is it Possible to replace a graphics card on a laptop?

By | 10.12.2018

Can you replace the discrete graphics card on a laptop?

Laptops have long makes a great alternative to desktop computers, allowing you to perform more complex operations. If before laptops were used more for watching movies, work with files, or Internet surfing, the modern models offer much better opportunities.

And despite the fact that the mobile model of the CPU and GPU are less powerful options, their power is enough for comfortable playing in demanding games or complex 3D models.

Why do a replacement?

Unfortunately, the video adapter coupled with the processor is one of the most expensive components of the computer so most models are equipped with not the most productive models. Since the other components have a sufficient margin of power, then the owners of these computers are faced with the need to replace only the video card.

Можно ли заменить дискретную видеокарту на ноутбуке?

In addition, replacing graphics cards is also performed in case of failure. Some laptops have a rather poor cooling system and demanding games in some cases can cause overheating of the Board, with the result that otpisyvaetsya chip.

Despite the fact that to avoid such breakage is quite simple (it is enough only periodically to clean your computer from dust, use a cooling pad or not to expose the equipment to long-term loads) contacting the service centers by the need to replace video card on a working are a rather common case.

Types of graphics cards for laptops

Laptops have two graphics cards: integrated and discrete, each of which is designed to operate in a certain mode.

Можно ли заменить дискретную видеокарту на ноутбуке?

Integrated graphics processor is a less powerful variant, whereby the power consumption, and accordingly, the temperature decrease when performing simple operations, for example, working with files, text etc.

If necessary, perform complex graphics operations to reduce the load on the processor, the system engages the discrete graphics card that is able to perform more complex tasks, such as working with videos, 3D models or processing is necessary in-game objects.

Video: replacing video card

Is it possible to change the video card of the laptop: integrated card

An integrated video card built into the CPU so installing a new integrated graphics adapter is possible only with the replacement CPU. If your model is equipped only integrated video card, upgrade in this case is impossible.

Можно ли заменить дискретную видеокарту на ноутбуке?

Discrete card

A specific answer to the question is it possible to change graphics card on a laptop with a more powerful variant no. Theoretically, with a great desire and great expense to install a new discrete adaptor is quite possible, but in practice, in most cases it is better to buy the newer model with the necessary accessories.

One of the most important factors when considering a «laptop» on the subject the ability to upgrade is how to connect your video card.

If you are an owner of laptop with MXM slot (which today is quite rare case), then an upgrade is a relatively simple operation.

You need to find out the type of MXM connector and match the same fee in case of a breakdown or to find a more powerful version in case of upgrade. In order to know the type of your slot, you can contact the manufacturer.

Можно ли заменить дискретную видеокарту на ноутбуке?

But the most common option is installing a discrete video card at the moment is wiring it a chip on the motherboard.

Upgrade in this case is possible only with the help of special equipment and special knowledge and skills. If you are the owner of the laptop with the graphics card soldered on the motherboard, then its replacement is recommended to forget.

Unfortunately, to find the necessary video card for MXM slot is quite difficult, BU the model to buy rather dangerous because of the possibility to get «warmed up» fee which will last for an indefinite period. So in most cases, the purchase is only possible from abroad or from the service center.

Another problem is heat dissipation. More powerful video processor it will be possible to select more heat and your cooling system can’t handle it, that will lead to new failures. Therefore, you should pick up the video card with the same rate of heat dissipation (TDP).

The process of replacing

Consider the process of replacing the video card with the MXM slot on the example of installing a new Radeon HD 3650 instead of the standard NVidia 8400m G Acer Aspire 7520G that has a MXM II slot.

After you manage to purchase the required adapter, you are ready to install

  • to start you will need to obtain access to the slot. Fortunately, for replacement only need to open the back cover by unscrewing a few screws;
  • the next step is to dismantle the entire cooling system, CPU and GPU, which also need to Unscrew a few screws;
  • the Board itself is held in place by 2 additional screws, by loosening which it is possible to pull out of the connector;
  • the new video Board will also be installed in a protective cover. You should also check the position of the thermal pads and the memory chips;
  • after installing the Board, you must apply a thin layer thermoprotei paste as graphics and CPU, and the chipset after removing the old thermal grease. This operation is conveniently performed by using a plastic card;
  • also don’t forget to clean the cooler and the radiator, which usually accumulates a large amount of dust;
  • Assembly is done in reverse order.

Installing a new driver

After installing the new graphics card you need to install the necessary drivers, which should do the following:

  • completely remove the previous driver;
  • you should install the modified driver patch which you can using a special application;

    Можно ли заменить дискретную видеокарту на ноутбуке?

  • after installing the application, you should specify the location of your installation drivers, and to confirm the modification.

Upgrade your video card to a more powerful option is a very difficult task, to perform which in most cases is possible only with the help of special equipment.

Moreover the cost of a new video card can make too much money especially for used laptop. A reasonable option is to upgrade only the graphics adapters in the models with MXM slot, which at the moment is very small.

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