instruction to improve computer operation

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Instruction to improve computer operation

The main reason that the computer immediately processes the information and hangs is a small amount of RAM and weak processor. However, all is not lost. Even under these conditions, it is possible uskorit the operation of the device and enhance its performance. This is only to perform a few simple actions.

Methods to increase the speed of PC

Even the latest model of the computer after a short period of time begins to run slower and slower. A new device purchased recently, loses its performance due to installed programs and apps, games and antivirus systems.

Thus the hard drive becomes clogged with temporary files are not deleted automatically, and accumulate. Thus, the more programs and data stored on the device, the slower it begins to run tasks.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

In addition, the reason for this can be not only a garbage file and:

  • errors in the settings of the system or network;
  • heavily fragmented disk;
  • the problem with the registry keys;
  • or even all of these problems at once.

However, this is not a sentence to a PC. The following guidelines will help you to solve a number of problems and significantly increase the speed of the device. While you can use them as new laptops, and computers of old models.

To optimize the performance of your PC by hand and without replacement of certain system components. For this you need to follow a few simple steps. For this you need to clean your computer from a file collection and delete unnecessary apps.


Since the system tends to clog, it’s worth the time to get rid of unnecessary files. When cleaning it is important not to remove really need the data.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

A lot of files that clog up your PC and interfere with, accumulate:

  • on the Desktop;
  • in the registry;
  • in the shopping Cart.


It is not recommended to leave a lot of pictures and shortcuts on the Desktop. As they also occupy some memory due to the fact that is constantly displayed on the monitor. So you need to clean your Desktop from unused or unnecessary shortcuts and files.

The registry

Creep in the registry data that is left behind from deleted programs and other debris. Not always special applications can efficiently deal with the removal of redundant records from there. Therefore, it is recommended to perform all actions manually.


  1. first we need to get into «start»;
  2. click «Run»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  3. in the opened window, in the text box, enter regedit and click OK or Enter;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  4. before you make any changes you need to make a backup of the registry, to do this, under «File» choose «Export», select «Whole registry» and save;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  5. then open HKEY CURRENT USER and go to «Software»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  6. find the names of programs that were deleted, select the record and press Del.

To clean the registry you can also use the program RegSeeker.


If the wrong document, press Shift+Del, the file completely from the device not deleted, but only moved to the Trash. So you need to cleanse it. Thus, hard disk space becomes available.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

Before performing the operation you should carefully check whether there is important information. After removing all data will be lost and restore them unlikely to succeed.

Remove: unnecessary programs

Very often on older PCs and especially the new there are programs that the user is not completely necessary. These can be trial versions of games and other applications.

Manufacturers install them in the hope that users will like them and they want to buy the full version. However, this happens very rarely.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

Similar apps clog up memory, take up hard disk space and slowing down your laptop. In this case you need to get rid of them. It is also worth remove programs that the user has installed and uses them. These actions will contribute to the release of system resources.

Temporary files

From temporary files quickly and conveniently you can get rid of by using CCleaner. It can be downloaded free on the website of the manufacturer. It helps to clean the system from outdated and unused files. Thanks to her the vacant place on the hard drive and the PC will be faster to join.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

In addition, CCleaner can delete the browser history. It also has a registry cleaner. This program is completely safe. It has no ads and all kinds of spyware.

If you don’t have an assistant, we recommend you to download and install, but if you already have, then don’t waste time and open CCleaner.

Recommendations for use:

  • to start run the program;
  • click on the button «Cleanup»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  • then note the desired items;
  • push the key «Cleaning».

Make: defragmentation

To defragment hard disks, you need:

  1. right mouse click on «My computer»;
  2. choose «Properties»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  3. then go to «tools»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  4. click on «defragment».

Important! There is no need to defragment SSD drives. It can have a detrimental impact on them.

This procedure will help to organize all of the files available on the hard disk. Defragmentation should be performed at least once a week. If the PC works a lot, and often. These actions can last a few minutes and several hours.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

It depends on:

  • the amount of information;
  • space;
  • space.

In some versions of Windows you can configure the automatic defragmentation.

The disk check

In addition to all the above steps, it is necessary to perform a check of the system drive.

To do this:

  1. go to the menu «start»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  2. find «Run»;
  3. in the next window, enter cleanmgr;
  4. then select the disk and scan it.

After that, the screen will display a list of unused files which you can highlight and delete.

To simplify the schedule

To Windows start faster to perform tasks, you can disable the visual effects. This will contribute to improving the performance of the computer.

In order to customize the visual effects should:

  1. go to the menu «start»;
  2. in the search box enter «Counters and performance tools»;

    Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

  3. in the results that are displayed to find the appropriate item;
  4. next you need to get in the «Configure visual effects» — you can optimize.

If you computer is so old that no visual effects and speech can not be, in this case, you must perform the following steps:

  1. go to «display Properties»;
  2. select «Classic style» design.

Install antivirus

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

PC can be slow due to the fact that it is infected with spyware or viruses. For malicious files, the computer can be checked using anti-virus program. It is highly recommended to update the database.

If no such program, you need to install. It is best to buy the licensed version. With its help, laptop or PC must be regularly checked, this will eliminate the possibility of system infection.

Video: perfect work

Update any of the components

Another way to make a computer run faster is to replace its components. Significantly increase its capacity, by changing just one detail. In this case, you need to fully understand what can be updated and thus spend quite a bit of funds.


Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

Replace it only if the new will be more powerful 30% than the old one.


Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

Replace the RAM module with a large amount of this is a good option, especially when it is already too overloaded. During the active operation of the PC must in the «task Manager» to see its workload. If this indicator is 80% or more, it is definitely worth it to double.

Hard drive

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

On the performance of your PC affects not the volume of the disk and its speed. Usually the cheaper copies have a speed of rotation of 5400 revolutions per second. Thus, replacing it on the disk with speed of 7200 rpm, the performance will increase significantly.

Video card

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

For modern programs and games require a more powerful video card. When it is selected should be guided by the characteristics of the processor.

Tips on how to improve the computer

Many users often wonder how to increase performance of your old computer if you have already taken all action. Perhaps in this case the solution will go well, another operating system. As option it can be Linux. However, you must weigh the pros and cons. This system has also its own specific features.

If your PC is always in active work, it is recommended to frequently perform a hard reboot. Before that you need to close all programs and Windows.

Инструкция по улучшению работы компьютера

If the device is also slow, you should think about reinstalling Windows. Before that you need to make a copy of important documents. Since formatting the drive will erase all data on it.

Also should as often as possible to upgrade to Windows. New updates will be able to protect the system from virus infections.

In any case we cannot allow the PC overheated. At a high temperature device, the CPU fan will run even faster. Because of this, the CPU performance will be reduced, in order to prevent damage. In this case, the laptop often need to be turned off or put in «Sleep» mode, and regularly ventilate the room.


In any case it is impossible to destroy files of unknown format. They can be the system and removing them can harm the device.

Before you start to work with a PC should get rid of static electricity by touching any metal surface. Static discharge from the hands can adversely affect the functioning of the components.

To upload files to the laptop should be only from reliable and trusted sources, namely from the manufacturers ‘ websites. Pirated version may contain malicious codes.

Do not install programs that supposedly can speed up your PC. On the contrary, they loaded up RAM and slowing down your system.

Before opening the system unit, you should turn off the power and disconnect the external equipment. This can prevent an electric shock. In this component will remain intact.

Adhering to these simple recommendations can greatly enhance the PC performance. Moreover, all actions can be performed independently in the shortest possible time.

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