instructions for setting up router Mikrotik RB750GL

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Instructions for setting up router Mikrotik RB750GL

To date, mikrotik rb750gl is one of the best devices for distribution access across large number of different devices. This unit is distinguished by reliability and high speed.


Setting router mikrotik rb750gl extremely simple with it without any difficulty can deal even the most experienced user.




The process of connecting the machine to the computer is extremely simple.


For the implementation of this action will require:


    • cable provider (companies that provide services of Internet access);


    • stationary PC or a computer with Wi-Fi module;


    • directly the router.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


The connection process is performed in several stages:


    • in the end we find a connector for the Internet cable-it is first in order;


    • using the supplied router with a patch cord attached rb750gl to a PC – using any remaining free slot (range 2-5);


    • using the power supply set voltage (the plug inserted in the socket, and the plug in the hole, under which is the inscription «Power»).


Network card


For the normal functioning of mikrotik rb750gl and gain access to the parameters required to perform certain actions with the network card.


You must do the following:


    • press the «start» button and open «control Panel»;


    • click on «network and sharing Center»;


    • activate the «change adapter settings»;


    • find the icon «network connection»;


    • via the context menu, open «Properties»;


    • in the tab «Setting» to select «Internet Protocol IPv.4» and open its properties;


    • put the dot next to «obtain Avtomaticheski».

There is one important caveat – if NIC is not assigned an address automatically, you should label it yourself. It represents a certain set of numbers —




To start using the Internet through this unit, you must enter the appropriate settings through the WEB-page. To do this, open any browser and the address bar write: It is important to remember that in the settings of your browser must not have proxy server. Since its use will not allow to open the corresponding page.

In the future, you can use the following applications, each conveniently:


    • Winbox;


    • Webfig;


    • Telnet.




Even if mikrotik rb750gl was purchased new in the store, it is advisable to reset it. For soft reset you will need an application called WinBox.


After its launch need to do the following:


    • in the left part of the window select the NewTerminal;


    • opens the field for entering – write the command system;


    • hereinafter, a reset command;


    • to confirm the reset, press Y.


This process ends.


When the router reboots:


    • go to the web-page MikroTik using WinBox;


    • a new window will open, click on «RemoveConfiguration»/

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


Network interfaces


In mikrotik rb750gl rather peculiar feature network channels.


To avoid confusion, it is necessary:


    • to record for the first WAN port review:


    1. find menu Interfaces;


    1. select the item No. 1 – ether 1;


    1. click on the Comment;


    1. write WAN;


    1. click on OK.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • record for the second LAN port review:


    1. find etner 2;


    1. click on the Comment button;


    1. find LAN;


    1. click on OK.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


Then in the list everything will be clearly marked.




It is very important to correctly choose the working WAN settings. Since this directly depends on the stability of the device and the speed of the Internet connection.


Video: basic setup



Change the MAC address of the WAN port


Sometimes Internet operator block address of the machine for any reason. To resolve this situation easily enough. You just need to change the existing MAC.


To do this:


    • find through in WinBoxраздел NewTerminal;


    • write: / Ethernetsetether1 — mac= 00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05 (you must specify the MACthat will allow you to access the Internet).


To restore the old address simply run the command: /ethernet reset-mac.


Dynamik IP


Another action, which is very important for the normal operation of Internet – enter the correct settings of the WAN to receive the required settings via DHCP:


    • open the menu with IP addresses;


    • find and open DHCPClient;


    • choose WANetner1;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • press OK.




If in the process, apply the static settings, then enter them manually:


    • find the IP section;


    • in Addresses – write a static IP address and network mask;


    • in the list, select the WAN: ether1;


    • click on OK.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


Some actions are carried out with a network gateway:


    • find the section IP>Routes;


    • in the section Gateway-> write Recluse;


    • left mouse click on OK.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


Added DNS servers:


    • go to the section IP;


    • select the right DNS;


    • click on Settings;


    • prescription new IP;


    • add another field to enter a black triangle;


    • prescription alternative DNS server;


    • place a dot next to RemoteRequests.




If to work with Internet using ADSL modem, you want to create a connection of type «Bridge» — Bridge. Set PPPoE client connection: the left side menu, select PPP — >PPPoE Client.


Select the appropriate values for work and fill in all blank lines:


    • Name – the abbreviated name of the server.


    • WANпорт etner1 (this is the connection to the provider);


    • find the DialOut tab;


    • USER – name user;


    • the Password field –password;


    • set a point opposite UsePeerDNS;


    • click on the Apple.


When a connection of this type is created, there will appear the letter R. She speaks of the normal work of the newly created user connection.




Another important feature and advantage of the device mikrotik rb750gl is the ability to create a local home network with it. Moreover, the communication speed is high enough.


