intstruktsiya opening MDF format

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Intstruktsiya opening MDF format

Technology does not stand still, and a direct consequence of this is increasing volumes of information with which we have to use, to share, to extort from the Internet.

Using the image we can distribute large software packages to create backup copies of installed programs. Their use allows you to create emulators and virtual machines for further work with them and also to replicate the same type of system.

Detailed description of the extension

Format mdf (Media Dick Image File) is a disk image, created a special program Alkohol 120%. It is an exact copy of a compact disc (CD or DVD).

This is not the only type for this method of storing information. Another more popular extension – iso.

There are others:

  • img, which is tied to files .ccd .cue. They are created by the program MagicISO and used for Mac OS 9 and earlier versions;
  • dmg, found only in the Mac systems;
  • bin extension created by PlayStation or the Sega Genesis, the data in this form are stored in a binary code;
  • nrg – generated by Nero Burning Rom.

Why you need MDF

This extension represents the file that contains the actual information from the drive. When you copy or replicate data stored and transmitted information on titles, tracks, boot information.

This method of information storage gives an opportunity to transfer an exact copy with all the extra parameters which is usually the computer itself does not recognize. In Windows 8, it is possible without additional software to work with virtual devices.

Launch image files

If you are faced with this extension, there is a legitimate question, than you can open a file of MDF format.

This expansion came with the program Alcohol 120%.

Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

In General there is nothing complicated in the installation software, games and any other data with the image files. The only catch to find a more convenient, easy tool for that.

The program will create the necessary platform to mount the virtual disk, and then you will be able to open it, as usual, is in the drive.

I want to emphasize that for all formats is typical of the same scheme of actions for their use:

  • download the corresponding program;
  • mount of the file.

Below we discuss in more detail how to open or mount the MDF file.

Video: open the disk image

Read more about how to open a file with the MDF extension

Now there are quite a number of the programs paving the way MDF.

Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  • Daemon Tools Pro (paid version) and Daemon Tools Lite – free, you can download it as from the official site and a torrent tracker;
  • Alcohol 120% (paid version) and Alcohol 52% (differs from first only by the fact that not able to burn CDs, but is a free analogue of the other parameters);
  • UltraISO is a paid version allows you to mount more than 300 MB if You have not bought and not hacked;
  • Nero – multifunctional program, we’ll tell about it more in the last turn.

Let’s call some more, what would You understand that the choice You have:

  1. PowerISO;
  2. MagicISO;
  3. Cyberlink;

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  4. PowerDVD;
  5. IsoBuster, etc.

Focus on the four most used and famous for the mount.

Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools Lite – a popular and effective program for opening variety of types of images. With its help, we can open of interest to us.

To find this emulation software is available for free on the website of the developer.

During installation, be careful!

In the third window of the installation will be offered a choice:

  • paid license.
  • free license.

Select «Free», click 2 times «Next» and the installation began.

Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

If you do not want to use Yandex, or has it already You have – safely remove daws from unnecessary points, just like the picture.

Run the program again and get rid of unnecessary information, by clicking on «No thanks». If You have no such window, we are happy for You, I downloaded the version without ads.

Now you can do the mounting.

To do this, in the lower left corner of the window find the button with plus sign:

Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  1. next, select the desired file and click open. To see the program will just a file with the MDS extension is normal. It is he we need to mount;

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  2. now in the images Directory we have a single file, click on it, right-click and choose «Mount»;

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  3. after clicking continueda image. Now, for you will be available to the virtual disk. It will also show up in the folder «My computer» as a new drive. You can open it by double-clicking on the icon of the virtual drive.

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

To remove (uninstall virtual drive), you will need to press the right mouse button on the label of the drive under item 1 with the latest picture and choose «Unmount».

What other formats can open using Daemon Tools Lite?

  • ape (Monkey’s Audio);
  • flac (FLAC);
  • cue/bin;
  • iso;
  • ccd (CloneCD);
  • bwt (Blindwrite);
  • mdf/mds (Media Dick Image File);
  • cdi (Discjuggler);
  • nrg (Nero);
  • pdi (Instant CD/DVD);
  • b5t (BlindWrite 5);
  • b6t (BlindWrite 6);
  • isz (Compressed ISO images) UltraISO;
  • mdx (Media Data eXtended).


Now consider the program Ultraiso. It will not only mount the disk, but just to open, edit the content, convert from one format to another, and to write information to the media.

Mount in Ultraiso is done this way:

  • you need to go to menu «Tools», select «mount to virtual drive». A window opens where you specify the path to the file.
  • select the desired file in the opened Windows Explorer window and click «Mount». To unmount, press the button next to «Unmount»;
  • after that, files from the image will appear in your drive.

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

Alcohol 120%

Alcohol 120% can create up to 31 virtual drive, and it recognizes many formats:

  • bwt;
  • ccd;
  • cue;
  • cdi;
  • pdi;
  • nrg;
  • iso.

As we said above, it has its own type of images: .mds and .mdf.

Mounting of disk is as follows:

  1. go into settings, choose «Virtual drive». Putting the required amount of artificial actuators, remove, jackdaws, where they in Your opinion not needed in paragraphs:
    • remount images upon system reboot;
    • mount image to Device 0 on double click;
    • choose appropriate and click «OK»;
    • downstairs in the devices will be mounted by You.

      Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

  2. Remain trivia, right click to open menu of the created drive and click «Mount image».

Be careful, by default, shows only files with the file extension mds, bwt, ccd!

To remove the image, simply click on it and select «Unmount image».


The last program we have is Nero. Perhaps this is one of the most versatile tools for working with disks, but it does not recognize mdf.

Using Nero and a variety of add-ons this program you can record, edit sound, mix, edit, and copy video, process media files, and even mount the images.

Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

With the latest help to cope Nero ImageDrive. Really works ImageDrive with a limited number of extensions .nrg and .iso.

To do this:

  • run through Nero StartSmart Nero ImageDrive separately to not download it;
  • click «Allow activation»;
  • in the tab «Options» install 1 or 2 virtual disk;
  • go to the tab «First drive» (or whatever You need) and specify the file path to the image.

    Интструкция по открытию МДФ формата

To unmount, you need to choose one or the other drive and press «Release».

So what better to choose?

Judging by all the given data, it is best for us will come in descending order:

  • Alcohol 120%;
  • Daemon Tools;
  • Ultraiso.

Still smarter to mount the image in the above format to trust native Alcohol 120%. Although DT and Ultraiso is fine to work with this extension.

It is easiest to work with Daemon Tools, because the interface of this utility is intuitive, and supports most of the DT images. This program is more versatile.

Ultraiso has a better functionality, you can change the way you interact with content directly through the program, but because of the advanced features, more chances to get confused. If You don’t need the features that provide the Ultraiso, it will be easier to use the above mentioned programs.

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