Install windows 10 from USB drive the second system

By | 10.12.2018

Install windows 10 from USB drive the second system

Windows 10 is a recent innovation from Microsoft, aroused great interest among users. It’s already available for download and testing, but as a pre-release build, can not guarantee the absence of errors.

Therefore, those wishing to try a new version of the OS often consider the option of installing Windows 10 as a second operating system.

This method has a number of advantages:

  • does not require formatting the hard drive;
  • saves all settings of the current system;
  • does not affect saved files and installed programs.

In this article we will look at how the Windows 10 install the second system and all the nuances of this process. In General it is very similar to the normal installation of the OS, but contains some important differences.

Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

Installation requirements

The procedure for installing a new OS is a little different from previous versions. We need a hard disk partition with enough free space. Before beginning the process it is necessary to consider the system requirements of Windows 10.

They have remained the same as in the previous version:

  • processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz or higher support PAE, NX, and SSE2;
  • 1 GB RAM (or 2 GB for 64-bit versions);
  • 16 GB of free hard disk space (or 20GB for 64-bit versions);
  • video card with DirectX 9.

It should be borne in mind that in the official release of the program these requirements may change.

Video: Windows 10 is the second operating system

System preparation

So, it is necessary for this procedure? First, create a separate virtual disk and a flash drive, which is to be installed.

Create a multiple-boot configuration

If there is sufficient free space, the new version of Windows is installed in a separate partition while keeping the current OS. We need to create a virtual hard disk and partition on it, where will be placed the new OS.

Step by step this process is as follows:

  1. go to «start menu» and click the right mouse button on «Computer»;
  2. in the resulting window, select «Manage»;

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  3. in the new menu click on «disk Management» and select «Create virtual hard drive»;
  4. here are the configurable options for the future of the drive – its location, size, format;
  5. confirm the selection by pressing «OK»;
  6. right-click on the disk and select «Initialize disk»;
  7. in this window allocated «Disk 1» and set the checkbox next to «master boot record (MBR-Master Boot Record)»;
  8. confirm the change.

Disk created, but it still lacks the sections:

  1. click on the right part of the disk with the right mouse button and select «new simple volume»;
  2. in the appeared «new simple volume Wizard» select «Next»;
  3. appointed by the disk capacity and click «Next» again;
  4. assign the drive letter under which it will appear on the desktop and «Next»;
  5. specified file system (NTFS), put the check box next to the option «Quick format», input «volume Label»;
  6. Next and the drive is ready.

Please note! The important point is to format the disk in NTFS. Also if you install a second or even a third OS must first be installed the old version and then the newer. In our case, experience is not necessary, because Windows 10 is currently the latest version of the OS.

Make a bootable USB flash drive

In this case, the process of creating a bootable USB drive similar to that carried out for earlier versions. Before starting it is necessary to verify the presence of the OS image, the stick is of sufficient quantity and program for recording, for example, UltraISO.

Start working:

  1. install the program UltraISO (skip this step if it already exists on the computer);Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой
  2. plug the flash drive into a USB port;
  3. run it and in menu click «File» and «Open»;
  4. here you specify the path to the saved on the PC the image;
  5. after display its files in the program window, go to the «Bootstrapping»;
  6. in the drop-down list, select «Burn image hard disk»;

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  7. in the new window, next to the inscription «Disk Drive» choose from a list of connected USB flash drive on which the OS is installed;
  8. in the line «write Method» should be active the option «USB-HDD+», if not change it to required;
  9. click «save»;
  10. in the window that appears to confirm the formatting of the drives;
  11. waiting for the end of the process.

Important! During formatting, all data from the flash drive will be deleted, so you should take care to copy from it all valuable information.

For this purpose you can use a specialized utility Rufus:

  1. download the program and install it on your computer;Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой
  2. run it and insert the USB flash drive;
  3. if no program will detect the drive automatically select the path to it manually;
  4. click on hard drive icon beside «Create a bootable disk using» and specify the directory where you saved the image file;
  5. click «Start» and wait while the files are copied.

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

Install Windows 10 the second system on other disk

The installation process many users are already familiar. The only difference will be an indication of a certain pre-created partition, and install in the directory of the current system.

Change the BIOS settings

After preparing the bootable USB drive, configure the BIOS to boot started with it:

  • insert the flash drive into the port;
  • restart the PC and when it starts hold down the Delete key (may be different for different systems);
  • in BIOS menu go to the section «Boot» then «Boot priority»;

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  • in the list of priority set USB flash drive in the first place;
  • save changes – F10 and confirm the selection by pressing «Yes».

The installation process

Now that the BIOS settings are finished, again reboot the system. The download will start from your USB drive.

When installing follow the instructions below:

  1. after reboot will appear the installation window that prompts you to select language (default — English);

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  2. click «Next» and proceed to the license agreement, put a tick and move on;
  3. begin immediate installation of the operating system, then select «Custom» and we created a hard disk partition;

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  4. wait until the files are unpacked and installation completes.

Please note! During installation the computer may reboot several times. Just wait until the end of the process, evidenced by the appearance of the setup window of the new system.

Configuring OS

Now you can move on to setting up a fresh install of the OS:

  • in the settings menu you can choose «Use Express Settings» to use the default settings;
  • if you want to choose update options for applications, privacy settings and frequency of downloading new drivers – click «Custom»;

    Установка windows 10 с флешки второй системой

  • in the next window, enable or disable the system to use a detection of the physical location of the user, and adjust the level of «visibility» of your personal data to third-party developers;
  • now you need to log in to your Microsoft account, for those who have it is not – create it, by entering your details and e-mail;

Important! When registering a new account don’t forget to disable the automatic newsletter to your address by placing a tick in the appropriate box. Also serious consideration should be given to specifying their data and phone number, because they can help restore access to the system in the event of a problem.

  • the next step is enter the verification code that was sent to your account when address;
  • further customizable cloud storage Microsoft (or skip this step).

In this initial configuration of the system is done, but you need to pay attention to one important detail. You need to go back in the BIOS and return the modified list of priority to its previous state. First, you can install disk from a previous OS. Also don’t forget to take care of the drivers for the new system. It is recommended to download them in advance.

If in the new system have problems associated with the lack of drivers or software – use to search the «old» OS. Now you have installed two systems and have the opportunity to choose between them.

After installing Windows 10 on a separate partition, the user may switch to the new system, to test its function and even participate in the development of the product, sending the developers a report about the occurring errors. The old system will remain fully functional, so no need to worry that this little experiment will affect the proper operation of your computer.

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