instruction to return the laptop to factory settings

By | 10.12.2018

Instruction to return the laptop to factory settings

Sometimes, the computer owner is faced with the necessity to clean the system from various bugs that prevent normal operation. This can be done by reinstalling the operating system, or using a special utility. But there is a way that is in front of them a few advantages.

Rollback settings to the factory default values will help to recover your device in most cases, even if you can’t run the OS. Particularly relevant to this method for those who do not want to waste time reinstalling the OS.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

When you restore the factory settings of the OS will be reinstalled automatically. Repeated activation code OS don’t need to enter. Will be restored the version of Windows that came with the laptop upon purchase.

Rolling back the BIOS, you eliminate these problems. In this article, we’ll look at how to restore laptop to factory settings and restore its performance. There are several ways in which we take a closer look.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

The option to reset the settings you may need in case:

  • there are frequent failures in the operating system;
  • the installed OS is not loaded;
  • you must reset the passwords for the BIOS and OS (Windows);

    Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

  • your laptop is «clogged» extra computer programs that are often in conflict with each other;
  • you have changed the BIOS settings, then the device began to function properly.

What is the default factory settings?

Factory default parameters are preset by the manufacturer for the specific model of the computer or laptop. They store the BIOS settings and computer configuration settings. Is such information in the dynamic memory device, which is called CMOS.

All factory parameters take up very little space, and have a separate power supply from a small battery located on the motherboard. You can spend the reset of the settings notebook without access to the BIOS. You just need to remove the battery, wait 30-40 seconds, and insert it again.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

Once the process is complete reset the BIOS settings and reinstalling the operating system, you will receive the laptop in the condition in which I bought it in the store.

It is worth noting that to successfully return the device to factory settings, except for CMOS Recoverу the partition that holds the installation files and other necessary system information.

Video: the Factory settings of the laptop

Where is the Recovery and activation

A hidden partition on the hard disk, which keeps all the files necessary for system recovery is called Recovery. It is created by default on all laptops, and is removed or damaged in most cases as a result of incorrect user actions.

To see where is the hidden partition, you can:

  • menu computer Management;

    Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

  • Manage disks.

There you can see the size of that Recovery is on the HDD. This is usually 20-25 GB of system information and setup files.

If you have a Toshiba laptop, you have probably noticed that the D drive is the system folder called HDD Recovery. It also stores necessary to reset the system so cannot be removed.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

Activation Recovery starts the process of resetting user changes the BIOS, restore factory defaults, and reinstalling the OS and system software and drivers.

To activate Recovery hit a certain hot key combination. This will allow you to enter in the system menu where you can choose from several options to restore the system. It should be remembered that each manufacturer goes their own hotkeys, below we consider the most popular.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

Restoring settings hot keys

To return the laptop to factory settings, you should remember a few shortcuts. When the system boots, press the hot keys to access the BIOS Setup menu where you can start the recovery process parameters.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

Depending on the manufacturer of computers, different hot keys and their combinations:

  1. Toshiba – depending on model F8, or 0, or Fn+0;
  2. Sony – F10;
  3. Acer – Alt and F10 at the same time;
  4. HP, LG and Lenovo – F11;
  5. Samsung – F4;
  6. Fujitsu – F8;
  7. ASUS – F9;
  8. Dell – at the same time Ctrl and F11, but some models F8;
  9. Packard Bell – F10. If you have Windows 8, you can use the power control button when you log in. You should hold down the Shift key and simultaneously select the menu item «Reset»;
  10. MSI F3 and on some models F11.

How to return the laptop to factory settings through BIOS

Using hot keys, you will be able to roll back custom changes to the system and return the BIOS to the factory default values.

In the black screen sequentially choose:

  1. the option «Start recovery» to Sony or «repair your computer» for Toshiba, or the»System Recovery» for HP;
  2. the menu item «Load BIOS Defaults».

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

Depending on the manufacturer the option names may vary: «Load BIOS Setup Defaults», «Load Safe-Fail Defaults«, but the words «Load» and «Default» will be required.


Make preparations for the reset:

  • before you click on the «Load BIOS Defaults», save all the necessary information on the removable media;
  • since the restore operation cannot be interrupted, connect the device to the network using a network adapter;

    Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

  • note that when you return to the original settings it will erase all programs you have installed after purchasing the device. This software needs to be re-installed;
  • unplug all additional devices from your computer – printer, scanner, wired mouse.

After you run the process to reset the settings, will start the process of gathering information and preparing system files. It may take some time, so don’t worry.

The recovery process

Once you start the recovery process, all actions will be performed automatically, without your participation. The computer may reboot if required by install. In the process reset the settings will be restored the drivers for the devices, and the standard system programs.

Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

It is worth mentioning that it is not always possible to successfully reset the settings on the laptop. This is possible if:

  • you specifically deleted the hidden partition with the settings and files for the system restore;
  • you re-installed the operating system. Often along with a reinstallation of removed the hidden partition that stores the original settings;
  • damaged hard disk and information needed to restore the system has become unavailable.

    Инструкция по возвращению ноутбука к заводским настройкам

What can you do if you deleted the hidden partition Recovery hard? You have to look for a boot disk with the settings or the image of the hidden partition for your laptop. You can find them online, and sometimes manufacturers offer to buy these disks for a system restore on the official websites.

If you are ready images for your laptop is not, on computer forums to ask owners of the same model to create this image. And in order to avoid such a situation, you can create a bootable USB flash drive or DVD for your laptop that you can keep handy and use when needed.

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