Installing Windows 7 from disk for dummies

By | 09.12.2018

Installing Windows 7 from disk for dummies

Every user sooner or later faces the need to install an operating system. There is a myth that this is difficult, although in fact it is not. All you need to have basic skills of PC user and follow the simple instructions, which will be discussed below.

Before installing

There are a number of issues that need to be taken care of before beginning the installation.

To do it right in the first place pay attention to the following:

  • select the desired version of the operating system;
  • determine its bit width;
  • prepare hard disk for installation;
  • take care of the drivers.

If you are reading this article, with the choice of OS no problems – it will be Windows 7. But what about the bit? How to know what is suitable for your PC?

You may encounter two types of systems:

  • x86 (32bit);
  • x64 (64bit).

What are their differences? 32-bit support up to 4 GB of RAM, and 64-bit – 4 GB or more. Performance 64-bit system above, so if the technical characteristics of your PC allow it, you should choose it. To determine the amount of RAM in the computer is very easy – just click with the right mouse button on the icon «Computer» on the desktop and in the pop-up window will display the technical data.

Important! You need to consider that after selecting a particular bit size in the future, the installed program must be optimized for it.

Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

Now we need to think about where it will be installed a new operating system. Often to do this, select the C drive. it should be remembered that all data on the disk (including the desktop!) will be permanently deleted. All important files should be moved to another drive or copied to a flash drive.

Another important point of the driver. Most often they are supplied to the equipment of special discs, but if there is no pre – download them from the Internet. To find the required driver on the official sites of the manufacturers video, network cards and other PC components. Why this should be taken care of in advance? Because after installation, without driver for network card, make it will not be possible.

Video: install Windows 7

Disc creation

To start the installation process right with Windows 7 disk. If available, you can safely proceed to the next step. If it is missing, first it will have to create. You will need an image of the operating system and program to record. It is best to give your preference «clean» MSDN assemblies that have not been heavily modified. The recording of the image is no different from working with any other drive. It can be done, for example, the program UltraISO.

To do this:

  • to run the program for recording;
  • to open the desired image;
  • insert a blank DVD and start recording at a low speed (to avoid mistakes that can prove fatal for Windows).

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

Please note! For operation it is recommended to use a licensed copy of the operating systems, the only way you can provide yourself maximum protection from possible errors and problems with your PC.

The installation of Windows 7 from the disk via the BIOS

Go to the main process. It starts with working with the BIOS – the basic I / o system output. It is the setting through the BIOS frightens novice users, but difficult to use it did not. For our problem you will need to perform only a few basic manipulations.

BIOS setup

First you need to enter the BIOS:

  1. insert the disc in the drive and perform a reboot of your PC;
  2. at startup hold down the Delete key (may be different for different systems);
  3. when you see the shell BIOS, find the Boot tab and select «Boot Device Priority»;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  4. then you need to move the drive first, to load begins with it;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  5. press Enter and then F10 to save changes and exit.

The process

After a restart, the system triggers a disc is inserted and will start the process of installation:

  1. when prompted for «Press any key to boot from CD or DVD» press any key;
  2. a window will appear that says «Windows is loading files» and will start extracting the files you need;
  3. next, choose the language, time format and keyboard layout, then click «Install»;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  4. accept the license agreement by selecting the checkbox and click «Next»;
  5. in the new window, choose «Full installation»;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  6. specify the partition where you installed the new operating system;
  7. if the hard drive is not partitioned, create new partitions by clicking on «Create» at the bottom and putting them to the desired volume;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  8. after a warning about deleting the data in the selected partition and formatting, click «Next».

Please note! If you want to install windows 7 from a disk with formatting, in advance take care of safety data that may be lost during this procedure.

The installation will start, usually takes from 15 minutes to an hour. At the end you will be prompted to enter a user name and password (optional), as well as set phrase as a hint for their recovery. Next you will be prompted to enter the serial number that is usually found in a box with a copy of the OS. If it is missing or the Assembly does this automatically, skip this step.

There are still a few small steps:

  • specify «recommended» security settings;
  • your time zone;
  • the network type.

The installation completes and the system is almost ready to use, just have to adjust it.

Video: Installing and configuring

System setup

The first thing you need to activate the operating system (unless it happened automatically during the installation process). Do not forget about it, because after 30 days you will begin to appear pesky reminder about the expiry of registration.

How to check whether Windows is activated:

  1. go to the desktop and click the right mouse button on «My computer»;
  2. choose «Properties»;
  3. to pay attention to the information at the bottom of the page if the system is activated – go on – if not, do this;
  4. under «Windows Activation» click on «activate»;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  5. select the activation method and enter key;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  6. confirm your entry by clicking Next.

The driver and software

The next critical step is to install the drivers. Their absence can result in incorrect graphics, incorrect operation of the computer and can’t connect to the Internet. How to determine what are the drivers needed by the system?

  1. go to the desktop and click the right mouse button on «My computer»;
  2. select «Properties» and «device Manager»;

    Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

  3. in the list that appears, looking for unidentified devices (yellow exclamation marks);
  4. install required drivers from official ROM or downloaded prepared in advance.

Often Windows 7 will install the driver for your video card, so it won’t appear in the list as unidentified. Despite this, the graphics driver is still needed, because without it it will not work at full capacity (which may be evident in not quite correct displaying of icons on the desktop). Install it from the disk manufacturer or downloaded in advance from the official website.

Important! Be sure to install the driver for the network adapter, without it you cannot access to the network.

Next, you need to think about installing antivirus. At the moment the system is virtually defenseless and vulnerable to viruses and spyware. The choice of antivirus.

Установка Виндовс 7 с диска для чайников

It is worth noting that all these programs are effective and able to protect your system. To be most effective from time to time is to change your anti-virus. After installing it do not forget about activating and updating to latest version of databases, able to protect against newly discovered threats.

Attention! It is recommended to install an antivirus before you use the Internet to avoid contact with unwanted computer SOFTWARE. The disk (or downloaded version) you need to save in advance.

You are now ready to install the browser. His choice completely depends on the personal preferences of the user. When the new engine installed, first update your Flash Player, because without it will be impossible to watch videos or listen to music on multiple resources. This can be done in seconds on the official website.

Using viewstateuserkey browser, start to fill the system, without which no cost, no system:

  • office applications (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice);
  • archivers (WinRAR, 7-Zip);
  • programs for listening to music and watching videos;
  • useful utilities (CCleaner);
  • applications for communication (Skype, Mumble);
  • other required software.

Installing any operating system is a matter that requires a thorough and careful approach. Despite this, don’t be afraid. Just follow the simple instructions, and soon your PC will be able to boast the new OS.

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