As to the «VKontakte» site to remove a friend or all at once «Friends»?

By | 24.04.2016

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How do I delete friends on the site «VKontakte»?

«VKontakte», like any other social network, nothing human is alien. Actually, the way it should be, because it is was created for people and for them to communicate. Find new friends and meet old ones, fall in love, get married and everything else, and the like …

Well, that is to say, a purely positive side of virtual communication. But can the same account holder, ie, the page «VKontakte», come and purely opposite desires — to remove another to place it in the black list, get rid of the subscriber or a subscriber (here is how the rest).

Actually, the way it should be: the opposite poles of our society, and here in the wilds of the Internet, make themselves known, to motivate behavior in the nature of reality.

Of course, dear reader, to philosophize on the topic of virtual communication can be infinite. But surely you have opened this article for purchase exclusively skills — so to speak, for the settling method termination friendship with a particular person or a particular group of people.

Then let us proceed to examine them.

How to remove «Others»?

1. Open the page for your profile on the site «VKontakte». Click «My friends» option in the vertical menu.

2. In the «Friends» look for an avatar of the person with whom to communicate is no longer want.

function "Remove from friends"

3. Right click on the photo function «Remove from friends».

After these steps, immediately, at the same moment, this is the «Friend» will disappear from the list of your «friends». Your event in «Lenta» he will not be displayed anymore. However, in spite of the removal, it is still able to drop a few lines to you in a personal, they say, what and how. If you do this and do not want to allow, then you need the function «Blacklist».

How to enter a different user in the «black list»?

ES — quite categorical decision, but sometimes the only correct and, therefore, effective. Otherwise, how to «discipline» the annoying opponent? However, this is only a separate, special, event, there are other reasons, is not less important.

  1. Go to the «My Settings» (item of the main profile menu).
  2. Click on the tab ‘Blacklist’.
  3. Under «Add …», enter the name / surname of the person or the address of his profile.
  4. Click «Add to blacklist». Then it instantly appears in the list of blocked users.

The account owner, brought in a disaster, will neither be able to view your page, or write you messages or added to the circle of subscribers.

Remove subscribers

Unlock «Blacklist» as easily as it and turn. In contrast profile, click «Remove from list». And voila — the prohibition, as if he had never existed, and it was not. By the way, this same man, freed from your doghouse, figuratively speaking, can be re-invited to the «Friends». Also he will be able to view your «page», «tape», and other content. And, of course, send you a text message.

What to do if you want to delete multiple or all of the «Friends»?

On some sites, portals, forums and other resources dedicated to social networks, the question «How do I delete all the friends» VKontakte «» given quite convincing answer, or rather, a software solution — a third-party software or a script from unknown craftsmen. Allegedly, the download utility that run it on your computer, enter a username / password from a page in the VC and you will have happiness … all the «Friends» to quickly remove, and configure nothing.

Maybe these things have those properties clever application, except that it is in the one «but»: there is a risk and lose your username and password from your profile during such cleaning. And it may not always be to blame the creator of this software. «Advanced mates» often adapt it to steal data. Alas, such is «ce la vie.»

Therefore, you decide: a higher degree of risk and with less waste of time, or vice versa — is slowly and safely.

In this article we will look solely to the safe methods.

So, if you want to delete the list of «friends» on any definite signs such as age, sex or place of residence, follow the manipulation of personal profile:

filter search
  • go to «My friends» section;
  • in the block on the right, set it filter (signs): enter the city, age, sex, etc .;
  • delete the profiles in the filtered directory using the standard function «Remove from friends».

If you need to remove all the «friends» you have on hand only two options to solve this problem (safe!):

  1. Delete / «freeze» your account and simply create a new, as they say, from scratch.
  2. Patience and delete profiles interlocutors manually through all of the same built-in function «Remove from friends».

How do you know who you removed from the «Friends»?

You should always remember that the other participants in the social network as much rights and powers as and vac. Remember the introductory paragraph of this article. Yes, friends, to remove from friends, etc.

To see removed, who is with you «break it off» and who did not confirm your suggestion to add to the «Friends», follow these steps:

1. Open «My friends.»

2. Click on the tab «Applications to friends.»

Applications Friend

3. Then click the subsection «Outgoing applications.»

Outgoing requests

4. In the list of displays profiles of people who have removed you from the «Friends» or not yet accepted your offer to make friends.

Differences in the list of who is who, just enough. Take a look at the profiles of outgoing requests and remember, with any of these people you were friends. That they have removed you from their circle of friends, but what other users (from) received your request.

That’s all simple function to remove the «Friends», dear reader! Enjoy your communication in the virtual spaces of «VKontakte». Let your profile button «Add Friend» is used more often than «Remove from friends». Anyway, separation, misunderstandings and quarrels bring sadness and chat — positive — positive spiritual and worldly, setting up heart and soul to the right, a sunny mood.

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