Mode switch


All ports mikrotik rb750gl can be very simply and quickly merge to the switch.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL

Makes it so:


    • double click the left mouse button on etner3;


    • in the list called MasterPortвыбираем etner2 (this connector will be the port of the switch);


    • click on OK.


The operation described above must be repeated with etтer4, 5. In the end, if all is done right, opposite the ports ether3-5 should appear in the letter S.


Merging Wi-Fi and wired interfaces to the network


You can make it so that personal computers and other devices interfacing with the Internet through a router mikrotik rb750gl, will see each other and to interact. To accomplish this, you will need to connect the wired and wireless communication channels mikrotik rb750gl.


This is done in the following way:


    • box activates Bridge;


    • write in the field Nameнаименование enterprises.


Reaffirm all actions taken, click OK.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL

Adds ports Internet:


    • activate the Ports tab;


    • select in the list Interfaceглавный port called etner 2;


    • write the letter designation of the Association.


Confirm all actions completed.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL

Adding WiFi to the working group:


    • activate the Ports tab;


    • a list of Bridge – select the name BridgeLocal.


When all the above steps are finished, all devices will see each other, can exchange information without any difficulties. Which is very convenient, if it happens in the enterprise when people work with a large volume of documents.


The IP address assignment LAN


For the local network must be correctly configured device addresses:


    • activate menu IP;


    • in the Address field, enter the subnet mask and the address;


    • partition Interface -> bridge-local.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


DHCP server


Mandatory training to operate a DHCPserver:


    • open IP;


    • click on DHCP Setup;


    • perechne DHCP Server Interface -> Bridge-Local;


    • click on Next;


    • window network selection is left unchanged;


    • specify the gateway, click on Next;


    • write the IP address;


    • input DNS server.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


In the end you want to confirm all actions completed.




For normal operation of WiFiis required to complete the preparatory work:


    • open the section called Wireless;


    • select the Wi-Fi interface(select wlan1);

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • activate Enable.


Select Password to connect to:


    • open the section Security Profiles;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • in the field entitled Name – abbreviated name of the security profile (optimal Protocol for network security is WPA2 PSK);


    • WPA2 Pre-SharedKey– write password, which allows you to access the WPA2 PSK.


Performed by the input parameters WiFi:


    • activate Interfaces;


    • click on Wi-Fiwlan1;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • go to Wireless;


    • in the list Mode – denoted by the apbridge mode;


    • in SSID: indicates the name of the access point.


Firewall and Nat configuration


Another action to perform which is necessary for maximum protection of data – enter necessary values in the sections Firewallи Nat.




Open the tab of the Firewall:


    • Publicinterface – designated WAN port, connects to the Internet;


    • set the checkbox Protectrouter;


    • set the checkbox ProtectLAN;


    • we press on Apply.




In manual mode you must enter through the NewTerminal the following command:


    • ip_ firewall_ nat_ add_ chain=srcnat_ out-interface= interface provider action= masquerade, where the provider interface is the interface on which the Internet comes from the provider, such as ether1. For PPPoE connections, you specify the name of the PPPoE. NAT settings enough to work the Internet.


    • Protectrouter command to protect the router:


«Ip _ filter _ add _ accept chain = input = no protocol = icmp»


«Ip _ filter _ add _ action = accept _ chain = input _ connection – state = established = no _ in – interface =…….»


    • ProtectLAN — protection of the internal network:


«Ip _ firewall _ filter _ add _ action = jump _ chain = forward _ disabled = no _ in – interface = interface _ provider _ jump – target = customer»


    • assign interface types to protect internal network (external — external internal — internal LAN).


Change password


Change password webinterface:


    • through the window Sistemзаходим into the category of Users;


    • double click on the admin;


    • click on the Password;


    • New Password – the new password;


    • Confirm Password – confirm;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB750GL


    • Change Password –> apply.


Reset to factory settings


The hardware reset process is easy. It is sufficient to find a long thin object (awl or similar size) and press a special button to end this part of the body, hold it for 10 seconds.


Mikrotik RB750GL is today one of the most reliable routers. It is very easy to handle and with proper care will serve its owner for a very long time. The probability of failure is almost zero. The device has a compact size, and extensive features. Because immediately after purchasing and unpacking it can be used.

Tutorial on MikroTik – 162 video

According to the video «setting up hardware MikroTik» you will learn how to configure the router with 0 for the purposes of a small office.

  • 45 laboratory work, combined in the terms of reference. Pass all – satrapate knowledge into practice.
  • support the author of course. If something is unclear, then you have a month for personal consultations.
  • complete the questionnaire for self-examination and notes to quickly refresh knowledge.

The beginning course is available for free. Register on the course page.

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