Install Windows 7 on a laptop with a disk — step by step guide

By | 09.12.2018

Install Windows 7 on a laptop with a disk — step by step instructions

You want to know how to install Windows 7 on a laptop for free? Faced with the necessity of reinstalling the operating system, but I don’t know how to do it? Our step-by-step installation manual will help you to find answers to these and many other questions.

We will talk about three boot options Windows 7-c USB – stick, CD, PC, and mobile. In addition, you will learn how to configure the BIOS in any of these options. Our user guide will help you reinstall Windows and solve other related tasks.

Undoubtedly, installing Windows is much easier than, for example, to install Android, however, we’ll have to work something out.

Important: read before beginning installation

When you install Windows 7 you first need to determine the specifications of your computer. If RAM less than 2 GB, you’ll like the 32-bit operating system (OS) platform 86 bit. Most modern laptops installed strap memory more than 2 GB, in this case, you can safely install a 64-bit OS.

Information about the amount of memory can be obtained by opening the computer properties. Right-button click on the icon «My computer» on the desktop, choose properties, and see what is Installed memory (RAM).

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

Preparing to install the OS

Do not forget that the partition on which you install is formatted, and the information removed. All necessary data should be retained in the section of the computer that will not be formatted, or external drive.

To install you will need bootable CD or USB flash drive, where is Windows 7. Another option – a virtual image system, the features of which are described below.

Recordable disc distribution

To create a boot disk from scratch, we will need:

  1. clean the disc that you want to check for damage and dirt, as any defects can lead to failure during recording;
  2. downloaded from the Internet ISO OS image;
  3. program to record.

Programs there are a great number: Nero Burning Rom, UltraIso, CDBurnerXP, InfraRecorder. In this case we will use a modest tool Small CD-Writer, which first need to download and install.

After installation, perform the following steps:

  1. put a clean disc in the drive and run the utility. In the opened window, click the Disk tab. Then in the dropdown menu choose «Write ISO image to disc»;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  2. after that, you need to specify the path to the image, and then click Open;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  3. a window appears listing the selected disk image and write speed. Click «Record» and watch the boot process. After it’s finished you can eject the disc from the drive and re put it back out there.

Thus, if the startup process on the computer is not muted and all properly enrolled, then the menu should appear from which you can start the Windows installation.

Sometimes PC users wondering how to install Windows 7 on a laptop without a disk and stick? This installation method is possible, but only if the computer has a valid operating system:

  1. download the program Daemon tools lite c official website. Installed it, the installation process by choosing a free license. After installing the program, run it, at the bottom of the window should display your new virtual drive;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  2. run the program. If after installing the drive for some reason does not appear, select in the tabs shortcut icon DT – add DT virtual drive, which will now be displayed along with hard drives and other devices;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  3. then select «add image». And specify path to previously downloaded image windows, which should be in ISO format;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  4. the drive appears in the images directory where you can mount the drive to start a double-click, or menu, right-click and choose «mount»;
  5. there is a window that says «Run Setup.exe». Click on this inscription, and then the installation begins;
  6. you can also run the disc, opening through the shortcut «Computer» devices with removable storage. There is your drive, right-click invoked menu and select run. The installation starts from the hard disk.

The BIOS settings to boot from the DVD

If necessary, boot from CD, you need to make the same as when booting from USB with only one difference – when specifying the download location, instead of the Hard Disk you need to select CD ROM.

By the way, on some computers, you can specify the boot device without entering the BIOS settings. If during the reset bottom on a black screen you see the words Select Booting Device, then this opportunity you have!

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

When pressing the relevant key appears simple menu.

To select the hard disk or pendrive we need:

  1. to go to Hard Disk, and use the Enter key to select the desired device, e.g. a USB-stick. If you want to boot from disk, choose the CD ROM;
  2. press Enter. Starts booting from the selected location.

After installation you need to go back into the BIOS and set the First Boot device is your hard disk.

Install Windows 7 on a new laptop

If you have purchased a new computer on which the OS is installed, you will need to install via the BIOS. In addition, you may need to install Windows through bios (BIOS) after you replace the hard disk or in another case when other methods are unavailable.

You will need a removable media disk or bootable flash drive.

To begin, you need:

  1. included in the BIOS. On many computers this key is used Del. But there may be other options. So pay attention – this information is displayed at the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the load. We choose the one where it says to enter setup;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  2. after pressing the right keys you will get menu in BIOS, where control is done via the keyboard. All the necessary keys indicated on your screen;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  3. now you need to select Advanced BIOS Features, and then we get into another menu, the name of the tabs may be different, but as a rule, begins with the words Boot;
  4. then you need to choose boot device, First boot device. When loading from hard disk as the boot device is HardDisk.

In our case, this is not an option, since we install Windows on a blank laptop no OS.

So we have two other options: if you want to boot from the CD, selected CD ROM, and if from USB drive, USB-HDD.

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  1. some versions of BIOS allow you to choose USB-HDD in the same menu. But there are others where you must first select the Hard Disk as priority boot device (First boot device), then go to the point Hard Disk Boot Priority and set the priority between the USB drive, by pressing «+» and «-«. In this case, we need to select the installation USB;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  2. after that, we can only save the changes by selecting the appropriate button (save). This is usually F10, but your BIOS may be used instead another button, so see the tips of your BIOS;
  3. confirm the saving of settings and Save to cmos and exit (y/n) pressing «Y».

