Install Windows XP on a computer drive

By | 10.12.2018

Install Windows XP

Warning: before you install Windows XP, you must know that ALL information on the C: drive will be erased during installation. So save all Your information to another media or to another hard drive partition (eg D: drive).

Also before you install Windows XP, You must have the 25-digit license key, confirming Your right to possession of the product Windows XP.

Windows XP installation can be done in several ways: Install Windows XP from a boot CD or DVD (described in this article) or Install Windows XP from USB drive.


a. boot disk with distribution kit Windows XP

b. CD (DVD) -ROM.

Installing Windows XP:

1) Insert a bootable disk with Windows XP into the drive.

2) Restart the computer.

3) in BIOS setup and set the computer to boot from CD-ROM

4) Save BIOS settings and restart the computer.

5) After you restart the computer, need to press any key on the keyboard, with the appearance of a window with the message Press any key to boot from CD. If you do not have time to press, restart the computer and try again.

6) To install Windows XP then press :

7) Next, the license agreement will appear. To continue the installation, press :

8) If You have to install was already running Windows XP, you may receive a window prompting you to restore Windows. To continue the installation, press :

9) Next you need to specify the drive You want to install Windows XP (if the hard disk is empty, create two drives C: and D:). With the selected disk will be deleted all the information. It is advisable to install to the C: drive and make at least two partitions (on one disk was the operating system and necessary programs, and on another drive — games, music, documents, etc.), i.e. drive C: and D:. This is to ensure that in case of need to quickly reinstall Windows without fear for any loss of information. For a disk where You will install Windows XP will be enough 10-15 GB.

10) Then select what file system to format the selected disk. If You have a hard disk of 40 GB or less, it is desirable to select FAT32. If the hard drive is 80 GB or more, select NTFS. This is due to the fact that hard drives with small volume and formatted in NTFS slow down computer:

11) Installation of Windows XP is in a section which have. After restarting the computer and copying files, you can configure the language settings and switch keys the keyboard layout from Russian into English or Vice versa (default is Ctrl + ). If You are satisfied, press <NEXT>:

12) you must Then enter your name and the name of Your organization (for Example: name — 1 — 1):

13) In the product Key enter the 25 digit key which should be on the sticker that you received with the CD drive in Windows XP.

14) Install Windows XP is almost completed. Next, enter the computer name and administrator password (the password can be left blank):

15) Next, a window will appear with the date and time. If Your computer shows the correct time and date — press <Next>.

16) If Windows will install the driver of Your network card, it will appear on the screen of the network Configuration. Select typical SETTINGS, click <Next>:

The working group could remain unchanged, ie WORKGROUP. Click <Next>:

17) Then begins the process of copying files to your computer.

18) After the computer restarts, a window will appear with the settings screen:

To continue, press <OK>.

19) Windows will automatically adjust the screen resolution of your monitor:

To continue click on the <OK>.

20) In the welcome window, click <Next>:

21) In the next window, Windows will prompt you to turn on automatic updates. Select defer this action and click <Next>:

22) Next, Windows will try to test the connection to the Internet. Click here <Skip>, and then <Next>:

23) Activate Windows XP. Activation is needed in order to validate Your license. This can be done later (within 30 days). Select <No> and press <Next>:

24) In the next window, enter Your name and click <Next>:

25) In the last window, click <Done>:

The installation of Windows XP is complete!

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