Installation Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

The Installation Of Windows 7

Computer requirements:

CPU: from 1GHz;

Memory RAM: minimum 1 GB;

Free space on hard disk: 20 GB.

How to install Windows 7:

with DVD-ROM (requires a boot disk with Windows 7)

with a USB flash drive (how to make bootable USB flash drive windows 7)

BIOS setup:

First and foremost, you need to configure the computer BIOS to boot from DVD-ROM or USB flash drive.

To enter the BIOS of the computer or laptop is necessary at the very beginning of booting the computer to press a certain key. Usually is the key or . It all depends on the motherboard manufacturer (example: for motherboard manufacturer Asus — key). About the BIOS settings read read an entry on how to configure the BIOS.

Going into the BIOS set the computer to boot from DVD-ROM or USB flash drive. Example: for motherboard ASUS P7H55-M SE should go to the tab BOOT click the Boot Device Priority in the first column and put 1st Boot Device [DVD-ROM drive model DVD], and boot from the USB device you need to plug the flash drive into the USB input and then the BIOS to enter the BOOT click Hard Disk Drives and in the first column to put the 1st Drive [USB: model stick].

Then save the BIOS settings ( ASUS P7H55-M SE need to press F10 and choose Yes).

The Installation Of Windows 7:

1. After saving the BIOS and restarting the computer, the screen should appear the words Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…, you need to do is to press any key on the keyboard :

2. In the next window, select the desired languages for the interface of Windows 7 and press <Next>:

3. To start the installation of windows 7, click <Install>:

4. In the window with the license agreement check I accept the license terms and click<Next>:

5. In the next window, type Windows 7 Setup, click the full installation:

6. Next you need to select a hard disk partition which will be made the installation of Windows 7. If necessary, you can split a hard disk into several partitions for this, click ondrive options:

8. Using buttons to CREATE, FORMAT, EXTEND, create hard disk partition which will be used to install Windows 7 (minimum 20 GB).

9. After selecting the partition click on the <Next>.

10. Begin the process of installing Windows 7 in which the computer will restart several times. The appearance on the monitor prompts Press any key to boot from CD or DVD… don’T PRESS the keys.

11. In the next window enter user name and click <Next>:

12. If necessary, put the password:

13. Next, enter the 25-character volume license product key (written on the sticker with the license). If there is no key, you can then enter (to enter the key and activate Windows within 30 days). To continue to uncheck the box in front that says Automatically activate Windows when connected to the Internet and click <Next>:

14. In the security settings you choose to Postpone the decision:

15. Check the set the current date and whether the time:

16. If Your computer is connected to the network, then in the next window select the location of the computer. It is recommended to select a Public network:

17. The installation of Windows 7 completed!

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