Installation from USB drive Windows 10 Technical Preview

By | 10.12.2018

Installing from USB drive Windows 10 Technical Preview

Since the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview is of interest to users. Many want to experience to experience the new operating system, which should become «mistakes» made in past versions.

Then there is the question about installing it. Is it different from previous versions? In this article we will discuss the process of installing the OS from the stick, which is not difficult.

System requirements

To get started is to pay attention to system requirements of the new OS:

  • processor with 1GHz or above;
  • 1 GB RAM (or 2 GB if you use a 64-bit version);
  • at least 16 GB of free hard disk space;
  • graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 9;
  • Internet connection to create a Microsoft account.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

To install you will need a flash drive 4 GB (or 8 GB for 64-bit versions).

Creating a bootable drive

Before you begin creating a bootable USB drive, you will need the operating system image, which you can download from Microsoft official website. The process recording is a little different from previous OS versions.

You can use several ways:

  • record using UltraISO;
  • the command line;
  • program Rufus.

Video: Windows 10 from USB drive

All three options have their pros and cons, are discussed later.


One of the most common ways to create a bootable USB drive is to use UltraISO. This program has worked well for this purpose, reliable and easy to use.

To begin the process you must:

  • download and install UltraISO (if the program is already present on the computer skip this step);
  • insert the flash drive into the USB port;
  • run the program and choose the downloaded beforehand image file (the «File» tab, then «Open»);
  • after his file is displayed in the program window, press «Bootstrapping» and «Burn hard disk image»;

    Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

  • in the appeared window check the path to the image file, and in the window «Disk Drive» specify the required USB flash drive;
  • in the «record Method» set to «USB-HDD+» (usually active by default);
  • click «save» and confirm to format the flash drive.

Please note! In the process of recording with the flash drive will erase the data.

Command line

Another way to record is to use the command line. Its advantage is that no additional programs – only operating system image.

If you are using Windows 7, then access the command prompt:

  • go to «start» then «All programs» and «Standard»;
  • in this folder find the «Command prompt» and click on it with the right mouse button, select «Run as administrator».

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

Now use the window that appears, you can begin to direct the process:

  • alternately, enter two commands: diskpart and list disk;
  • navigate to «Computer» and note which number is the flash drive (e.g. F);
  • after that, enter the following commands: select disk F (where F: is the drive letter with the drive), clean, create partition primary, format fs=fat32 quick active assign list volume exit.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

Important! During this process all data on the stick will be deleted. Commands should be entered without commas in turn.

Now that flash drive ready, you need to copy files to it OS. You can use any program to mount the images (Daemon Tools, UltraISO). Just click on the disk image with the right mouse button and choose «Mount», then copy its contents onto a flash drive.

Also for this purpose you can use the archiver (7Zip, WinRAR):

  • click the right mouse button on the ISO file;
  • choose the option «Extract files»;
  • in the appeared window specify the path to the flash drive;
  • confirm the selection by pressing «OK».

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

After decompression, the image is ready to be installed.


To transfer image files to a USB flash drive you can also use a specialized program called Rufus. This is a freely available utility that serves just for this purpose.

It is also quite simple:

  1. download and install the program;
  2. run it and insert a USB flash drive port;
  3. Rufus will automatically detect its presence, but in the case of error – specify path manually;
  4. put a check next to the option «Create a bootable disk using», then click on the little hard disk icon, located next to it;
  5. specify the path to the saved image of the operating system;
  6. click «Start» to begin the process.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

It will take about 20-30 minutes. Wait for the message «program DONE», then you can cover it up and remove the stick.

Please note! During installation a window may open with the contents of the drive – just leave it in this state until the completion of the program.

Install Windows 10 from USB drive via BIOS

When the flash drive is ready, proceed to direct installation. The first step will be setup BIOS.

BIOS setup

Working with a basic system input-output may seem confusing, but just follow the simple steps:

  • insert the USB flash drive with the OS into the USB port and reboot the system;
  • during startup hold down the Delete key (can be F2, F3, F8, F10, and other options, depending on manufacturer);
  • after the boot menu, go to the tab «Boot» and select «Boot Device Priority»;
  • in the list of priority set USB flash drive first, to load begins with it;
  • to save the changes and exit, press Enter and F10.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview


After reboot the system will start installing Windows 10 from a USB stick:

  1. first, select the desired language (in Windows 10 Technical Preview Russian language is not available);

    Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

  2. next will be a configuration window that prompts you to select the directory for installation;
  3. use one of the available hard disk partitions or create a new one by clicking on «New» at the bottom and specifying the desired size;

    Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

  4. after clicking on the «Next» button will start unpacking files and installing.

Important! During installation the computer may reboot several times – it is a normal process. You must wait for its full completion.

Configuring OS

About the end of the installation may indicate the appeared screen, select Wi-Fi network. Here you can set a default network to which the PC will connect after you start, or skip this step. Next, the system will offer more options – select the frequency of updates, send reports and other information.

Then before the user has two options:

  • choose Customize and to configure what data to send;
  • use the option «Use express settings» and set the recommended default settings.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

When using the option «Use express settings», you automatically agree to send anonymous statistics to the developers, including a list of PC applications, and all reports on emerging issues.

Further progress will need the presence of a Microsoft account. Those who have it already present, you can just enter your data, others will have to pass simple registration. Microsoft account is the same for all devices running on the Windows platform.

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

Will also be prompted to set up OneDrive cloud storage where you may have documents, photos, videos and user. After that, the installation process and initial setup can be considered officially completed.

The next step in configuring a fresh operating system is locating and installing drivers. Some of them may have problems with displaying graphics on the PC, a variety of errors and even the inability to connect to the Internet.

Please note! Better to take care of the necessary drivers in advance by downloading them from official sites. A particularly important driver for network card, because without it the new system will not work to log into the network, and to download other program.

To check which driver is missing from the system, use the following:

  • go to «device Manager» («My Computer», then «Hardware»);
  • to draw attention to the uncertain device (with exclamation marks).

Установка с флешки Windows 10 Technical Preview

Designated as elements work incorrectly or not at all defined. After finding them, you can download and install the appropriate drivers.

I hope that this article helped you to install and configure Windows 10 Technical Preview. Now, along with millions of other users you can not only test some of the features of the new operating system, but also participate in its improvement by sending developers of the static error and making suggestions.

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