is it Possible that Windows 9 will become the new XP

By | 10.12.2018

Is it possible that Windows 9 will become the new XP

1 Aug 2012 Microsoft released the first version of Windows 8. Intended only for the collectors and producers of computers, it quickly reached users through the torrent trackers, decided not to wait for the official launch of the operating system in late October.

Two years later, we’re starting to get an idea of what the next move is Microsoft within their Windows operating system. If you take into account all currently available information, it becomes evident that the company has refused to strive with Windows 8.

Good news

First of all, we should say that the expected Windows 9 will be born very soon. It is reported that the beta version will be released later this year and in the first half of 2015 will go on sale in the final version. Although, in accordance with tech site TechCrunch, the terms are too optimistic.

And if Windows 8 looked like a dramatic step in the direction of mobile devices and, in particular, tablets, Windows 9, apparently, is a step backwards and looks a bit more moderate option between the muscles of personal computers and mobile devices. In fact, this step fits into the current performance of the technological market in which personal computers are back on stage (after going through a sharp decline in sales) and the growth of tablets is not so great.

Microsoft, which already has chosen a strategy – similar for all devices, the Windows UI finally realized higher requirements desktop machines. This does not mean that tablets will be rejected, but should lead to an equal balance between Windows for tablets and Windows for desktops.

Quite a challenge

Returning to the Windows 8.1 update, we can remember that it was sent only to make the operating system more appropriate for desktop computers. But it was just an update (albeit large), while Windows 9 promises to bring significant changes.

For example, the idea is to get rid of the so-called Charms Bar (if you are using Windows 8, simply move the cursor to the right edge of the screen or press the Windows key and C) and the return of a favorite from the «start menu» have already been positively received by the community.

So, back to the desktop? Not quite. In fact, the company will attempt to return the quality of Windows 7 without detriment to the innovation of the group. Microsoft will keep its apps store. Will remain and the start screen introduced with Windows 8. With him will remain, and interactive icons, which show various news and notifications in real-time.

At the end of last year, Microsoft has assembled a team that worked on the design of various operating systems in the same Department. Microsoft will try to go the way of the General interface, and the result we can see in Windows 9

Another example of change – it is expected that modern applications will be able to work on the desktop in windowed mode.

One Windows for all devices

According to information from the internal s journalists ZDNet, operating system is developed under the code name Threshold (in Russian «threshold»). This name comes from the name of the planet orbiting the first artificial ring in the game from Microsoft – Halo. Another name, derived from Xbox, the company uses for its rival Apple’s Siri – Cortana, which, incidentally, is also expected in Windows 9.

More importantly, what is the code name Threshold is a wave of new operating systems. Threshold will not bring what was expected – compromise hybrid between Windows Phone OS and Windows RT, but at the same time will update systems for desktops, smartphones and gaming console Xbox.

At the moment the Xbox One OS, Windows 8.X OS and Windows Phone 8 OS share a common core, as Microsoft continues to work on a unified app store, which will cover all devices. Employees continue to work on the ejection functionality of the various systems. But all this does not mean that the phones and computers will be used exactly the same Windows.

Going back to the past, one thing is clear – after the successful «98», followed by a forgettable «ME», which was replaced by used to this day XP, then there was a mistake called Vista, and Windows 7, which has managed to regain the reputation of the company. Now, after a not particularly well-adopted Windows 8, it’s time for high expectations from the following Microsoft product.

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