instructions for installing Windows 8 from USB drive to computer

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Instructions for installing Windows 8 from USB drive to computer

In the result of a crash or when buying a new computer, the user may need urgently to attend to the installation of Windows 8. The process of operating system installation is quite simple. The main thing – to follow the prompts and carefully read its instructions.

However, before the operation should be carefully prepared and stock up on the necessary tools, because during the installation process to download the necessary files will no longer be possible. Besides, before to start the installation, it is important to know how to respond to the system messages and what to consider during the operation.

You need to install

First of all, to install the required distribution setup files: If you are going to run the install from a flash drive, you need to make it bootable and write it in the appropriate disk image file.

It is worth considering that the image with the operating system Windows 8 can take at least 4Gb, which means that his record will need a flash drive of appropriate size. In addition, it is important to note that after reinstalling you may need the drivers for the devices, especially if the installation is on a laptop or netbook.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

ISO file with a distribution for the records, you can pre-download from the official Microsoft website or to create an image of yourself if you have the disk, copy the necessary operating system. If DVD license files license activation may not be installed properly, and need additional activation with an indication of the keys.

Creating a bootable USB drive

To make the flash drive bootable, without using tools, you need to use the command line. By choosing this method, the image will need to simply unpack to a USB drive, after reformatting the device and transferring the files needed to run with it.

Video: installing Windows 8

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

This utility created by Microsoft and is designed to write the ISO image to disk or USB flash drive. The program is easy to use and completely Russified.

To start creating the boot disk need to connect it to the computer and running the Tool, perform the following steps:

  1. to specify the path to the image file of the boot drive with the distribution Windows 8;

    Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

  2. choose the type of device which will be recording USBDVD;
  3. if the selected record to a DVD disk, the program will check if he were busy, and offer to change it if necessary;
  4. in the case where the selected USB flash drive, the utility will offer a selection of connected USB devices, providing a list of connected equipment;
  5. after selecting, click «Begin copying» and wait for the end of creating a bootable USB drive.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Do not pay attention to the name of the utility. It is no problem to record any images as earlier versions of the operating system and all other applications.

Utility WinToFlash

This app is multitasking and features. In addition to creating a bootable USB drive utility has an advanced mode with additional functions. Many options will allow you to prepare a USB device for any purpose, making it bootable with the ability to work with any system and bitness.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

To record the image of a bootable distro, a fairly standard interface. The operation is only need to select the drive letter that will be written to the installation, and specify the image location.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Feature of the app is that it works with all possible formats, including archives. Well, if the installation error occurs, or the system is locked Winlocker virus, then using the drive with this utility you can carry out many additional steps and a computer system.

Utility UltraISO

This utility, perhaps the most famous among the users. It allows not only to record absolutely any image formats to any device, including USB drives, but also allows you to edit and replace files inside container files.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Changing or adding content, you can have always the actual distribution with the latest updates and fresh drivers. And you will also have the opportunity to remove unnecessary program or operating system versions in order to fit on a flash drive.

The application interface is very simple and convenient, but a little different from previous programmes, assignments have UltraISO more. In addition, this utility allows you to create a disk image yourself, then edit it and burn to a flash drive. If necessary, you can convert the file format for further work with him.

To burn the image to the drive and to install Windows 8 from USB drive to PC, you must perform the following steps:

  1. to run the program with administrator rights, if your work account is restricted;
  2. click the open button or «File» in the top menu and choose «open image»;

    Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

  3. to select the desired ISO or other format (in the program window should appear the contents of the disk);
  4. now you need to open the top menu «Bootstrapping» and activate the option «Burn image Hard disk»;

    Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

  5. in the window that appears to pay attention to the choice of drive for recording, and the correctness of the path to the image;
  6. to control the parameters of the method of entry (to be chosen HDD+) and disabled the hide partition hide partition (must be selected: «NO»);

    Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

  7. if there is any doubt in normal operation stick is recommended to format it before you start recording. However, you can skip this point because formatting in any case when starting the operation of creating a boot device the «Burn»button.

