K-Lite Codec Pack: possibilities and installation options

By | 10.12.2018

K-Lite Codec Pack: the basic capabilities

Almost every PC user faced with the problem of playing files on the computer. It so happens that will put the movie on, and the player gives an error and says some strange information. How to be in this situation and what to do? Modern films and videos encoded in different codecs and formats, so the usual players in the operating system Windows can’t read the data. For such cases there is a special set of tools and utilities to solve such problems. Let us consider the program K-Lite Codec pack and its benefits.

This package of programs and tools designed to help troubleshoot problems with playing movies and video clips. K-Lite Codec pack is the best solution to the problems with reading media files today. This program can be installed on any operating system Windows and supports both 32 — bit and 64 — bit versions of the assemblies. This software comes free and has many mounting options.

K-Lite Codec Pack: возможности и варианты установки

The first version of the install — base. It includes the basic codecs and software for running video materials.

Supports all major file formats and functions:

  • subtitles,
  • quickly capture video,
  • working with audio files
  • displaying the icons of video files in Explorer
  • configuration files belonging to the program
  • repair broken codec.

Hardware accelerated video decoding:

  • transfer audio streams;
  • video thumbnails in Explorer;
  • settings, file associations,
  • detection of a faulty codec.

The second option of the program is standard. Function does not differ from the basic version, but this version has a built-in player Media Player classic Home cinema, MadVR — modern and powerful receiver, as well as a useful tool to display useful information about a video file, Media info Lite. By the way, this program is quite good and shows the entire structure of the film or video clip. Through it you can see the video bitrate in various embodiments, the number of audio tracks, division into chapters, the full title of the film, the aspect ratio of the file, number of frames, color depth, and much more. This type of installation will suit the average user to work with Blu-Ray movies and videos in HD quality.

K-Lite Codec Pack: возможности и варианты установки

The third installation option. Consists of a set of programs and utilities standard installation package and added the following features:

  • DC-bass Sears Mod — for audio files OptimFrog, Tek, Tracker.
  • Decoder for DVD playback in Windows Media Player on Windows XP.
  • The video processor to speed the video player.
  • Video decoder is used to decode the video stream.

The fourth option is the most powerful — mega. This package contains all the structure with, plus the additional utilities:

  • ACM and VFW codecs for encoding and editing video
  • АЦ3Фильтер (as an alternative for LAV and ffdshow audiodecoder),
  • DXVA1 hardware acceleration (for Windows XP)
  • Haali Media Splitter (as alternative choice for LAV Splitter),
  • Cartoon Haali Sailor.

K-Lite Codec pack you can upgrade to Beta versions. This version contains the latest releases of all software in the package, but may have bugs and issues with the, as the developers released it for review. It is best to download the official version of the product. But as they say: the taste and color — no friends. The program is not bulky and quickly installed on the hard disk. You can configure automatic updating to the latest version of the program, or to periodically visit the website of the developers of the program and download the latest version of the software.

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