Install Windows XP from USB drive

By | 10.12.2018

Install Windows XP from USB drive

To install Windows XP from USB drive you need:

1. Bootable flash drive with Windows XP. How to make read how to make a bootable USB flash drive Windows XP.

2. The computer on which you will install Windows XP must be enabled to boot from USB drive. To see this in the BIOS settings. Mostly modern motherboards support this.

Install Windows XP from USB drive:

After creating a bootable USB drive you need to boot from a USB drive. To do this, enter the computer’s BIOS and set booting from USB disk:

When the window appears, SELECT the OPERATING SYSTEM, select the number 1. TXT Mode Setup Windows XP, Never unplug USB-Drive Until After Logon and click :

After your computer reboots, again boot from the pendrive and select menu 2. GUI Mode Setup Windows XP, Continue Setup + Start XP:

In the product key enter the 25-digit license key.

If Windows will install the driver for your network card, enter the name of the workgroup (default is WORKGROUP).

After installation Windows will automatically create a user UserXP. To rename a user, log in to the control Panel and open Users and passwords.

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