instructions for installing Windows (XP, 7) from a flash drive

By | 09.12.2018

Installation instructions Windows (XP, 7) with the stick

Install the operating system from a flash card is much harder than with CD, so this needs a professional or a good manual, which is given below.

Preparing to install

The first thing you need to prepare thoroughly for the reinstallation of the OS. First you need to transfer important documents and files to another location (flash drive, another computer, etc.) because a full installation will need to format the drive on which the current system.

The drive with the Windows distribution

Before you start recording on the flash drive, the operating system must save all the important files on other media, because in the process of adding back the OS and all other files are destroyed. The size of the flash card should be not less than four gigabytes.

Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

Next you need to prepare for the installation, there are 3 ways of preparation: using UltraISO, WinToFlash and the command line.

Preparation using UltraISO

If you decide to install Windows using a utility UltraISO, then:

  1. to start you will need to download, then install and run. You will see the window:
  2. just choose the «trial period»;

    Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

  3. after the appearance of the main menu, go to «Open» and point to the image of your disk;
  4. next, go to the section «Bootstrapping» and click «Burn image hard disk»;
  5. attach the flash drive and format it after you write to it OS.

Preparation with WinToFlash

Install Windows XP from USB drive using WinToFlash is the easiest way of preparation and the installation itself:

  1. Download the program and run it;
  2. Read the license agreement and accept the terms by placing a tick;
  3. Before you open a new window where you have to press the button with a green checkmark;
  4. Enter the basic settings, and click «Next»;

    Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

  5. Wait until the file transfer, and click «Exit».

Prepare the command line

This method is the most complex, but will not need to download any additional tools, only need 7zip to work, and you will be able to understand how to format a USB flash drive, without the aid of various programmes, but only at the expense of the commands given by the computer.

Insert the flash drive into your PC and start a command prompt:

  • «Start» — «All programs» — «Accessories» — «Command prompt» or press Win+R;

    Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

  • first type diskpart and press Enter;
  • next, enter the following command: list disk and click Enter key;
  • the following command depends on what disk number your flash drive is, for example, if number 2, enter select disk 2 and press Enter;
  • clean the selected disk using the Clean command;
  • next, enter create partition primary and select the first partition, to do this, enter select partition 1;
  • next, we activate work with the command active;
  • now format the partition using the command format fs=NTFS assign to your flash card drive letter by using assign letter=Z;
  • after all that the system needs to receive your flash drive, you can enter the Exit command and copy the entire distribution using 7zip on your drive.

Setting the BIOS to boot from pendrive

After completion of the preparatory phase, turn off your computer, insert the drive and turn it on again.

Now we need to take the second step when you install Windows from USB drive via BIOS(BIOS) on the PC:

  • to get started go into the BIOS of the PC to do this when the computer is turned on press F2, Escape or Delete;
  • before you the window should open blue;
  • look in this window option, which are responsible for boot device order (usually the title contains the word «BOOT»);
  • install now your flash drive first download must this window.

    Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

How to install Windows from USB drive to computer

Now go directly to the installation of the OS itself. The procedure is completely identical to the Windows installation disk, so just follow the instructions and everything.

The installation process from the USB drive

  1. If an asset record on a flash card is written correctly and you have set correctly all settings in the BIOS, you should see a black screen that says: Press any key to boot from CD or DVD;
  2. press any key and you will open a new window: «Installing Windows»;
  3. choose language and keyboard layout and click «Next»;
  4. now click «Install»;
  5. select the OS version, read and agree to the terms;
  6. now you need to select the installation type: choose «Full installation»;
  7. select hard disk and click «Next» in the pop-up window, click «OK»;
  8. can go about their business during the installation of the system.

Note: in no case do not pull out the flash card during the installation, otherwise you can damage the hard drive data. During the installation the computer several times automatically reboot do not worry this is normal. After installation set the desired options, enter a time zone and, if, and set the password to enter the system.

Preparation of drivers

It is no secret that if you will install Windows XP SP3 Zver from the stick on a blank computer, it is likely that most drivers you will have to search and install again, because when installing they could «fly». The difficulty lies in the fact that to install any driver for any computer simply will not work, it is necessary to look good, unless you have a special disk that you could give when buying a PC, and not to give. If you do not have this disk, you will need an Internet connection.

Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

Go to official website and download the necessary driver. Most importantly, you need to know what model you have the PC, hard disk, sound, network and graphics card. Once you have all this information, feel free to drive them to the website, choose the latest driver and download it. Driver installation is quite simple, you just need to download it and open it, and then install as a normal game or application. After installation you need to restart the computer.

Note: if after installing the driver the computer will not turn on, make a rollback and remove this driver because you did something wrong in the selection.

Software installation

For the proper functioning of computer it except for the drivers required various utilities and programs that can also be downloaded online from the official websites. Never download any programs from untrusted sources, otherwise you risk to catch a virus on your PC. By the way, the first program installation is required – anti-virus (choose it pretty difficult, because now the choice is very huge), the main choose time-tested and all keys.

Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

Second in importance are the system utilities that are for each individual computer model. For example, the computers of Asus, all programs are always in the computer, they only need to activate it, but for some other models will have to download yourself. Also to complete the work you need office programs, namely Word, Excel, as well as 7zip or WinRar.

Some differences in the installation of Windows XP and Windows 7

The installation of Windows 7 64 bit with flash a little different from the installation drive of Windows XP.

There are only a couple minor differences:

  • the difference in the order of filling the data before the installation.
  • if you select a record on the flash drive using the command prompt, it will be a few differences in the commands;
  • the completion of the installation are different: for example, in Windows 7, you need to wait a while before starting to get your computer prepared, and the XP is absolutely not necessary.

Small differences do exist, but the process takes place in the same order, which is given in the article.

The installation error from USB drive

During the installation of Windows with a bootable flash drive on an old computer may encounter a certain amount of errors, most of which happen due to carelessness, but there are those that show about the problems of your computer.

The most common mistake is when the program cannot find or create the new system partition. And if you install Linux before you receive the message «setup was unable to create a new or locate an existing system partition».

You will have to follow a small how to get rid of this problem:

  1. take out of PC your drive with the distribution and click on the arrow «Back» (located in the upper left corner of the window), and push it until it’s time, until you return to the window editor’s choice of the OS, it looks like this:

    Инструкция по установке Виндовс (ХР, 7) с флешки

  2. now click on «Next», you should see the following error:
  3. if the window appeared, as it should be, if not, then this error you have not, perhaps the problem is something else. Now click on OK and you should throw in the main installation menu, you insert your flash card back in and start topics again.

Now you understand how to do this, on the one hand simple, and on the other quite difficult. You can now use a computer, but if you need to reinstall, you will make yourself even faster because you now have experience in this matter. Many wonder whether it is possible to install Windows on a computer without the disk and without a flash, the answer is simple: you can do a full system restore or use a utility to reset all of this and everything, but to reinstall the OS without having removable media is impossible.

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