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PR Agency for reputation management IPiaR
127006, Russia, Moscow, Passion Boulevard, d. 11 +7 (495) 665 90 95 , info@ipiar.ru, www.ipiar.ru

Your e-mail: *****@list.ru

Deleting comments ON-LINE

Your potential customers, partners, employees wishing to obtain information about you, are gaining in search engine and see the name of the company in the search results of this information .
We will help you to remove these reviews unless they are related to your company

We have analyzed the contents of the first issue of 50 found in the pages of Yandex on request Ulken H and found 1 page (s) containing negative information.



Research Economy Direct speech Rating Event Viewpoint Crime Sport Football passion frankly Culture Walking with a Star Exclusive Leisure Summer Resident Cooking Jokes Contests Horoscope tests in the country Print Author: Republican newspaper «Karavan» March 6, 2009 Number of views: 4323 Ruins Ulken N and the southern shore of Lake Balkhash time has stopped — there are still ruin and misery of the 1990s without any hope for the revival of the Southern shore of Lake Balkhash — a good place to hunt wolves. To protect livestock herders kept the dogs-huge Alabai, and in winter the predators can easily

they had to cheat with a salary. When payment of wages to people did not show any statements give a magazine for the painting and free. Borovskikh taking the fish for themselves, writes invoices at work, affix the days that are not working and the money takes sebe.Uvazhaemye residents Ulken n e are not fooled themselves not their loved ones, enough already arbitrariness in Almaty and Zarechny beware !!! # Stepan ridiculous [06/20/2015 13:57] I lived in ulkene there was so horosho.Uchilsya in school, friends with boys and girls. I went on a fishing trip.

We have analyzed the contents of the first issue of 50 found in the pages of Yandex on request Ulken H reviews and found 1 page (s) containing negative information.



Business Organizations Religious Organizations Last reviews on the site: Kostya wrote (a): I do not recommend not to buy, but also steamed in these barrels with glue. Especially if you have a pr … Svetlana wrote (a): Conventional perekupschiki.Nikakogo production they have …. Directory Ulken H — Customer Reviews

Reputation Management for SERM technology

Then, after the «cleansing» of the information field in the top ten of search engines (Yandex, the google, etc.) to avoid spending again later to remove negative information, it makes sense to take advantage of the reputation management. As part of this service we are promoting in the first place dispensing of controlled resources with positive information about you that you feel worthy of the attention of your customers. Our sites will perform a sort of «fishers of negativity» with which you can get acquainted and then delete it, bringing to users only the right information in the right tone. We are confident in their abilities, so we get a basic pay only for results.

Attached to this letter you will find a report of checking the reputation and the offer in .pdf format: Analysis of online reputation for Ulken n

And remember, the strength is not in money, and even not in the truth, in the power of your reputation!
This service is free and is designed for automatic monitoring of negative publications about you on the Internet, but it is not always able to find all the negative information. For the most complete and also a free study of your reputation, we advise you to contact the experts IPiaR, which will offer you the best way to deal with negativity, and you make a decision about the appropriateness of this proposal.

After 2-3 months, we will prepare a new report reputation check and send you. You can unsubscribe from the re-obtain the actual report, if it is to show you uninformative or was mistakenly sent to the wrong e-mail.

Utilities headers (RFC — headers)

Our answer is «mafia»:From: Alina <***** @ list.ru>
To: otchet@delete-negative.ru
Date: Monday, November 9, 2015, 4:09 GMT + 03: 00
Subject: Re: Ulken H — Test result

My name is Alina and I am glad to receive a letter from former colleagues.

Already at first glance it is obvious that your letter was written by primitive pattern and you do not even bother to remove the extra end in the forms. But as Volland said — it would be another half woes — but you do not want (or do not know how?) To work with the information.

The huge analytical work carried out by your agency, as I understand it, you are prompted to think about the fact that the article on the site in the domain zone .KZ can play an important role in shaping the company’s reputation Ulken N. It appears that your analysts have concluded that for our company, there is nothing more destructive than the critical article about not the best guide provincial Ulken Kazakh village. Incidentally the article mentions Ulken not H, namely Ulken. You do not PWA, but in order for you to attract customers no one became rename village! Well, that article is suggesting in 2009 that your intelligence is incredibly fast.

Next page even more relevant, because your program analysts joined the title with other reviews! And directly on the page Ulken H No comments!

But most of all bribes, that you own a stunning amount of information. Since the company was liquidated, and the former owner of the company changed the place of residence and is a US citizen.

At the same time, you could not formulate a request primitive, and, accordingly, could not find a more appalling information about the company Ulken N.

Your job is fascinating: rarely manage to face with the specimen of stupidity and inability to work with the information, especially in our time. Even preschool children speak the language of search queries more efficiently than your analytics.

But you can continue to try to sell their services, and suddenly the truth, accidentally run into someone from a godforsaken village in Kazakhstan or somewhere on even further and they are imbued with the word of PR and your slogan. By the way, say hello to the person who invented it. There is nothing more captivating than the desire to turn to a company that offers me a reputation as the only valuable thing in this world. Your slogan:
— rejects the eternal common values (this time)
— refers the reader to the mediocre and very primitive film about the bandit nineties, but (thanks to your copywriter!) While trying to overthrow the authority of the quite popular and loved by the people of the character (and it is precisely on this film grew most of your potential customers)
— rejects such a small little thing like money. Indeed, why should my company money, my reputation Give! A commercial profit is a nonsense! A reputation, yes, this thing!

And then I accidentally foolishly thought that the ultimate goal of your proposal creating excellent reputation the company, so that she could earn untold riches. But no, forgive my stupidity. The purpose of your proposal to change the reputation for the sake of reputation, well, a little money on the ones you think idiots. Listen, why do you money, because of the reputation you already have?

If you want, you can make yourself a small gift. For a lot of money I’ll make you an offer that will cause your customers to wish to address you, not sneer at the level of your specialists. Or is it a mockery and it was the ultimate goal of the offer? Then you have reached the goal! Bingo!!!

It will be expensive, but effective. And yes, I know that there is Trouble with punctuation marks, but I like more. But for customers, a lot of money, I’m writing more and error, which can not be said about you. But spelling and punctuation take to check your equalizer. Vedas your office, specializing in PR, he should be?

Sincerely, Alina!

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