How can I manually remove from the computer VuuPC

By | 07.04.2016

Many of the programs people use without thinking whether they are necessary at all. And especially not hesitate, if their use is safe. Some of them — the program of remote access to the desktop computer.

Recently there has been a real boom in this type of software. They are used in training, it is so easy to show the student on his own computer, where and how to click the mouse to the desired result. System administrators and technicians they need to serve customers, because you can not go «to the area» to correct minor problems — just access to the Internet. That’s all fine as long as there is trust between the parties. And if not?

VuuPC — acquainted closer

VuuPC allows you to control your computer from another device, up to a mobile phone. According to the developers, enough to connect the secure website of the company, and they literally swear that everything is strictly confidential, and «nobody knows anything.» Why, in fact, it turns out that VuuPC — a very interesting application, which is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Curiosity program is downright pathological. She collects the user’s personal data, electronic IDs, payment information systems, online payment, all interactions with the device VuuPC and development site, as well as information about customer purchases. Moreover, it does not shun the data about IP-addresses, content coockie-files, phone numbers, email address and the contents of all computer accounts, as well as data about the failures in the system. The question arises: why and where these data are transmitted? In words — solely to improve customer interaction. Like, knowing the customer better service better pick up service. But a little expensive price.

How to uninstall?

To remove VuuPC from your computer, in principle, it is sufficient to use the same tool to remove located in the same folder with it, ie, at C: \ Program Files \ VuuPC \ uninstall.exe at a standard installation. If the program has been installed in a different folder — and there it is necessary to search.

The second way — to remove the Windows standard uninstaller from the Control Panel — Programs and Features.

But it would be nice if it were that simple, most often, these actions VuuPC is not removed, then you can use third-party uninstaller, such as the popular Revo Uninstaller, which usually gives good results.

But that’s not all. To finally get rid of VuuPC, will have to do some more steps.

First, remove the same name of the service that the program prudently «forgets» to the system, and in the form of neglect. Find it may be through the «Administration» of the computer. Service must first be stopped.

Second, clean up all mention of this «happiness» in the system registry. To do this, run regedit (Start — Run) command is given Edit — Find and delete all parameters relevant to VuuPC. Home — care not to remove what is not necessary.

Third, when you click Tools — Add-ons (extensions) to remove the program from the browser add-ons installed on your computer.

Finally, it is necessary to close the remote access by removing the check box next to «Allow Remote Access» in the computer properties.

Only then can we consider ourselves free from this dubious application.

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