Installation and setup UltraISO

By | 10.12.2018

Installation and setup UltraISO

UltraISO is a utility designed for creating and editing disk images. It can help completely change the files that are inside the image, pull them out or Vice versa to add.

In addition to creating ISO images from CDs and hard drive, you can create a bootable CD, for example, to start Windows. UltraISO is one of the most popular programs for work with virtual images, and supports many common formats such as ISO, BIN, IMG, CIF, NRG, BWI and their conversion to a normal ISO image.

The installation process

The installation consist of such stages:

  1. archive download program;
  2. unpacking it;
  3. run the installation wizard;
  4. the last step is to configure UltraISO.

Download the program and run it

To start:

  • need to download the installation file;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  • after downloading the installer, you can install UltraISO;
  • then proceed to the setup utility.

If you want to download and install for free UltraISO, then you can go to the official website and download from there a trial version or to find the installer on the other mirrors. The installation file can be supplied in files or from.exe file.

The installation wizard

To install you need to:

  1. to run the installer UltraISO;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  2. familiar to many will open the installation wizard where you will click on the «Next»
  3. then read the license agreement and accept it. Otherwise, the installation will be interrupted;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  4. in the next window you will need to specify the directory where you will install the program. Also, the wizard will report how many will weigh the program;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  5. after you select the directory, you will need to determine the name of the shortcut. In principle, there is no point to change it;
  6. then you can add a desktop shortcut UltraISO, to run each. iso file using UltraISO and install emulator;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  7. then re-check the selected settings and install the program;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  8. at the end of the installation you will be prompted to read the Readme file or go directly to UltraISO. The installation utility is complete.

Video: download and how to install

Setup UltraISO

After installation, you can proceed to launch UltraISO. When downloading the trial version, the program will greet You and offer to buy the full version. You can also enter existing registration code or activate a temporary trial.

Consider, when was chosen the free version of UltraISO:

  • opens the program window, the top of which you will need to choose the tab «Options» and click «Settings»;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  • in the first tab «Settings» to specify the path where to store the finished file. In addition, you can specify additional options like «Use summer time».

It should be noted that, if the computer has a Nero (the program that’s meant to «burn» disks), then you need to change record settings, in order to avoid possible conflicts in the future. For this, close tabs «General» and «Preservation» has a «Recording» tab. Here you need to remove the tick next to «Use NeroAPI if available».

Установка и настройка UltraISO

However UltraISO itself does not produce a record. So you need to choose a program that will do it herself. So, recording using NeroAPI was disabled, you can select another utility such as Alcohol 120%.


  • next to the «Recording» tab adjacent to the tab «Virtual drive». Here you can select the number of drives that will run the images and their names. That is, when you select the 4 drives, it will look as if You have 4 CD/DVD-ROM. In the same way as when recording, you can select a program that will play these drives;

    Установка и настройка UltraISO

  • in the tab «Integration» you can choose the formats that will be associated with UltraISO. And in the «Compression» is possible to split that into parts and set up password protection;
  • now, after the configuration process, you can try to burn it to a CD. To do this, click on «File» — «Open» and select the desired image, and then displays the files that are in it;
  • next you need to click on «Burn image» — «image capture». Here you select the drive on which the disk is located, to inspect and to set a speed record. After you have verified that everything is in order, click on the «Burn» button. At the end of record will receive a notification about the successful «burn».

UltraISO is a very useful program for working with images. This utility should be on every computer, because surely everyone has seen the virtual disks. In this article we tried to tell you how to free download and install UltraISO, and I hope that it was helpful in this.

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