Installing Windows 2000

By | 10.12.2018

The Installation Of Windows 2000

For install Windows 2000 You will need:

1. boot disk with distribution kit Windows 2000

2. CD or DVD-ROM.

To install any operating system on a separate hard disk partition. If You have one partition (drive C:), then save All the information to another hard disk or on a flash drive. Then divide Your hard disk into at least 2 partitions (drive C: andD:). System files and programs stored on C:, and information (games, music, movies, documents, etc.) on the D: drive. It is necessary that when you reinstall Windows, You could, without fear of losing information, to install Windows on drive C:.

The Installation Of Windows 2000:

1. Insert the boot disk into the CD-ROM.

2. Go into the BIOS settings (for more on BIOS read write how to go to BIOS and how to configure the BIOS) and set the computer to boot from the CD-ROM. Save the BIOS settings and restart your computer.

3. The appearance of the window Press any key to boot from CD…, time to press any key on the keyboard (e.g. key <space>):

4. In the next window press :

5. Next, the license agreement will appear. To continue setup, press :

6. In the next window you need to specify the partition where to install Windows 2000. Operating system Windows 2000 will be enough ~ 10-15 GB free space (subject to the subsequent installation of additional software). With buttons create two partitions (drive c: and d:) on the hard drive:

7. Select which file system You want to format the partition for the operating system. You need to choose based on the size of the hard drive. If You have a hard drive smaller than 40 GB, then select the file system FAT32. If more than 40 GB, you can choose the file system NTFS. The file system is NTFS greatly slows down the computer. So if You have a weak CPU and little RAM, then select FAT32. If Your drive is where you set the operating system greater than 30 GB, then format the partition You will have the opportunity to choose only the file system NTFS.

8. Then you will see a warning about erasing ALL of Your information from the selected disk. If you need information in the selected section, then press :

9. If you receive a warning about formatting the file system FAT 32, click .

10. In the next window, click <NEXT>. If You fail to click within 2 minutes, the setup program will do it:

11. Then you need to configure the language and keyboard layout. Language is the language of Your operating system. The keyboard layout is a method for switching typing input languages (here you can specify the default language):

12. Enter a name and organization:

13. Enter the 25-digit license key. Usually the key is provided with the drive on the sticker:

14. In the next menu, enter the computer name and administrator password (if You password to the computer is not needed — leave this field blank):

15. Configure the current date and time:

16. The boot disk with Windows 2000 comes the main part of the device drivers of your computer, so if the setup has detected the network card, then in the next window you must specify a workgroup. You can leave the Workgroup:

17. Upon completion of the installation, press <DONE>:

The installation of Windows 2000 is complete!

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