instruction — how to speed up computer performance

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Manual — how to speed up computer performance

PC is a complex electronic equipment. To all work at the right level, you need to make to the system settings necessary settings.

It is from incorrect settings, most often, your computer may be slow or hang. Installing different programs it is important to look carefully not offered if additional apps, they also can slow down the system.

Working at the computer, I want all the clicks on folders and files is carried out instantly, the same applies to the Internet. But sometimes you need to wait a few seconds and when loading programs, even for a few minutes. Let’s look at why this happens and what to do to normalize the process of computer operation.

Why to speed up PC

With a little effort, and one day I spent an hour of time, can significantly speed up your PC.

This will give you the opportunity to:

  • more time;
  • early to perform the work;
  • less nervous;
  • to be more effective.

Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

Under acceleration there is a view:

  • quick open folders.
  • fast start programs;
  • quick navigation tabs in the browser, etc.

Which gives the acceleration of the system

If you are using Windows 7, the question of whether the acceleration is always relevant. Not all users are adopting the full set of features of this system.

Therefore, the rational step would be to improve the system performance by disabling unused programs. While this acceleration frees up system resources and transfer them to the tasks of the user. As a result, it is possible to work more complex programs and a significant reduction in time to process commands. This shift of priorities, allows to more accurately meet the objectives of the owner of the computer.

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Ways to speed up computer performance Windows 7

Before how to speed up the performance of your computer, you need to determine those tasks that it will perform. In this regard, you can choose some ways which will help to increase productivity. All of them imply the exemption from the use of unnecessary applications, services, gadgets, and programs.

The most effective ways are:

  • the disabling effects of the graphical interface;
  • remove unwanted programs from startup;
  • stop unused services;
  • removal of unnecessary files from your desktop;
  • disable gadgets on the desktop;
  • the registry cleaning.

Clean program in the startup

To clear the startup and speed up your system, you must:

  • go to the corresponding panel. For this purpose we go to the panel «start» and select the «control panel»;
  • in the dialog box, select the label «administration»;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  • after the opening, we should go to the «system configuration, which you need to find the string «startup» and click on it;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  • after the small window you need to clean the boxes next to programs that are not used.

Stop unused services.

For this operation you need to enable those programs that you will constantly use (text editor, the player and others) in order to activate the desired service.

This will highlight what you need to work:

  • to begin the process, click on the «start» button and go to «control panel»;
  • then go to «system configuration» and find «services»;
  • there is need to remove the check mark next to those services that are «stopped».

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

The registry cleaning

This way to speed up performance, Windows 7 is the easiest, if used for this purpose a special program. For example, suitable for this program CCleaner. It will allow you to say farewell to unnecessary waste, not only in the system registry, but also in other areas of the computer. This app is simple:

  • after launching, click on the «analyze» button and wait a bit;
  • then, before you clean it, you can see all the unnecessary files in the list;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  • then, you need only click another button «cleaning» and everything will be ready.

Defragment HDD

This operation, roughly speaking, one collects a bunch of scattered files. After that, the system is easier to find them.

To start the defragmentation procedure you need to:

  1. right-click on the drive and select «properties»;
  2. afterwards, you’ll need the tools tab, where you press the button «defragment».

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

In the appeared window you must first select the analysis and then the results to perform the desired actions. Defragment have to do before to speed up the computer is turned on Windows 7 other ways. It happens that this procedure may reduce for a long time.

Deleted files from desktop

For fast operation of the system an important condition is clean Desk. The fact that Windows 7 constantly draws attention to the files, folders and shortcuts that directly lie in this place. Basically, they are constantly present in the computer’s memory as unnecessary ballast.

If the desktop is placed movies large size, with large internal folder structure and other files that you want to move them to a logical drive. This way speeds up old PC, which is cluttered with files.

Visual effects

Any colorful transitions and animations in the computer affect its speed. Therefore it is necessary to find a middle ground between beauty and performance, or completely to move towards work.

To disable effects, you must:

  1. in the menu «start» and write in the search «and tools of productivity»;
  2. after that you should see the corresponding paragraph in which you want to go in and uncheck the unwanted effects;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  3. then you need to click the apply button.

Slow loading computer when you turn off/on what to do

To answer the question: how can I speed up boot of your computer, you need to pay attention to the paging file. Before shutdown, the system always removes it and it takes a lot of time. Therefore, the cardinal way is to disable this operation.

To disable this feature, do the following:

  1. in the search box to enter windows 7 «regedit.exe» and then on the system folder go to the directory «memory management»;
  2. in the right part of the window you should find a file called «clearpagefileatshutdown»;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  3. you need to open it and set the window parameter to «0».

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

The result is that we have given 0 seconds to perform the operation of deleting the file. In fact, the file simply remains in place and intact.

In order to speed up the system boot perform the following operations:

  1. press the key combination «Win + R and in the appeared window insert the string «msconfig»;
  2. once the window appears select the tab «Download»;
  3. looking for the button «advanced options» and click on it;
  4. in the window that appears you must specify the maximum values for «Number of processors» and «Maximum memory»;

    Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

  5. after all the action you want to restart Windows 7 for the changes came into force.

Increase RAM

Adding to the existing RAM, is a simple way to improve performance. Minus is that you have to spend money to buy.

This method globally improves the speed of not only the operating system but all software in General. But if Windows 7 was a critical error, such a method is unlikely to help. It should be used only when other methods have not given desired result.

Selection of graphics card

Noticeable performance improvement is when you install a more powerful graphics card. It will work faster and will not consume a lot of system resources. You need to pay attention to the amount of private memory in the graphics card, the longer it is, the better.

Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

It is also worth noting that powerful cards require a separate power supply. They consume an impressive amount of energy compared to a computer. You need to make sure that the power supply will withstand this load.

Virus scan

The most common problem of slow computer is infected it with viruses. They can get into the system mainly via the Internet, or through removable media.

With a constant connection to the Internet requires continuous operation of antivirus programs. If not, then you need to regularly check the system for viruses. On the Internet, the speed of which is large, viruses are much easier to get into the system. Therefore, an antivirus program needs to be alert. This article should help you configure Windows 7 for maximum performance. Regardless of the settings of the computer, these tips will help to ensure stable operation. After you’ve completed the steps above, will be guaranteed improvement speed.

Инструкция — как ускорить производительность компьютера

When working on performance, you should bear in mind the particularities of each Assembly of the computer. Making changes to the registry should be extremely careful not to delete the data, without which the system will cease to work.

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