Internet Explorer 12 will receive a new interface design and support extensions

By | 10.12.2018

Internet Explorer 12 will receive a new interface design and support extensions

In Windows 9 we expect to see not only various improvements to the operating system itself, but the next version of the web browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 12. Until today we did not know about him almost nothing, but a new publication on Neowin makes it clear that Microsoft is working to make IE 12 was similar to Google Chrome and Firefox. The browser will not only look differently, but will also support the expansion as its competitors.

The first thing we can expect from the next version of IE, this new interface design. In fact, the browser will look completely different. First, IE 12 will have a more flat modern design. describes it as a cross between Firefox and Chrome.

Tabs will be located in the left corner of the window, and each open page will have a rectangular tab. Unlike IE 11, where the address bar is at the top left of the screen in IE 12, the address line will again be moved under the tabs.

Similar to Google Chrome, buttons for back, forward and refresh the page will be placed next to the address bar.

Finally, perhaps the most important change is that Internet Explorer 12 will support extensions. The current Internet Explorer 11 supports a kind of plug-ins, but their implementation is different from what Chrome or Firefox offers.

Support for extensions in Internet Explorer 12 is both interesting and controversial addition, since many users are afraid of security threats, which can lead to the addition of such functions. But, in my opinion, support for extension is essential, as in the proper implementation of this feature would be very useful and will add to the popularity of the browser.

Although Microsoft plans to release Windows 9 Technical Preview in late September, it is unlikely that Internet Explorer 12 with new design and extensions will be part of this release.

: Neowin

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