instructions on how to record video from the screen with sound

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Instructions for recording monitor screen with sound

Today many people want to record video from a computer monitor with sound. Make it pretty easy, simply install special utilities engaged in the detent in the background. Many users need to fix the image on the display to implement any of their goals. To choose the right software is necessary given the fact that it will be recorded.

Why record video

Fixing audio and video monitor may be required in many cases.

Most of the application to perform the operations required for:

  1. write step-by-step graphical instructions of various kinds (process of installing programs and the like);
  2. fixing process through the computer games;
  3. confirm the execution of any action.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

Also sometimes applications to write data from the monitor are required to intercept the playback of any video. It is often practiced by many of the users who are viewing movies in the online cinema, not allowing you to download films completely. Special applications solve this problem.

Thanks to it, you can view various kinds of records in offline mode, without connection to the global network.

Program overview

There are a lot of different programs, giving the opportunity to make a fixation of various parts of a monitor of a personal computer. Therefore, the choice is often somewhat complicated by the great variety of possible applications. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. To choose a specific not so easy.

Most of the creators of these apps are designing them to perform a certain task. Some applications are better with image capture in the game: they require a minimum of resources. Others are intended to implement the fixing of the events on the display in the operating system environment.

The latter have large requirements, but setting them wider.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is a powerful and functional tool for recording and processing all that is happening on the computer display.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

It supports a large number of different formats (video and graphic):

  • BMP;
  • GIF;
  • PDF;
  • TIFF;
  • TGA;
  • PCX;
  • PNG.

FastStone Capture allows to:

  • change the size, depth and color of the screenshot of the display;
  • the choice of field of work which is performed;
  • the signature of all screenshots.

The advantages of this program should include its small size and low system requirements. The interface of this application is extremely simple and clear, he can not even understand a very experienced user.

QIP Shop

Utility called QIP Shop allows you to record image data of the monitor and also to make screenshots quickly and quietly.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

This application allows you to perform the following actions:

  • publish video screen in myspace and Facebook;
  • to choose the number of frames per second;
  • broadcast online everything that happens on the computer screen (in any region).

Especially convenient in this utility, the built-in editor videos. It allows for a large variety of actions with the recorded data.

Also distinctive feature of this utility is that it can simultaneously work with two or more monitors. And capture online, or stream from all them at the same time.

Video: video screen


Utility called Fraps is one of the oldest applications for recording what is happening on the PC screen. To date released a large number of versions, the most recent of them has a very broad functionality, the likelihood of any «glitches» and bugs in the process is minimal.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

The main functions of the utility Fraps:

  • if necessary, can test PC performance – displays FPS in-game;
  • acquire image;
  • records what happens on the screen in real time (the maximum resolution — 2560×1600 pix, 120 fps).

Also Fraps is characterized by a functional rather large resource consumption. But it is a reasonable fee for excellent image quality. Because this utility enables you to record the graphic image of very high quality, which subsequently can be played back on the TV.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Movavi Screen Capture Studio has the ability to pre-configure.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

The number of adjustable parameters is quite large:

  1. set the desired number of frames per second (1 to 60);
  2. capture a specific area for recording (as part of the screen and all);
  3. fixation of sound may be performed with any device (headphone, microphone, speakers);
  4. you can display the keys, click in the implementation process of fixation.

The laptop does not connect to wifi says limited access. What to do, read on.

To keep the information obtained with the help of Movavi Screen Capture Studiocan be in a variety of formats (MP4, AVI, 3GP, MOV and other). If you need to record only the sound and save it separately (MP3, WAVE, etc.). This utility is for working with images equipped with the ability to upload information directly to YouTube.

oCam Screen Recorder

oCam Screen Recorder allows you to capture what is happening on the monitor. Its main feature — low resource consumption, the application has a small size. Also it is very easy to setup and use.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

OCam Screen Recorder works with the following formats:

  1. video: AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, TS, VOB;
  2. graphics: JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF.

With all the advantages, oCam Screen Recorder is not a very large number of settings.

You can manipulate the following parameters:

  1. specify the location to save the data;
  2. to change the bitrate of screenshots;
  3. to change FPS.

How to remove videos from your computer screen in Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is by far one of the most popular programs, the main purpose of which is to capture what is happening on the monitor.

The reason for this is its functionality, lots of settings, and their flexibility. Also one of the reasons for the popularity is simple and accessible user-friendly interface.

Features and capabilities

Camtasia Studio is equipped with the following features and options making it extremely convenient:

  • record everything that happens on the computer display;
  • the ability to capture for later processing any particular area of the screen (the size of the plot is set independently, in manual mode);
  • width and height of the capture region may be selected independently;
  • if necessary, you can intercept the image broadcasted by a WEB camera;
  • there is the option to capture audio from various sources (microphone, headphones, speakers, MIDI, and other similar).

In addition to all the above, Camtasia Studio is equipped with other options, allowing the user to fully and completely implement their ideas.

Also possible to use in various graphic formats:

  • video: AVI, SWF, FLV, MOV, WMV;
  • audio: MP3, MIDI, WAVE;
  • graphic: JPG. BMP, GIF.


Work in Camtasia Studio not even a very experienced user will not cause any difficulties.

After installation on desktop will be two labels:

  • Camtasia Recorder is used for fixing all that is happening on the display;

    Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

  • Camtasia Studio – used for data processing.

    Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

To capture information of different kinds from the display you need to run Camtasia Recorder.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

Since the launch panel allows you to perform the following manipulation:

  • «Full Screen» — capture image from the entire area of the display;
  • «Custom» — capture image from a selected portion of the display;
  • «Webcam ON» the interception of data in the web-camera computer.
  • «Webcam OFF» — disable interception of data from web PC camera.

A big red button in the right part of the panel titled «REC» to start working.

In the process, you can perform the following actions:

  1. F9 — pause;
  2. F9 – continuation of work;
  3. F10 – end of work.

After pressing F10 will automatically open Camtasia Studio – it is possible to carry out a variety of operations.

Инструкция по записи видео с экрана монитора со звуком

At the bottom of the screen are the graphic symbols of all of the available functions:

  • «Library» — a library where there is a very large number of different screensavers, all they can use when creating your movie;
  • «Callouts» — this tool allows you to insert various kinds of objects (text, shading, etc.);
  • «Zoom» — zoom function;
  • «Audio» processing audio data;
  • «Transitions» — transitions;
  • «Cursors Effect» — different kinds of effects for the cursor;
  • The «Title Clips» — self-insertion in the video (pictures, text, and more).

After all necessary operations finished, press the «Produce and Share». You can then choose the format in which is saved and published the recorded data.

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