Installing Windows 98

By | 10.12.2018

Installing Windows 98

It is recommended to install Windows 98 previously copy the distribution kit on a hard disk in partition D:. A on partition C: to install OS. Drive C: and D: must be formatted in FAT 32 (file system NTFS, the Windows 98 installer is not defined).

You need to install:

— bootable floppy Windows 98,

copied to disk D: the distribution of Windows 98.

Installing Windows 98:

1. Insert a bootable Windows 98 floppy disk in the floppy drive (the floppy image of windows 98 here).

2. In the BIOS set the computer to boot from the floppy drive (see BIOS settings).

3. After booting from the boot floppy the Windows 98command prompt, specify the path to the installation of Windows 98 and enter Setup:

In this case, is d:installwin98sesetup

4. After pressing a key will be made a General inspection of the system, including checking the hard drive for errors. If ScanDisk finds errors, they should have to fix it:

5. In the next window click on the <CONTINUE>:

6. In the window with the license agreement check <Accept> and press <Next>:

7. Then enter the 25-digit license key (to change the keyboard layout to another language, you can press both keys at the same time). Without a key the installation of Windows 98 will not continue:

8. In the next window, select the folder in which to store the Windows 98. By default, this folderC:WINDOWS:

9. Next you need to choose which configuration to install Windows 98. The default istypical install. During custom installation, You can add or remove features Windows 98:

10. In the window information about the user, enter the user name and organization:

11. Next you need to enter the computer name and working group. The computer name is the name displayed in network neighborhood:

12. Next you need to specify Your location. By default, this is Russia:

13. With the emergence of a window on the creation of a boot floppy press <Next>:

Then in window on insertion of the disk, hit <Cancel>. To create a bootable diskette is not required. If you really need, you can create one after you install Windows 98:

14. Further agree in the boxes with warnings, and then the process will start copying the Windows 98 files:

15. During installation, a window will appear where you will need to set the Date and Time. If date and time are correct, press <CLOSE>:

16. The installation of Windows 98 is complete.

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