instructions on connecting two monitors to a computer

By | 10.12.2018

Instructions on connecting two monitors to the computer

If necessary, you can easily connect two or more displays to a single computer. This requires a video card that has two outputs. Most often it is VGA and DVI. Also often you can find other interfaces for video output.

Today, an increasing amount of equipment is equipped with two redundant ports for video output. They can be of the same type, and various. In the latter case this was done by the manufacturer to connect to legacy equipment. Two DVI outputs comes with hardware, is specifically designed to work with two displays.

Why should I connect

For normal users connect simultaneously two devices to display an image is not required.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

The presence of two or more screens need to:

  • while working in any professional environment – Photoshop, 3D Max;
  • those engineers who are developing complex software (to implement debug);
  • in implementing any work with the virtual machine – when developing the software is multiplatform.

Also, many users use this function as an extension of the desktop. It allows more comfortable to play in different kind of simulations.

Connection methods

There are many ways of implementing such ideas as connecting two monitors to one computer.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

The two most basic:

  • to connect each device to a separate port (most graphics cards are equipped with them in 2 copies);
  • to use a special splitter, the splitter (if you want to use a large number of screens or if the video card has only one port).

Also be aware that the connection can be performed using different interfaces.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

Most commonly today you can find three kinds of ports:

  • VGA;
  • DVI;
  • HDMI.

VGA is quite rare, most of the producers have long not bundle their products with such interfaces. DVI often, at the moment it is one of the most common ports for media transfer. HDMI began to appear on different kinds of devices recently. But it is the fastest and best interface. He conveys the picture is very high definition.

Connected via DVI

To connect two devices via DVI is quite simple. This is especially easy if the PC GPU has two port of this type. This enables you to connect two displays without any difficulty. Simply connect the connectors father-mother.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

If a connector of this type has only one instance, it is necessary to use a special splitter. It can be a conventional splitter: two port and one plug. There are also other performance of such devices – they are made in plastic housings with a large number of outputs.

The connection itself to perform it’s necessary only to connect the connector of the male-female in the correct position. This physical connection of the display and the PC ends.

Attach the wire

Connecting wires, which transmit video data, is not a big deal. It is important not to confuse the top of the connector, the Pope and his bottom. Because when you try to insert at random, you can damage the speakers from the connector contacts. That will lead to failure of the connector.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

Some difficulties sometimes arise when you connect two monitors via VGA and DVI. Since completing the connection ports of this type, it is necessary to carry out the tightening the special screws. They are necessary in order to secure the plug as possible, as under the weight of the wire it may simply fall out. To complete the tightening it is necessary to use a thin flat-bladed screwdriver.

Also, some plugs are equipped with whitecaps, the surface of which has a plurality of ribs. It allows you to secure the plug in the port without the use of hand tools, fingers.

Video: how to connect a second monitor

Setup screen

Configure two screens in modern operating systems (e.g. Windows 7) is usually carried out virtually without human intervention.

Finding two displays, the OS offers the user three actions:

  • extension screens (one desktop will be available on two display);
  • duplication (the desktop will be displayed on both devices);
  • display image only on one display (most often used on laptops).

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

To begin configuration of the two screens in Windows 7 you need to press Win+p Opens a window in which you can simply select the desired mode of operation. This method is suitable only if equipment is automatically detected and installed.

The second method is somewhat more complicated.

You must perform the following steps:

  • by opening the context menu on the empty space of the desktop, choose «screen Resolution»;

    Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

  • open the drop-down list and select Multiple monitors;
  • then you can easily select the mode of operation and extend the desktop or duplicate.

    Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

At the end of the setup it is desirable to restart the computer.

How to connect two monitors to one computer through the VGA

To implement the connection of two displays using VGA you need to buy a special splitter (splitter), if the card is not present the duplicate port.

Complicate the connection when the interfaces of the monitor and video card are not the same. In such a situation requires a special adapter. They are devices the size of a matchbox. On one side there is DVI, the other VGA. Thus, it is possible to connect the equipment with connectors of various types.

The operation of the connection is not a big deal. It is only necessary to do everything carefully, do not rush. Contact damage will lead to failure.

Инструкция по подключению двух мониторов к компьютеру

Configure two displays connected via VGA, no different from the monitors via another interface. It is carried out in a similar way.

Two or more screens, or desktops usually required for professionals involved in software development. But too often, many users use the feature of extend desktop on two screens for a spectacular immersion in the process of video games. Because the use of the ability to connect devices of this type is implemented quite often.

The process of installation is absolutely not difficult. So deal with it easily even people who do not have much experience using a computer. Need only to carefully read the instructions for your specific operating system.

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