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By | 07.04.2016

Today a lot of talk about what the site should be high-quality, optimized texts in moderation, since the search engines prefer to find it in such texts. Although in reality this is not always true. But high-quality content, no doubt valuable. However, if you do not write the text, the content for the site will cost you a pretty penny. Therefore, if you do not have full-time author, would you be willing to pay to those who wrote the texts for the money. The average cost of the text that you declare an agency that is responsible for promoting-from 300 rubles per 1000 characters, and even 500. And this service at low prices. There are companies, the texts of which will cost you even more. And note that we are talking about the texts of the most primitive level. That is, they will write a person who is able to relate the words and they will find a comic tone. If you want to order the texts of a higher level, with a claim to a good knowledge of Russian language and even on some art, then get ready to pay 1,000 rubles per 1000 characters. And it turns out that the average cost per page from 600 to several thousand rubles. And the pages you do not have one, and sometimes not even ten.

At the same time, few customers know that SEO agency hardly keep staff copywriters and turning to freelancers, who live on the sites like free-lanser, web-lanser and similar.

And the cost of writing texts there several times lower. Quite good copywriters write texts for 100 rubles per 1000 characters without spaces, with texts are already under optimizirvoany search. If you try, you can find and those who write for the tip. That is, you can get the content for free or for an amount of time less than that you declare in the agency. But you pay a freelancer services can now be in different ways, ranging from formal contracts and clearing up WebMoney or recharge the phone. And there is no need to pay for content for your website.

But free money you can spend on contextual advertising to understand that it is much more effective promotion.

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