iPhone 5 restarts itself

By | 10.12.2018

iPhone 5 restarts itself

The situation when the iPhone 5 rebooted itself, for no reason, no reason at all, is quite rare, however, nobody is insured from similar troubles.

It manifests in different ways:

  • sometimes the smartphone just shuts off and after some time resumes,
  • sometimes this process is accompanied by an unresponsive device. Symptoms can be different and depends on the reasons for the failure.

Possible causes

If the last time the unit was not dropped, not filled with fluids, if no visible damage is seen, most likely, the reason lies inside the lid of the smartphone. To pinpoint the source of the problem, it’s recommended to contact skilled professionals, as opportunities are many.iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

The problem with the firmware

One of the possible sources of failure can be a problem with the firmware. It is obvious that the responsibility for the performance of the phone falls on the shoulders of the operating system. Without it, any modern computer is just a piece of iron. The installation of an operating system called IOS – writing of the OS in the permanent internal memory of the iPhone.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

Aiming to satisfy consumer needs, manufacturers from time to time issue new versions of the software, and, unfortunately, not always the upgrade process is successful. And if the iPhone suddenly began to reboot every 5 minutes, and before the next «pass» the device hangs and then the screen dims and turns off, perhaps the fact that the firmware has been failed.

Development of resource ABK

A more common culprit of the constant reboots is to develop the battery life. To think about the fact that perhaps in this lies the problem, makes sense if the machine abruptly shuts down at the slightest increase in load.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

Like any other battery, smartphone battery has a shelf life. The average battery life of the iPhone – about 400 full charges. If you exceed this amount, the holding period of charge begins steadily to decrease, and thus significantly drop bracket energy performance of the unit.

The result of this was described above: with increasing load, the battery can not stand, begins to warm up, and the smartphone reboots or just shuts down.

Violation in the circuit Board of the phone

Mechanical failure that caused the violation in the PCB can also cause the constant reboots. Refuse here could anything.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

Damage contacts, connecting battery, will lead to the fact that the slightest shake of the smartphone will destroy the fragile interaction, causing the device will turn off. Damage to the power connector will cause that when charging the iPhone will not be able to receive the necessary amount of energy. Violation of any other element in the circuit Board can also serve as a pretext for a number of other annoying faults.

To determine such an accident is almost impossible, you will need the help of experts from the service center, who after a careful diagnosis will reveal the problem.

The fault of the CPU

If when you turn on the iPhone shows the Apple, then hangs, showing only a blue screen and the phone again leaves in reboot, there is likely to be the fault of the CPU. It is obvious that this element is the control, and thus any, even the smallest bug can cause critical consequences.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

And the easiest way of restoration, as with any specific error and the total combustion of the processor, will be his replacement.

A problem with the amplifier

Another element of the iPhone, incorrect operation which may lead to similar consequences, is the power amplifier.

The iPhone 5 is 4 parts:

  • power amplifier signal GSM/GPRS/EDGE;
  • power amplifier UMTS signal;
  • the power amplifier of the CDMA signal;
  • power amplifier signal LTE.

The functioning of each of these elements takes a certain amount of energy.

It is obvious that when a fault occurs in any of the four amplifiers, the element begins to consume more, which leads to frequent voltage surges within the device. As a result, because of these oscillations the iPhone from time to time off and when you turn back it appears as if the smartphone is rebooted.

Video: Blue screen on IPhone 5S

Critical failures and program errors

Often, unauthorized restarts could result in a software failure. Often a similar fault occurs because of an incompatibility between the operating system and any application components. The emerging conflict between them leads to the fact that the OS shuts down or reboots the device.

To appear such a failure may result in:

  1. incorrect installation or reinstallation;
  2. activation or unlocking of the program;
  3. if you install unlicensed SOFTWARE. The latter is due to the fact that an unofficial app is not always fully tested for compatibility with the device.

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To prevent damage to the system files and user data, the operating system decides on critical measures – reboot or shutdown.

Mechanical damage and moisture

Drop or moisture inside the device can also serve as a prerequisite to frequent reboots. Symptoms of damage caused by a blow, similar to what is observed in the development of the battery life. The smartphone starts to bask and automatically stops at high load.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

Spontaneous reboot, and a noticeable decrease in retention of the charge may be the result of moisture under the body of the iPhone. Even a small amount of water can destroy or significantly damage the pins, the connectors, the smallest details of the device, without which correct operation is impossible, an equally disastrous may be the effect of moisture on the battery. Viscous fluids can have an even more unpleasant effect.

So if the iPhone recently been in the rain or snow, falling into water or otherwise contacted with liquids, it is highly likely that a precondition failure is just that.

Solutions to these problems

Answers to the question «what to do?» how to solve the problem of constant reboots vary considerably depending on the cause of the problem. So, in the event of problems with the firmware you can try to reinstall the update or revert to the last properly working version.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

In the case of software failure, if you cannot determine the result of the operation of a specific application fails.

You can try to use the following algorithm:

  1. remove all those programs that were installed before the problem occurs (especially if they are unlicensed);
  2. to update installed apps to the latest version;
  3. to check if it is installed on the device the latest version of iOS.

    iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

If the execution of these three points does not give a positive result, you can try to restore data from a backup or reset to factory settings.

Independently, in house conditions to correct faults with the iron, is almost impossible. The only exception is the development of resource ABK – in the case, if there is confidence in what it is guilty of unauthorized reboots, you can replace the battery by purchasing a new one on the appropriate websites.

However, if the reason remains a mystery or installed with a fair amount of doubt, it is strictly necessary to the treatment of specialized service center.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

At the same time, any delay could be critical:

  1. the sooner you get diagnosed the fault, the easier and, in some cases;
  2. it would be cheaper fixing it.

So, if the iPhone 5 restarts itself or just shuts down for no reason, no reason, it is strongly recommended to consult specialists. Only they, having all the necessary equipment and having the appropriate skills, can intelligently determine the source of the failure, to diagnose and fix all the damages.

Attempt recovery alone can lead to unpredictable consequences and become the culprit causing even more serious damage.

iPhone 5 перезагружается сам по себе

In order to protect yourself from such failure, should adhere to the following points:

  1. install only licensed, certified applications tested for compatibility with iOS;
  2. timely update both programs and operating system up-to-date version;
  3. try to protect your smartphone from mechanical damage and the ingress of body moisture.

Finally, often the cause of phone failure is incorrect battery access to power supply.

The use of informal trail when charging (often different from the required level of supply current), connect to the power in the car, at the cottage or elsewhere, which is characterized by instability of the power supply – all of which can affect the health of the battery and also lead to frequent reboots of the iPhone.

Respect to the phone – the key to his long and successful life.

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