At the end of the operation it is recommended to run the startup drive to verify that captured image.

Command line

If you have any problems running the Windows OS, and fix it there is no possibility, thus you don’t have a pendrive with the distro to run reinstall, but have the image file on your computer, you can use the command line to execute creation of the boot partition on the drive.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Also, this is useful when there is no Internet on the computer at the time when the installation files for the above programs do not exist, and take them nowhere.

To make the flash drive bootable, you must perform the following sequence of commands after launching the prompt window as administrator:

  1. DISKPART (start the application for working with disks and partitions);
  2. list disk (called the list of available drives);
  3. select disk 1 (select the device in the picture indicates that the drive is under number one);
  4. clean (clean the media);
  5. create partition primary (create new primary partition on the drive);
  6. select partition 1 (select it);
  7. active (make the selected partition active);
  8. format fs=NTFS (formatted USB flash drive, changing file system to NTFS);
  9. assign letter=Q (assign the device a letter that is not exactly busy);
  10. exit (exit from program).

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Bootable flash drive is created and ready to work. There are only there to unpack the distribution with ISO file. It is important to consider that the decompression directly to the drive will take a lot of time and can be interrupted when processing large files. Therefore it is better to unzip the image to a hard drive, and then start copying to the flash drive.

How to install Windows 8 from USB drive via BIOS

Now, when the equipment is prepared and ready distribution kit, you must correctly configure your bios to boot-up begins with a USB flash drive, not hard disk, as installed by default.

The boot selection in the BIOS

To select the boot priority in the Bios is the easiest way to use the button on the quick launch. Most often it is F12, but can be used and another button. It depends on the manufacturer of your PC or laptop.

The priorities of the boot devices can be changed in the Bios. To do this, go there using the button «Del» and go to startup options under «Boot».

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

Need to main, that is first in the list to download on the priorities selected USB device. After making changes you want the system to remember the settings. Usually the access + application settings is done by pressing «F10».


After restarting the computer, selecting the USB drive as the primary device to run, you should receive a system message about the beginning of the installation process. You must wait until the distribution will determine the configuration and characteristics of a computer, then a window will appear with the choice of operating system, if the installation image several.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

The process of installation OS Windows 8 is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to choose language and partition where you will install the system. If necessary, you must create a logical disk or to edit its parameters, by clicking «drive options».

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

System setup

After the process of installing OS Windows 8, you should see the window settings and choose colors system easier to understand and select the name of the PC.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

In the next window, if necessary, it is possible the security settings of the operating system where you can set the firewall settings, modify the built-in features of defender of Widows or criteria display and run files.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

If you use a connection account in Microsoft, enter email address for identification. However, it is worth considering that if you are not a regular customer of the Corporation, it is better to leave this step by pressing the button «sign in without a Microsoft account».

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

The necessary drivers and programs

Need driver and utilities can be packaged on disk with your device. However, if it is not, then they are in a special system partition. In addition, the main driver OS Windows 8 installs automatically, and those that are missing, you can download from the official resource of the computer manufacturer.

On the website you will need to enter computer data, including serial number, model and subcategory of equipment. As a rule, all these data can be found in the accompanying document or on the back of the laptop/netbook.

Инструкция по установке Windows 8 с флешки на компьютер

The necessary programs are already installed in Windows 8 OS. Therefore, you will easily be able to view a video file, listen to music or edit the document. However, if you need third-party software, download it from the official sites, pre-established antivirus program.

The system of protection against installing third-party software will continuously make a request to allow installation if you do not specify in the security settings of Windows OS and other parameters. Be careful choosing the version of the software. You need to use SOFTWARE designed specifically for Windows 8, otherwise its performance is not guaranteed.

The process of installing Windows 8 OS from USB drive is not a big deal. Using the above instructions, anyone can quickly install and configure the operating system.

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