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

After using the previous procedures, the computer begins to restart and while loading on a black screen you will see «Press any key to boot from cd or dvd». Press any button, and then starts booting windows with the selected device.

Run setup

We produced settings of the BIOS, connect the USB to the laptop, or put in the CD-ROM. Reboots, then on the screen appears the text:»Press any key to boot from CD/DVD». Press any button, thus starting the OS installation.

The installation language

We propose to choose the installation language, then the input language and the interface language of Windows.

Then click Install Now and read the license agreement that you definitely need to confirm by placing a check next to «I accept the license agreement».

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

Installation type

Next, we were given the choice of installation type.

Here you can use one of two ways:

  • full install, which is supposed to format the hard drive. It is often called «clean install»;
  • updating early versions of the OS that is now installed on your laptop.

In that case, if you format a drive you have important data, it is preferable to choose the first option.

Video: Install Windows 7. Walkthrough

In which partition to install

On the pre-marked hard drive has multiple logical partitions. Partition intended for the OS must be formatted to carry out a «clean» installation.

If you wish to have on your laptop alongside the already installed OS, for example, with Windows 8, the second system were Windows 7, then it is set to another logical partition of hard drive. Make sure that the marked section for these purposes is enough free space.

If you install Windows 7 to an unformatted partition with the same OS version, all old data will be placed in a separate folder Windows.old, and you will get the opportunity to browse the files on the old system, or will be able to delete it.

Format partition

Select the desired section. Please note that we have the ability to delete, format or create new partition on the hard disk. Setup Windowsдоступно only a quick format, which is used for complete removal of data.

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

To continue installation click «Next».

Copying files and restart

The program will copy files, restart several times in the process. Then OS will set up and check equipment, and then will be asked to enter computer name and your name to create an account.

Then you will be prompted to set a password. To perform this action do not have, you can just skip it.

Activate Windows

The system will require you to enter the product key. This step too can be skipped. Without activation, you can use Windows for another 30 days. After the product key is entered, you must confirm the activation.

Unlicensed versions of the OS can be activated with the help of special programs.

Install drivers

After the OS is installed, you need to take care of the drivers, without which the computer cannot work correctly. Currently, there are different builds of the Windows with built-in drivers, but there is nothing better than to use «native», usually located on the disk supplied with the laptop or available on the website of the manufacturer.

Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

Programs and utilities for work in the system

There are many different programs and utilities without which you cannot do when working on the computer. First and foremost necessary antivirus that is preferably set up to access the Internet. Then you will definitely need the archiver, Internet browser, applications. But if you work with documents, you need the same in office programs such as Microsoft Office.

Optimization OS

Optimization is needed to improve the performance of your computer.

It is possible to note the main points that enable to improve its functioning:

  • disabling visual effects. Sometimes externalities interfere with good performance, especially noticeable in the case that the internal computer is not sufficiently powerful processor or small amount of RAM;
  • disable unnecessary startup programs.Unnecessary programs at startup the CPU and prevent it to perform the necessary actions;
  • disabling unnecessary services.Some services used by our computer we absolutely do not need;
  • removing gadgets. Gadgets simplify work on the laptop, however, wasting up system resources. Do not install them unless absolutely necessary;
  • uninstall unused programs;
  • remove unnecessary shortcuts from the desktop.

Video: Optimization of the operating system

Windows 7 itself can tell you the necessary steps for optimization:

  1. click start;
  2. go to control panel, select «information and tools»performance;
  3. now near the «?» icon locate the «Guidelines for improving the performance of computer», read and follow the instructions.

Error when installing

Sometimes when you install Windows there are problems. For example, you cannot install the OS. Or while using the laptop gives an error.

Often users face such difficulties as:

  • blue screen — most often this error occurs in connection with various memory problems. The first is to check for a blocked dust in the slots;
  • turned off laptop computer, this problem may occur for very different reasons, but one of the main may be overheating the laptop. Perhaps it is time to clean. Also likely that the complexity associated with the incorrect power supply;
  • does not see hard drive.

To solve this problem, you can try to apply the following method:

  1. right-click on the shortcut «My computer» in the ensuing menu, select «Manage»;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  2. in the opened window select disk Management;
  3. on the right side you will see the volume appear. Select the desired, click on it right button, to bring up the menu in which select «Change drive letter»;

    Установка Windows 7 на ноутбук с диска - пошаговая инструкция

  4. now just need to rename the hard disk.

The cost of installation

Difficulties that may arise during the installation process, Windows 7 may stop you from thinking it to be reinstalled. The question price – stable operation of your laptop.

Most likely you wondered whether or not to refer to specialists, or to save money and do it yourself.

The leading centers for computer equipment maintenance offer their services for repair and installation. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the work. The minimum cost starts from 300 rubles. Maximum, as a rule, do not indicate.

Prices for services

Type of work

 Cost, RUB

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Using this step-by-step instructions for dummies, you’ll be able to go through all the steps necessary to reinstall the Windows 7 operating system. As well as for its tuning and optimization.

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