instructions on how to strengthen a WIFI signal with your hands

By | 10.12.2018

Instructions on how to strengthen a WIFI signal with his hands

Every year there are more various gadgets that have Internet access. Practically in each apartment there is a laptop, smartphone, tablet or television, and maybe even a refrigerator with a Wi-Fi module. However, users are often faced with the problem that not everywhere can «catch» the connection to the Internet. The reason for this may be too much distance from the router to the device. The covering radius of the router is about 30 metres and sometimes more. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the signal level.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

Interference can create:

  • thick walls, mirrors, partitions, doors and even plants, because they consist of 99% of the moisture that has the ability to absorb the transmitted signal;

    Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

  • if the coverage area works appliances, it also prevents the use of the Internet;
  • routers which are neighbors using the same frequency.

There are hardware and software methods by which you can solve this problem. The following recommendations will help to strengthen the supply of Wi-Fi and make Internet use more comfortable.

Software gain

The most common mistake when using wireless access points is that the owners are paying too little attention to the network settings. It often happens that users install the security key and change the SSID. At the same time, all frauds end. While there are plenty of parameters that remain in default. Their setting will boost coverage area. Consider the basic methods of the software amplification of the signal.

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The correct location

First of all, you need to pay attention to the location of the router in the apartment. It is recommended to place the router closer to the device from which you access the Internet. If it is difficult to calculate such a place, and the connection is conducted from different rooms in the house, it is best to set the router in the Central part of the apartment.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

Thus, the radius of action gets as much space.

If the apartment or home has two levels, the router must be placed on the first floor at the highest point, it can be a mezzanine or a wardrobe. It is not necessary to clutter up different objects (including metal) the location of the router. This will allow the signal to spread uncontrollably.

The coincidence of frequencies of devices

In apartment buildings in the area of accessibility can be up to 20 or even more wireless networks. It’s not very good for one specific device. All available networks tend to overlap and use the same channel frequencies. As a result, the level of supply network is deteriorating even at a relatively close distance.

In this case, to strengthen Wi-Fi signal is very simple and easy, this will be able to understand even the most inexperienced user. To start your notebook you must install a special program, which is a measure of free channel. Most often used inSSIDer. Running, the screen shows a list of all available wireless networks and frequency channels that they occupy. You must select a free channel. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. go to settings router (;
  2. select «Wireless mode (Wireless)»;
  3. click «wireless Settings»;
  4. the parameter «Channel (Channel)» change the channel number for free.

    Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

If all channels are already used by other routers should select the least loaded. In order for the settings to take power you have to press «Save/Change».

Modern Wi-Fi Protocol – 802.11 n

Today, 802.11 n is the newest. In addition, he is also the fastest due to the increased radius of the coating. If all devices in the apartment from which you access the Internet, support this standard, in this case, a transition to 802.11 n.

In order to switch to the operation mode of the 802.11 n standard, you must:

  1. go to settings router (;
  2. click «Wireless mode (Wireless)»;
  3. go to «wireless Settings»;
  4. the parameter «Mode» to select 802.11 n;

    Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

  5. save the changes and reboot the device, so that the accepted settings to take effect.

Low power transmitter

Many models of routers has a function of adjusting power supply of the Wi-Fi signal. To implement the relevant changes necessary in the settings of the router:

  1. in the web interface, select «Wireless mode (Wireless)»;
  2. go to «Advanced settings»;

    Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

  3. the parameter «Mode» set value – High;
  4. to store the result.

The transition to 5 GHz

Most routers work in the 2.4 GHz band. However, more expensive models of routers can signal in the 5 GHz band. Therefore, it is recommended to go to this range, as it is practically free and is not occupied by other devices. The coating will cover a larger area.

The transition to the 5 GHz band is possible if the connected device can operate in this range.

Hardware amplification of the signal reception Wi-Fi

If all the above actions carried out, and the access network is interference, do not despair. Perhaps all is not lost. There are several tricks can help to solve this problem. This requires an upgrade of the wireless device. To increase the radius of coverage with a second router. For this purpose between two devices, you must configure the wireless bridge using Wireless Distribution System. It will allow to increase the area coverage by combining multiple routers in a network.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

You can also do some manipulation with antennas. Most routers are equipped with external removable antennas. They are often not powerful enough for approximately 2 dBi, 5 dBi sometimes. They can be easily replaced by stronger ones. It costs to remove old and place new with great odds. In addition, you can purchase an antenna with a cable and a special stand. It connects to the router. Thus it is possible to move around the apartment, thus providing the coating, without changing the position of the router.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

If the device has more than two antennas, replacement would be too expensive. It would be cheaper to buy a repeater. It is also called a repeater. In other words repeater.

Using the repeater

Users are often faced with the problem that in large apartments the range of the router signal is insufficient to provide coverage in all areas. To solve this problem would be useful support tools. As the device for signal amplification the repeater can be used. This device connects to an existing network as a client. With it’s expanding coverage area. It must be installed between the router and work computer.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

The repeater has compact dimensions and is relatively inexpensive. The relay looks like a small power supply and running on the network. On the market there are a lot of variants of such devices.

Improve adapter on the computer

Device client you can enhance the distributed receive signal. This advice is useful to those users whose computers are connected to the adapters through the USB port. However, this option will be useless for owners of tablets, smartphones and laptops, because the antennas in these devices are embedded. Using for Internet access USB adapter, it is not necessary to connect directly to the computer. For starters, you can use an extension cord

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

and through it to connect the device. A long cord will allow you to move the modem around the house, in search of a network.

In addition, you can purchase booster USB adapter. It is able to provide network access in areas with weak signal. This device connects to a modem and is placed in a place with Wi-Fi coverage.

Rebooting the router

Weak signal and interference can occur due to outdated firmware of the router or if the installed driver that need updating.

To update drivers you do not need any financial expenses. They can be downloaded for free on the official website of the manufacturer of the router. Installed them on the computer, will increase the level and quality of signal.

Aerial upgrade

This method will help to upgrade the device using the reflector. For its production will need foil and heavy paper or cardboard.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

Paper cut of parabola with two holes for the antenna and attached to the rectangle made of foil. The resulting fixture must be mounted on the antenna. Thus, the signal becomes directional. In addition, as a reflector you can use a tin can out of the drink, cutting it up, cutting off the bottom and placing it behind the router. The reflector is directed in the direction where you want to provide coverage.

Инструкция как усилить сигнал WIFI своими руками

Following these simple tips can greatly enhance the wifi signal on the laptop. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to buy new devices. One has only to devote some time to study the settings of the router or to use the means at hand and upgrade the device with their hands.

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