instructions for setting up router Mikrotik RB2011

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Instructions for configuring the Mikrotik router RB2011

Today more and more people are trying to customize various network equipment independently. Owning the correct information, it is possible to correctly set the configuration of any device. The main thing to strictly adhere to all the instructions.


This legendary Latvian manufacturer of the network equipment belongs to the class of elite. However, despite the relatively high cost of the devices, they are widely popular. This is due primarily to the excellent quality and high functionality that everyone has like.




To make the connection we need the following:


    • Internet cable from the selected provider;


    • the laptop (or computer) with a working network card.


    • the router itself.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


The actions in this sequence:


    1. Internet cable inserted into the first connector (it will be highlighted);


    1. take the patch cord (cable supplied) and connect the network card and the router. You need to insert it in any of the four LAN ports;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    1. insert the power supply into a power outlet and connect it to our router.


As a result of such actions the computer should see an active connection on a local network. Otherwise, you will need to understand the configuration of your network card (for example, to update the driver).




In order to configure this device, you will need to authorize.


Here’s how:


    • open any installed on the computer browser;


    • type in the address bar: This value is suitable for all models of Mikrotik.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


Please note: first make sure that you disable proxy server in your browser settings.


To work with configuration through the web interface, or by using Winbox, which is integrated for all versions of Windows. If you want to use this built-in utility, then it must be selected in the browser window and click on the icon «save». Regardless of the selection method settings, you will need to enter user data. In the Login field enter «admin» and the password string leave blank.


Video: WAN PPPoE connection



Configuring WAN and LAN Interfaces and to enable masquerading the network


Setting router mikrotik rb2011 can be made in various ways. It depends on the chosen Protocol, connection type and other parameters. Next, consider all possible options




Rroe is one of the most popular Internet protocols.


Consider how to set configuration using Winbox:


    1. click on the icon of the RRR;


    1. right click on the Add icon(red x);

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    1. in the appeared list find Rroe Client and click on it;


This will open a window where you will need to set the basic parameters:


    • name – any name of your future network;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • interfaces – select the WAN port through which it was connected (left to right). Afterwards, you’ll need to be in the DialOut tab;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • now enter the user data (contract provider).


    • next UsePeerDNS put a tick;


    • click on the icon «OK»;


As a result of these actions, on the contrary Rroe should open the letter R. It indicates that the connection was successfully created. If not, recheck all settings.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



This Protocol is necessary to ensure that all devices that are connected to the router received the settings automatically.


The DHCP server is configured as follows:


    • open the ip tab;


    • in the list that appears, find the item DHCP, then click on the Setup icon;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • in the list we find the bridge-local and click on it, then on the icon Next;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • window appears select network for DHCP. Here do not make any corrections and again click on the icon Next;


    • next, specify the gateway address. If the contract of your ISP not for this reason any guidance, we leave it unchanged;


    • in the next window set the range of ip addresses, then the DNS server address.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011

      All necessary data should be spelled out in the contract provider. Otherwise leave it unchanged;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • next, specify the period during which the reserved ip address. Select any value.


This completes the settings.



Some Internet providers can block access to the network via the MAC address. In such cases, you need to change the MAC address used by WAN port.


This is done simply:


Important: if you have access to a network, skip this paragraph.


    • in the main menu Winbox find the item NewTerminal;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • typed the command: interface ethernet set ether1 mac-address=00:01:02:03:04:05.


Static IP


For some ISPs need a static (permanent) ip address.


To set it one way, do the following:


    • in the main menu, select AddNew item. The result window will appear with the set basic settings for the new static address;


    • ip address and netmask – write the values that were issued by the provider;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • then you will need to choose the used port (in our case it is ether 1);


    • that’s about it. If you enter any parameter numbers began to flash red, then the value is incorrect;


Instructions for setting up router Tenda N3ь Here.

