How to clear the cache of Google Chrome and why?

By | 07.04.2016

Google Chrome
Internet spreads so rapidly, that, probably, there is not one family that she could not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Global Network. Some users for days sit out on the Internet and other network visit once a week, just to check their mail. Some people use the Internet only for work, others — for entertainment.

Users when using the Internet should have at least basic skills and knowledge. Ability to use the main tools for the job — Internet browsers, is fundamental, it determines the efficiency of a web resource, convenience and speed of data acquisition and processing.

In principle, individual users do not need to know the intricacies of data communication, computer networks operating principle, but perform common actions, such as to enter the page address, delete the browsing history, clear the cache in chrome, make a bookmark, an ordinary user is required. In addition, he needs to understand what all these actions are carried out, and what happens as a result of his actions.

Today, information industry offers a variety of browsers to surf the web, but is rightly one of the fastest, is considered popular browsers Chrome browser, which is created by the Internet — Google giant.

What is your browser cache and why is it needed

Not every user knows that when he looks at using the Chrome browser web page, however, as using another browser, some of the information from any resources are automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive. This reduces load time, without downloading static elements (pictures, video) and uploading them to the user’s hard disk. This data is stored in special files called browser cache. From time to time, these files should be removed, since when the cache is full, with page views may be missing some elements, certain functions are not working. Therefore, the user should know how to clear the cache in Google Chrome. Of course, these recommendations must be performed for all browser cache cleaning principle they differ only different names settings pages.

Every browser saves cache files in a special folder, which is determined by the developers of the particular browser. User find this folder is quite difficult, because it is located deep in the directory tree, and often the user does not have permission to change it. Therefore, browser vendors have provided a specific procedure for clearing the cache.

How to clear cache in chrome

clearing the cache in Chrome

To clear your cache in Google chrome, should be on top, the toolbar, find the icon (the icon), which depicts a wrench, click once on the left mouse button. Then, in the menu that appears, you need to select «Tools» submenu, there click on the item «Clear browsing data.» You will have a form in which the need to check the data that you want to clean. In our case — we tick the «clear cache» line. Click «Delete browsing data» to perform cleaning team.

Now your cache is empty and ready to load data for the pages viewed by you.

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