the «OS defender» script block useful code elements.
  3. Turn off in the browser add-ons NoScript, Adblock and similar applications filters. They can also interfere with the correct operation of the VC.
  4. Clear the cache / browser history (for Firefox and Google Chrome — combination «Ctrl + Shift + Del»). Please login again.
  5. The dialogue list click of a mouse, highlight the desired user conversation, in the line «search» type in the phrase / word from the desired message and press «the ENTER», to find correspondence. Perhaps it is not removed, but simply got lost «in the bowels» of your account.

Vkontakte Settings

Sometimes these actions are sufficient. But if you still do not manage to restore deleted messages, use regular means sots.seti.

1. Click the «Settings» menu, click on the tab «Alerts». If the box «E-Mail Alert for:» set to «Always notify» (including the options included «Private Messages», «messages on the wall»), go to the address used for registration in the VC, the mailbox. Surely, in your inbox, you will find a remote dialogue.

alert Settings

2. If you delete an individual message from the correspondence and immediately realized that acted recklessly, click the «Restore» button next to «Message deleted.» Text message immediately return to their place.

individual message recovery

3. Refer to the user which corresponded with a request to send copies of the message (in a personal FaceBook or mailbox). You have messages can be deleted, and he — not (ie it is not cleaned message history).

4. Write a letter to the technical support VKontakte with a request to restore the dialogue: click at the bottom on the main menu «help» link and enter your text.

Help section

Extension for Google Chrome — VkOpt

VkOpt — multifunctional addon that enhances comfort of use Vkontakte social network at times. Among its features uploading data on media content, enhanced menu fast access to the functions and sections, search for images on the HD quality, and of course, the processing unit / Message Recovery — a very powerful tool.

Warning! VkOpt — has the status of a trusted application. BUT: beware of imitations and the modified versions. Addon without unnecessary fears can be downloaded only of.sayte Developer or store the Google Chrome extension.

VkOpt in store extensions

To view conversations in Vkopt need to:
1. Install the add-on to the browser.
2. View your account Vkontakte.
Section [Vkopt] should appear immediately after installation in the page menu.

Section Vkopt menu

3. Open the «My Messages».
4. On the right side of the «Dialogues» buttons, pull-down menu [Options] select «Statistics».

function activation Statistics

6. Set the parameters of statistics display messages (put down «tick» in front of the options).

Installation statistics settings

7. In the statistics table to find a user dialog with which you want to view. Then click on the date / time in the same row (far right column). The display will show the message.

messages table

Do not use a third-party program to restore questionable correspondence, especially those that are «requesting» login and password for your account in Vkontakte. There is a good chance that after such a «recovery» your page is broken.

Enjoy your stay in the social network. Let all your conversations with friends there!

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