Test connection


To verify the activity of the connection, click on the NewTerminal. In the window that appears make «» (instead of you can specify any other site). If they seem of any value to ping (it will depend on Internet speed), then the connection is established.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



With this router you can create a local network, not just wired, but Wi-Fi.


First, you need to create a bridge:



    • go to the Bridge;


    • click on the Add button;


    • in the box that appears you will need to enter any name of the bridge.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



To add to the Association of wired ports, do the following:



    • open the section Ports and click on the icon «Add»;


    • in the interfaces tab choose ether 2;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



Important! If you wish to add a device connected via Wi-Fi, among the interfaces you will need to select wlan1;



    • in the section created bridge name of the bridge.

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



Enable masquerading of the local network


In some situations, you may need to activate masquerading.


It is made so:



    • in the main menu, select Ip, then Firewall.


    • a list will appear in which select the item NAT;


    • click on the item create a new rule (NewRule);


    • on the General tab, in the paragraph Chain choose scrchat and OutInterface put WAN1;


    • go to the Action tab and select Masquerade in it



Wi-Fi on the router


Of course, the main purpose of this device is the creation of a Wi-Fiподключения. It is created in a few simple steps:



    • go to the Wireless menu, in it click on the icon wlan1;


    • select mode Enable (enabled);


    • then go to the tab Security Profiles;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • in it, click on the Add button (plus sign red color);


    • in the window that appears, enter the new profile name and password;


    • also need to select the encryption method. Better to give preference to WPA2 PSK;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • next, go to the item Interfaces;


    • double click on wlan1 open its settings (we need tab Wireless);


    • in the field modeостанавливаем choice on apbridge mode;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • band – B/G/n;


    • SSID – choose the name of our access point. This is not to use Cyrillic letters and special characters;


    • In the end, select a previously created security profile and press OK;



Fill the new firmware and Reset the configuration


In some cases, you may need to upgrade the firmware (for example, for some providers it is a mandatory requirement). Is this procedure in the following way:


Tip: to see the version of the OS you can go to the item NewTerminal – it will be displayed in the lower left corner.

Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011



    • download the latest version from the official website Mikrotic and save the firmware file in a convenient location;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • in the main menu Winbox, go to the tab File;


    • opens the search window, in which you will need to find the same flash file. Please note that it must be extension .npk;


    • drag with the mouse the file in the FileList window;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • after some time the firmware will be loaded. If everything went without problems, the new file will appear in the tab FileList;


    • in the end you will need to reboot (turn off and turn on) the router.



There are situations when the firmware update has led to critical or fatal errors. In such situations, there is a simple way to reset to factory. For this you have to press the Reset button(preferably with a pen) and hold for 10-15 seconds.


Video: basic setup



The initial configuration for connection security


To achieve maximum security, you must set certain configuration.


Do this as follows:



    • in the main menu Winbox select Ip then Services;


    • disable all unnecessary services (to do this, click on the cross);


    • at this stage you can create a filter for specific ip addresses. This is done in the field Available From»;


    • now you need to disable search for devices via the MNDP and CDP protocols on the internal and external channels by clicking on the corresponding icons;


    • then go to menu Tools then the MAC Server.


    • the tabs in Winbox and disable the Telnet interface *all. You need to be active for only the internal interfaces.


    • after that the replaced user data (menu Users);

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • in the menu Group assigned all required rights (full mode);



Such configuration allows to achieve a high degree of connection security.


Configure SNTP-client


Unfortunately, this is the brainchild of Mikrotik is not able to save the time settings after a reboot. To properly display, you must enable SNTP.


Here’s how:



    • in the main menu, select System, then SNTP;

      Инструкция по настройке роутера Mikrotik RB2011


    • a window will open with options;


    • enabled– checkbox needs to be;


    • option Modeдолжен to be in unicast mode;


    • the following two lines will need to specify the IP address NTPсерверов (this data should be represented in the agreement service provider);



That’s about it. As you can see, to configure the network equipment – it’s not such a difficult task. The main thing to strictly follow all the instructions.

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