instructions to increase the cache in Google Chrome

By | 10.12.2018

Instruction to increase the cache in Google Chrome

Modern Internet user every day, faced with a large number of sites overloaded with photos and videos. When you visit a page your browser may noticeably slow down.

Why is this happening? One reason may be that the browser is not enough allocated memory, i.e. cache. As you know, Google Chrome has a dynamic cache, that is, it increases the extent necessary. But what if there was a need to change it yourself? We will consider in this article.

What is cache and why is it needed?

The browser cache is set by the amount of memory that is reserved on the hard disk. It is used to store temporary files of certain web pages, thus speeding up their loading. These can be copies of visited pages and their individual elements, for example, pictures. If necessary, the browser will refer to them, which is especially important for small Internet bandwidth.

Инструкция по увеличению кэша в браузере Google Chrome

From time to time the saved files are automatically cleaned by the system to avoid large accumulation. Next, we consider step-by-step process of increasing the cache size in Google Chrome.

The method of increasing

Feature of Google Chrome is that this browser does not have the function of increasing the cache, but do not despair – this process can be carried out manually.

Video: increase the cache in Chrome

Create shortcut

First, we need a shortcut to the program. If it is missing:

  1. go to the directory where you installed the browser (usually the C: drive «ProgramFiles»);
  2. open this folder and locate a file with the extension «exe»;
  3. click with the right mouse button and select «Create shortcut»;
  4. select «Place on desktop» or manually drag it.

Инструкция по увеличению кэша в браузере Google Chrome

Opening the properties window

You can now proceed to the immediate increase of the cache. To do this:

  1. click the right mouse button on the label;
  2. in the resulting menu, select the bottom item «Properties»;
  3. go to the tab «Shortcut» (usually the window opens it by default).

Lost in the Opera Express panel? Find and save. Details here.

Here are all the necessary for the procedure tools.

Инструкция по увеличению кэша в браузере Google Chrome

Adding cache settings

  1. note the window Object, it is what we need – it is already written address, where are the browser files of your personal computer;

Important! Make sure to check the correct spelling of the address, otherwise the system in subsequent steps will fail.

Инструкция по увеличению кэша в браузере Google Chrome

  1. it is necessary to add another row, click in the end and copied without changes: —disk-cache-dir=»C:chomesuke» —disk-cache-size=1073741824 (this option allows you to set the amount of memory equal to one Gigabyte);

  2. then confirm your selection by pressing «OK».

Инструкция по увеличению кэша в браузере Google Chrome

Important! If you need to increase or decrease the allocated space, just change the value to «1073741824» in the above code, writing new bytes.

With the increased amount of cache view the video, as well as the pages overloaded with images and flash content will become much more comfortable.

Good impact and extension on the now popular browser games, reserving its lion’s share. The process takes minutes and allows you to increase cache size in Google Chrome even to the ordinary user.

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