Installation and setup Windows 7 on ssd

By | 09.12.2018

Install and configure Windows 7 on a ssd

Developers SSD technologies provide high speed of loading and operation system software. As noted by the programmers, who already operate the new drives, they have not revealed the features of windows 7 installation on the ssd, which could prevent to implement it as a standard user.

Initially, the process is divided into two stages:

  1. the first stage is to configure the launcher under Windows 7, it is easy to implement using the utility SSD Mini Tweaker 2.1.;
  2. the second stage is directly transfer supersystem to your new device. It should be noted that you should not try to use a version of Windows below 7, even the use of «XP» does not show striking differences between her work on the HDD or on the SSD.

What to consider before installing Windows 7

Before we proceed directly to download and configure opensystem must, first, disable all other cumulative discs, for example, HDD-drives, check on the website of the manufacturer of SSD-drive version of its firmware and if necessary update it, and then paid by the BIOS change the mode of operation of drives, going from IDE mode to AHCI mode (Advanced Host Controller Interface).

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Physical installation of the new drive may cause problems only in cases where it will be used on laptops, since most models have only one connector to connect the drive to the motherboard. The way out can be to use a HDD drive as an external device, and in its standard place to place the SSD disk.

Can also occur the situation when the computer has no slots for connecting a 2.5-inch device, in this case, you should use an adapter «2.5-inch to 3.5-inch», which is often included in the basic kit SSD-drive.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

After physical installation of the new disk, open BIOS, and consistently go first to the menu tab «Advanced», then on the «SATA Configuration» and in it go to the item «Sata mode selection» in which note the module AHCI mode.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Then pressed F10, which saves all changes.

The above procedure is all you need to know and do before the actual installation of the OS.

Installing the OS

Install Windows 7 best way to transfer the system image from the HDD and directly from the installation disk, and the «Winchester» at the time of OS installation to be disconnected from the motherboard.

Initially you must ensure that the physical installation and connect SSD drive to SATA interface produced correctly and the BIOS sees it and correctly identificeret. The necessary information is displayed in the «Information» menu, where are indicated all the connected devices.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Once you have the new drive in the list of connected devices, proceed to the section «Boot» which indicates a device (CD or DVD) which will boot and install the system.

Further, the installation process is completely similar to that carried out when working with hard HDD disk and also increased download speeds and up information did not differ. You must act in accordance with the prompts of the installation program.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

After installation we have to enter the BIOS and switch the point boot from the CD (DVD) already on the SSD device, which now will be loaded Windows 7 on the computer.

The correct installation of the software will instantly affect the computer’s performance.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Important! Before beginning installation it is necessary to confirm that the SSD is formatted with the NTFS file system (New Technology File System – development of the Microsoft Corporation under the NT line of OS).

This is best done in manual mode by entering appropriate commands into the CMD-line in the following sequence:

  1. «Diskpart» — starts the interpreter Windows commands;
  2. List disk — shows the list of all connected media with detailed specifications and data.
  3. «Select disk X» — select the device to format, the parameter «X» is replaced by letter of the SSD at this point above the list;
  4. «Create partition primary align=1024» — creating a biasing parameter;
  5. «Active» — activation section;
  6. «Exit» — exits CMD mode.

Video: install WINDOWS

Configuring the system on the SSD

Initially the «Seven» was designed to interact with HDD drives, as although the technology of production of SSD was already known and developed, but it is not anticipated its widespread use due to a too large value.

In this regard, for the correct work of all services of the OS necessary to optimize Windows 7 to its ongoing operations have increased their productivity and did not lead to the creation of internal conflicts in the interaction with SSD disk.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Adjustment utilities OS required for the operational period of the new disc, as the technology solid-state drives are critical to frequent rewrites that wears the disk, which is structurally similar to a huge «flash».

The optimization process is preceded by the procedure to the presence in the system and loaded the included drivers to support AHCI mode and enabled the TRIM command of the ATA interface.

Important! The TRIM command optimizes solid-state drives, giving them information about the unused system units, which can be used for recording. Full support for the TRIM mode is available only in Windows 7/8/Vista, in earlier versions it was not provided.

The presence of the AHCI controllers enabled is displayed in the «Device Manager» in «Control Panel» in the tab «IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers».

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Check condition and activation mode TRIM is made from the row active commands (the sequence of pressing «START» — «Run» and typing CMD) but only with the administrator access rights to the system.

CDM-command to check the status – «fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify».

After it is entered there are two possible answers:

  1. DisableDeleteNotify = 0 means TRIM command is enabled;

    Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

  2. DisableDeleteNotify = 1 means TRIM is disabled.

Tothe team enable TRIM «fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0».

Now you can go directly to the optimization procedure of the OS to the SSD, namely:

  • paging file or transferred to another disk or off;
  • the process of SSD caching and indexing off;
  • defragmenting a SSD is prohibited;
  • the TEMP folder is transferred to the HDD and hiding;
  • disables system restore and hibernation.

Disable indexing

The speed of information exchange at the SSD devices are much higher than HDD, which was developed under Windows 7, so the indexing and caching is not necessary. Disabling these two features will increase the reliability and security of information in cases of problems with computer power.

Indexing is disabled on the properties tab of your SSD drive by removing the tick from the option «Allow indexing for fast searching» (Allow files to have contents indexed in addition to file properties).

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

After clicking on «OK» PC may resist, but it is enough to click «Ignore all» (Ignore All) in the drop down box.

The defragmentation service

Windows 8 determines the media type and automatically disables Defrag for the SSD, thereby increasing the lifespan of a get rid of multiple moving file blocks where it is very sensitive.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

In Windows 7 disabling is accomplished by removing the SSD from the list of drives that is configured for this mode.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

The creation of restore points

Deactivating the function «Protection system» (System Restore) the user minimizes the number of requests to the SSD device to record and save its space, forbidding you to create files copies.

The shutdown is in the folder «computer Properties» in the tab «system Configuration», selecting the «Disable system protection».

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Optimize SSD Mini Tweaker

The «SSD Mini Tweaker» is a useful utility with free distribution and a small amount of occupied space in memory. When it starts there is only one window which displays all the settings described above enable or disable which is necessary to optimize the OS to work with SSD-drives.

Установка и настройка Windows 7 на ssd накопитель

Enough to put a mark opposite the required functions and click on «Apply changes» and automatically will be made all the actions inside OS Windows 7.

The transition to a new media type is fully justified in terms of increasing performance supersystem Windows 7 and even with minimal user skills does not cause complications.

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