Installing WINDOWS XP after WINDOWS 7

By | 10.12.2018

Install WINDOWS XP after WINDOWS 7

Essential in work with a particular operating system (OS) have practical skills, due to the duration of work. In childhood, these skills can be created easier and faster in the adult — much slower. In addition to the General laws of matter and individual personality characteristics.

Install WINDOWS XP after WINDOWS 7

Problems arise when switching from Windows XP to Windows 7. Only one GUI here can’t be replaced, you need to have one computer two operating system. For that and other reasons, for example, have programs that run only in Windows XP. However, many computers, especially laptops and netbooks, already installed Windows 7, paid with money (not always possible to buy PC without OS). And “endure” this operating system is often unreasonable. Alternative to “fuss” with the creation of a system image so you can restore the OS on a hard disk partition with a different size, or save the programs and settings to the new installation.

What is easier?

You can offer more simple method, based on the features you install the bootloader of Windows 7 during the installation process, allowing you to save your previously installed OS. For this you need to free — place the hard drive to create two additional partitions by using one of the modern editors of the hard disk partitions. The editor must be able to do without the removal of existing hard disk partitions with fat they contained (on the contrary, the creation of new sections should be carried out through the allocation of free space on your hard drive without losing the available information).

Установка WINDOWS ХР после WINDOWS 7

One partition is for installing Windows XP, the other for the temporary installation of a second copy of Windows 7. Usually the partition for Windows XP choose size

8… 10 GB or more, and another partition to use all remaining free space. In the future it will serve for data storage. In any case, when you need to reinstall the system, data will be always safe. From this point of view duhsasana configuration more reliable.

The required amount of memory

For the main, already available on the hard disk, the operating system should leave as much space as is required for its operation. So, Windows 7 Ultimate (maximum) 40 GB and Windows 7 Starter (initial) -16 GB.

There is another case, when the original OS on the hard disk, and the necessary partitions for multiboot created in advance in the usual manner through any means including in the process of installing each OS with the tools contained in the installation distributions.

The installation of Windows from under Windows

After you have created and formatted two additional sections (format may be made during the installation process), should be installed on a second partition Windows XP in the normal way (Windows OS must be installed in order of seniority from Junior to senior). When this is lost the download of Windows 7 due to Windows XP boot loader does not detect the older OS. If you try to restore the download of Windows 7 with the help of her staff of recovery tools available on the installation DVD or on a specially created CD recovery disk will only restore to Windows 7. To boot two OS, you need to make a temporary installation of another copy of Windows 7, with the result that they will get 3 zag-rozochka configuration, and delete a second copy of Windows 7.

For this you need to format the third partition that contains the second copy of Windows 7, and remove it from the selection screen download. This is done as follows. After installation loaded a second copy of Windows 7. Thus is set the default boot the remaining OS. Click two times OK, OK, close the window and restart the computer.

As a result, the computer has duhsasana configuration of Windows XP and Windows 7.

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