How can I manually remove Yambler

By | 07.04.2016
Recently, just an epidemic of viruses on the Internet, substituting the starting page browser-side links. Worse, these same viruses, allow access to your computer, allowing you to use it as a bot in DDOS-attacks and other malware. One of the members of this «family» —

Yambler relatively harmless and is intended, apparently, to promote the site, which is referred to: it opens a page of some unknown search engine, hung with advertising and promises to find everything they need, in the three systems at once. The most unpleasant thing that this picture will appear in any browser installed on your computer — manic prescribed virus wherever possible. But the owner of a computer, it why?

Fortunately, yambler delete from your computer is quite simple, it can cope with even the most skilled user. However, several exercise routine and boring, especially given the fact that all operations have to be done as many times as set browsers.

Fight Yambler needed in several directions.

Search installed programs and running processes

Why is it necessary? Visible way Yambler manifests itself, replacing the default one page of the browser. But most of his «body» is safely in a folder, usually the same as all the rest (because the viruses — the same program) — in Program Files, and during operation «shines» in the list of running processes in Task Manager.

Therefore, we must act as follows:

  1. Open Control Panel, click «Programs and Features», where a reference is needed, «Uninstall a program».
  2. In spisochki all available software to find the unknown (or rather, already known — from the Internet) from grafted aaplet «Zaxar search engine.» This dirty trick can be called in a different way, for example, Zaxar Games Browser, but the word Zaxar is exactly it and navigate.
  3. Remove this strange search engine.

There lurks one trouble: the virus can not be removed. But despair early! Most often this is due to the fact that the process is running, and how all that is in RAM, remove the uninstaller Windows can not. So you just need to remove it from there. How? The easiest way — through the Task Manager (the one that is invoked by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete), in which it is necessary to open the tab «Processes», find there zaxar.exe and click the right mouse button select «End Process» or press the corresponding button. The program will be available to the Windows uninstaller, then you can repeat all the actions in the Control Panel.

If yambler and now does not want to retire, it remains only to open it in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Zaxar and remove the provided uninstaller located in the folder, or just by hand together with a folder.

Correction of the browser

Yambler replaces not only the homepage but the file associated with the label browser that allows you to launch the browser is not usual, but that should be the creators of the virus. If you open the properties of the label, it will be seen that they are not referred to executable files (opera.exe, iexplore.exe, firefox.exe, etc.), and some of the same name url-objects. Neobhodimovse is remove: open the folder in turn browsers, we find in them the names of the halyards opera.url, iexplore.url, firefox.url, chrome.url, etc., — and no doubt push for them Delete. Now you only have to re-do tags for browsers, or edit topics.

Many people do not even think that for Yambler «wound up» on their computer — a harmless, well, okay. But such trifles clog the system, open loopholes for more malware simply an eyesore. Therefore, even the most careless users should know how to remove Yambler and use the computer safely.

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