instructions for setting up router Tenda N3

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Instructions for setting up router Tenda N3

For some setup router tenda n3 personally think the process is complex and inaccessible. Meanwhile, no special need to call on the house of the Adjuster there. The whole process can be done by yourself in minutes if not to disturb items of the user.

What is a router

Tenda company in the Russian market yet is not particularly well known and popular as its products. But in his native country – China – it takes as much as 40% in the market for the production and sales of network equipment economy class. Router tenda n3 is one of the most successful budget models from this manufacturer.

It is a small device that is sufficient to quality for use at home. If you have no special requirements to the router, and you will not to overload it, no problems and disappointments should arise.

Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

You can safely choose it if you:

  • only one stationary personal computer, which is connected over twisted pair, and all other devices have a wireless connection Wi-Fi;
  • connection is via ADSL modem or terminal ONT, and you preferably also have a wireless access to the network;
  • savings for you priority, and all other qualities and characteristics are secondary.

Features of the device and how they affect the connection

By purchasing this model of router, you should be aware that you will not see any exceptional features, and improved performance. As has been said, it is intended for household use only. The main advantage of this router is its Wi Fi antenna 5 dBi. It gives fairly good coverage, the signal is supported by a stable and prolonged operation of the device does not overheat – the user reviews. But many would like to see the antenna was removable.

Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

As for plants, not so long ago it was possible to find incorrect statements in which it was stated that configuring the router tenda n3 is only possible using a special disk. This deterred many users. Fortunately, now these instructions fixed.

Attention! For maintenance of the router no disk required! Like installing drivers or other software. All procedures are performed only through the WEB interface.

Configuring the router

So you have a computer with Internet access, and router. They need to connect using a network cable.

Further, the step-by-step, perform the steps below:

  1. turn on your computer and open any browser – Opera, Mozilla or Explorer. Some argue that it is better to configure a router Tenda N3 via Explorer, but it is not so, the basic difference which browser you use, no;
  2. in the address bar you need to enter a default address: Before you should come up this window:

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  3. address, password and username (default is admin) unchanged and simple. If you were all without error, you will see the page of Tenda and get access to the control panel;
  4. now you should wait for the window to load and display all the buttons;

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  5. then press in the upper right corner the button «Additional settings»;
  6. the next steps will be identical regardless of which provider you want to connect. For Beeline need in the «mode» to enter the L2TP, in the column «address» The provider will give you your username and password that should be entered in the appropriate fields. More than anything you don’t need to modify. Save the changes;

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  7. for Rostelecom, megalain, TTC and other providers you need to choose the PPPOE mode. If it does not exist, but there are ADSL Dial-er, that it and choose, it’s the same thing. Then enter the username and password provided by your ISP and click «Save»;

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  8. what to do if you have a tight binding to the POPPY-address? Look for a button «Clone MAC» and click on it to router got the opportunity to clone the network card of your computer.

At this point all basic settings are completed. Now you can go to for more.

How to configure security access

You want to except you more nobody could go into the control panel of the router and change them. To implement this first you need to lock access to the router.

How to do it:

  • go to page «securing»;
  • here select «Remote WEB management»;
  • find the button «Enable» and remove it with a tick.

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

Next, you need to change the default password so no one except you could not use the instruments of your router:

  • open the page called «system Tools»;
  • scroll to «Change password»;
  • in the first field, enter the default password, and in the two lower – new, your own;
  • now just save the changes and close the page.

Now except you no one can without password in router settings.

Video: set up Tenda on beeline

How to connect wifi

On the router this model there are two ways of configuring wifi:

  • through the WEB interface;
  • using WPS.

The device has an integrated access point AP, respectively, supports a simplified WPS settings.

Convenient to configure the wireless access to the first method, using the WEB interface:

  1. first, go to «Install wireless». Select «Basic settings wireless network»;
  2. find the button «Enable» and put a tick next to it;

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  3. almost all users would like instead of the standard to assign a proper name. This is done as follows: you need to find the column «Primary SSID», delete the existing name and enter a new;
  4. to increase security you can also use the button «Broadcasting SSID». Usually it is enabled. If you turn it off, connect to your Wi Fi will only the user who knows the SSID identifier;
  5. Important! Disabling the function of the radio you complicate the access to the wireless network users who do not know its exact name and do not have enough experience in work with computer and the Internet. Keep this in mind if you use wifi there will be other members of your family or friends.

  6. in control panel there is also an additional feature called «AP Isolation». What gives? With its help, you can network to share with other users that also have a similar router, any files and data and get access to all network services. It is not very convenient, because to disable it unprofitable. This is done only when really necessary to install the prohibition of communication between users and isolate them;
  7. the installation of a Wi Fi router model Tenda N3 can be considered fully completed once you set a password to protect your network. It is no secret that the open network, anyone can connect to it and use the Internet. Even if the unknown neighbor means no harm, still it is an unpleasant fact, so it’s best to protect yourself from unwanted invasion.

The more that this can be done in three clicks:

  • again go to the page «Setup wireless network»;
  • in paragraph «Security» from the options needs to choose is: «security Mode WPA2-PSK» is the maximum level of protection that you can provide on this unit;
  • now you only have to choose a password, which must consist of no more than eight characters, and enter it in the appropriate column. Tell this password only to those who will have the right of access to your device;
  • don’t forget to save all changes.

Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

To protect the maximum level enter the required data in the appropriate fields.

That’s it – you have made yourself all the necessary settings of your router and protect themselves from unlawful entry of unauthorized users to the Internet through your network. I would like to know more about the functions of a router?

Additional information

You can also forward the port on your Tenda router N3. here’s how:

  • enter the page «Virtual server», select «port Forwarding»;

    Инструкция по настройке роутер Tenda N3

  • if you want to transfer only one port, you specify its name in two columns of the range. If two or more – starting in the first column and a second end;
  • now in the LAN IP you need to register the address of the device for which you would like to forward the port;
  • navigate to the list of protocols and select one or two of TCP and UDP. Put a check mark in front and click «OK».

In conclusion, it is recommended to reboot the router. For this you need to enter the «Tool system», choose «Restart the router» and again «Restart».

Now you can safely and comfortably use your router at any time. As you can see, nothing complicated in the procedure device settings, the system itself tells you what and what should be done.

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