is rumored that Google is planning to release their apps for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

According to rumors, Google is planning to release their apps for Windows 10

According to the new rumor, Google is finally ready to show favor to the mobile operating system from Microsoft. In particular, the company is supposedly going to release their popular apps for Windows 10 Mobile.

It so happened that the search giant stubbornly ignores the ecosystem of Redmond and refuses to develop their own branded applications (YouTube, Maps, etc.) for Windows users, but if rumor eventually proves true, then we can say without any doubt that Microsoft and BigG significantly redefined their relationship.

The announcement of Google apps for Windows 10 Mobile may be held on the occasion of the presentation of the new Microsoft devices, which will be held tomorrow in new York.

It should be noted that the rumor comes from and who not to be reliable, but given the fact that recently, both companies were able to agree in matters of patent law after several years of fighting in court, this information begins to seem less far-fetched.

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