instructions for setting up Wi-Fi router TP-LINK TL WR741ND

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Instructions for setting up Wi-Fi router TP-LINK TL WR741ND

Configuring the router involves changing the necessary settings in the device interface. Goal setting can be not only a connection to the Internet, but also operations such as, for example, setting the local network, changing passwords, setting ports. In this article provided as clear instructions «how to configure a router TP-LINK WR741ND» in various ways.

The form and purpose of indicators

To display the activity of certain processes and functions of the router has LEDs located on the front panel of the router.

The indicators are intuitively understood icons that display the activity of the processes or connections of the device:

  1. the inclusion of the indicator device;
  2. test function of the router for errors. If the led is periodically blinking – malfunction is not detected, if not – respectively in the system found errors;
  3. activity Wi-Fi module;
  4. the LEDs of LAN port display the connected computers to the device;
  5. the indicator device connects to the Internet;
  6. system QSS.

Connecting to a computer

Connection router TP-LINKTLWR741ND to the computer is via Wi-Fi or LAN cable.

Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

For tuning it is recommended to connect the device via cable to one of the LAN connectors (yellow). To connect the wire Internet connector WAN(blue), respectively.

The interface of the router

To enter the interface of the router after connecting, you must:

  • to open the browser;
  • enter the address;
  • enter the username and password. Admin adminустановлены by default.

Typically, the username and password of the device is indicated on the rear panel of the device. If your router provided by your ISP settings username and password to login may vary.

Internet connection

The Internet connection runs as a using the configuration wizard, which can be run from the disc supplied with the router, or through the web interface. For configuration, you need the values specified by the provider in the contract.

Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

Before you begin to configure parameters of the router, make sure that in the settings of your network card is not set to any IP address. To correctly connect should be selected to obtain an IP address automatically.

Configuring router TP-LINK TL WR741ND Kyivstar

To settings special routers from Kyivstar should:

  • go to the device interface ( Username and password change frequently with providers, which provide the router, for example, Kyivstar routers set password and login — kyivstar;
  • open the tab «Network» and go to «WAN»;
  • select» Dynamic IP Address» and click «Save»;

For security settings you need to open «Wireless settings» and go to «wireless security»:

  • select «WPA/WPA2 – Personal»;

    Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

  • in the «Version» choose «Automatic»;
  • «Encryption» is «AES».

You can also change the default Wi-Fi password of the network more complex, which is able to provide a higher degree of protection.

Quick setup

Quick configuration router TP-LINK WR741ND allows you to configure settings even users with no experience in the installation of the Internet connection. For quick setup you must enter the interface device and choose menu «Quick setup». If you don’t know the type of your Internet connection, the installation process, it is recommended to select «auto-Detect».

Also you will need to specify your login and password provided by your ISP. With the help of this function, the program will suggest the most suitable settings for your connection. After all the settings, you must reboot the router for the entry into force of the new settings.

Video: quick setup TP-LINK TL-WR741ND

Manual tuning

For more experienced users, we recommended manual setting that allows you to change all the settings myself.

For the setup of a VPN connection, you must perform the following operations:

  • open the menu item «Network» and go to «WAN».
  • in box «WAN Connection Type» set type PPTP.
  • fields User name and Password are filled in accordance with the data from the Treaty.
  • if your ISP provides a separate IP address settings, Maxi subnet and gateway you need to enter these values in the appropriate fields.
  • after entering all parameters click on «Save».

To configure a PPPoE connection, you need to perform:

  • open the menu item «Network» and go to «WAN»;
  • in the «WAN Connection Type» set PPPoE;

    Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

  • enter the name and password set by your ISP;
  • select «Connect automatically»;
  • click «Save».

To configure the connection without the VPN connection must:

  • open the menu item «Network» and go to «WAN»;
  • in the «WAN Connection Type» choose type «Dynamic IP»;

    Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

  • save and confirm to restart the device.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that some ISPs apply filtering by Mac-address of the computer.

To solve this problem, it is sufficient to do the following:

  • go to the «Network»;
  • open the «Clone Mac address»;
  • if the Internet was configured on this computer, you will need to click «Clone Mac address»;

    Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

  • if not, then you need to manually type the email address associated earlier;
  • click «Save».

Setup for operators MTS, Beeline(Beeline), Rostelecom

Settings for different operators, whether Beeline or MTC differs only provide value in the IP address, subnet mask and other parameters. Some operators specify these settings in the contract.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi setup is from the section «configuring wireless mode», which is located in the tab «Wireless mode»:

  • go to «configuring wireless mode»;
  • in the «Region» choose «Ukraine»;
  • in the «Channel» to select «Auto»;

    Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

  • in the field «Mode» to choose the Wi-Fi mode «11bgnсмешанный»;
  • the size of the channel width must be set to «Auto»;
  • it is recommended to check off items «Enable wireless router radio» and «Enable SSID broadcast».


To configure the local network router TP-LINK TL WR741ND, you need to perform these operations:

  • go to menu «Network» and open the section «DHCP»;
  • enable «DHCP server»;
  • to specify the range of those addresses that will be assigned to computers in the home network. For example, the first address is and the last —;
  • to save the settings.

Инструкция по настройке wifi роутера TP-LINK TL WR741ND

Router TP-LINKTLWR741ND has a fairly simple and intuitive interface that allows you to establish an Internet connection, and configure various settings without any inconvenience. And thanks to quick setup the connection of the Internet is the simplest

Question — answer:

How to configure a device in Windows 7?

Configuring router TP-LINKTLWR741ND on various operating systems differ only in the parameter setting automatically obtain an IP address when connecting.

For Windows 7: control Panel – «network and sharing Center» «Change adapter settings» – «Properties «of Your connection» — «Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)» to Open the properties – «Obtain an IP address automatically».

What features of router settings on Windows 8?

Connecting and setting up Internet in системеWindows 8 same installing Internet in Windows 7, so there are no unexpected problems during the configuration process, you will not have.

What to do if there is no CD?

How to setup without disc? The simplest solution in this situation is to download this software on the Internet, if not then you will manually configure the Internet settings of the router TP-LINKTLWR741ND.

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