Install Ubuntu LINUX from USB drive — manual

By | 10.12.2018

Install Ubuntu LINUX from USB drive — manual

Ubuntu is a pretty easy operating system, installation is simple and fast. Each new version of LINUX is being developed as simplified version of its installation.

Given manual describes in detail the whole process, from creating the image on a flash drive to complete loading the operating system.

Most complications can occur during partitioning or installation Ubuntu Linux next to Windows. These and other problems that may occur during the boot process, discussed at the end of the article.

A concise definition

Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux operating system. Its primary task is the provision of convenient, powerful, yet simple interface to operate the computer.

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The benefits include:

  • accessibility as it is absolutely free and does not require any activation;
  • auto-update apps as needed;
  • easy installation of programs;
  • high protection from viruses.

Preparing to install

Install Linux Ubuntu from a flash drive has more advantages compared to the previously popular install from CD-ROM:

  • modern laptops and netbooks often do not have disk drives;
  • installing from USB is much faster than from disk.
  • CD quickly breaks down because of scratches and other defects.

To begin the installation, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive. This would require a disk image or Linux CD with it, which you can copy.

The General process of installing Linux next:

  • downloading/copying the system image;
  • creating a bootable USB drive;
  • change the settings of the BIOS;
  • the Linux installation.

It is best to download a system image from its official website, since there are provided the new and updated version. You should also consider the settings of the computer, as new software versions can be combined with badly outdated technology.

Video: Creating a bootable USB drive with OS

To capture the image

USB flash drive for recording must be in the amount of not less than 1 GB. The downloaded image can be written by using these programs:

  • Pendrive;
  • Unetbootin;
  • Lili USB Creator;
  • UltraIso;
  • Universal USB Installer.

Image creation in Windows

The program «Unetbootin» for creating a bootable device in Windows operating system and Ubuntu. It is necessary to download, install and run. Then in the «Diskimage», select the file system. Among the drives in «Drive» select the desired boot device and confirm the creation of the image:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

This program has the advantage that does not require formatting the device, and creates next to the already existing files on your own. After recording, you can start the installation.

Creating a bootable USB drive

If the flash is created with a computer, where is any version of Linux, you can also use the previous method, and it is possible to do otherwise. There is a special utility usb-creator-gtk. To run it, you need to press ALT+F2 and type in «usb-creator-gtk» or in the apps menu find «Create boot disk»:

In the program specify the location of the ISO image file Linux and select the USB device in the window just below:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

After that, click «Create bootable disc» and the program will start working.

Loader Voe

The next phase is to switch in the BIOS, the device starts downloading. On some computers, this is done automatically, just insert a USB flash drive, reboot the device and during boot go into the boot menu, which opens when you press Esc, Tab or F8:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

But it happens that this possibility is not on the computer because when you download you need to go into BIOS. For different devices the structure of the BIOS and combination of inputs can vary, but usually it’s the Del key / F2 / F12:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

In the window that opens, and press «right», go to «Boot»:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

  1. in this select «Hard Disk Drives»;
  2. in the menu that appears, press Enter on «1st Drive»;
  3. a list appears in which you select the name of the bootable USB device;
  4. press Enter and Esc:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The computer automatically will reboot and run from a USB device.

How to install pendrive LINUX Ubuntu

As soon as the flash loaded, the following window appears with the language selection and the following:

  • to run the program without installation (selected most often for individual actions in the system, or acquaintance with it);
  • to install the system.

    Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

To install the operating system click on the desired language and «Install Ubuntu». Next, a window will open with the title «Preparing to install Ubuntu», which you need to make sure that your computer enough free space on the hard drive and it connected to the Internet.

If the computer is not connected to your network via Wi-Fi, at this stage, no Internet, but it’s not as scary as it is needed to download the latest updates that can be done later.

The bottom item is «Install this third party software» better to tick, then there will be installed additional software.

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The next step is the installation option:

  • to install the program next to Windows. The program will automatically reduce the Windows partition and create new partition for Linux;
  • to replace Windows with Ubuntu. This item should be selected if the computer has no information or it is not needed;
  • another option. Self-selection of the structure of disks and partitions to install.

    Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The installation near Windows

If You want to have two operating systems and when you start to select, then press the first item. Next you need to adjust the size of partitions on your hard disk. Experienced users can perform the partitioning by using the advanced partition editor, but for others, it is not recommended.

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

After clicking «Install now», you will see a warning about creating and modifying disk partitions, it can take a long time. Continue with the installation of the system through time will need to select the regional options for Ubuntu, Linux time zone, and keyboard layout. Then you will need to create username and password to log into Linux. Fill all form and click «Continue»:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

Then you select the image for your user:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

Also, the installer will offer to import accounts from other operating systems:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

After the process is complete, you will need to restart the computer, do not forget to remove the bootable USB flash drive.

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

Change the current OS to Linux

Ensure that you have a clean hard disk or a disk with unnecessary information. Then when you select the installation type click on «Erase disk and install Ubuntu», and then the items will go in the instructions above.

Another option is installing

When selecting the last item, a window opens:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

This structure is available hard disks and their partitions. The screenshot shows a computer with one hard disk /dev/sda with a single partition /dev/sda1 and it installed Windows. In other words – the Drive S. the Number of partitions may be different. Ntfs – type expansion drive. Task – to choose from any existing partitions in order to allocate 10 GB to the new system. Section and click the Change button:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

  • in the «Size» field specify the desired size disk;
  • in the column «Use as» select disc type, in this case «ntfs»;
  • the box under «Format» doesn’t work, if you don’t want to lose all the data.
  • in the mount point select «/windows» to have access from programs to access your files;
  • click «OK».

Confirm your action:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The table now appeared disk free space:

Select new item and press the » + » opens another window:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

It is designed to create the swap Partition, which is used in case of lack of RAM. Expose so, as shown in the figure. Click «OK».

New section added to the disk layout. The remaining space will implement the following:

  • press +;
  • choose maximum available size;
  • type logical;
  • the location of the new partition is the Beginning of the space;
  • to use as a Journaling file system Ext4;
  • the mount point is /. This means the root folder is the main directory in the system;
  • OK.

    Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

The final list of sections is:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

Tick Format» put it only where you need to erase the data.

Run Linux

If Linux is the only operating system, it will load immediately. If not, there will be four options for downloading:

  • Ubuntu system
  • recovery mode similar to safe mode in Windows
  • running test the RAM
  • download Windows

You can wait 10 seconds and Linux to boot automatically, and you can choose the desired item.

At startup, the computer will require a password to logon:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

Then loaded the desktop.

Possible problems when installing

If the program does not run when installing from pendrive, the reason could be:

  • useless flash drive;
  • incorrectly recorded image;
  • properly loaded a system image.

To find the reason possible only by experimental means. If you have another flash drive, write the image to it and try to install. If the system continues to run with flash, check whether the image was actually downloaded to Your computer. Still not working? There are cases that the problem in the image capture process. Of the programs listed at the beginning of the article, alternately try to burn and run the image from a USB device. In any case, the problem is one thing.

If while trying to start Linux after installation a black screen appears and nothing more happens, the problem may be the driver of the installed graphics card.

To resolve this problem prior to booting the OS hold down the left Shift key to display the GRUB menu. Hover over the top point and press «e» key. It is necessary to edit the boot parameters.

After «quiet splash» we need to add the «cmdline options»:

Установка Ubuntu LINUX с флешки - инструкция

After that hit «F10» to boot the OS with the entered parameters, it gives the possibility to install proprietary graphics card drivers in the menu «system Settings» -> «device Drivers». Now you need to restart the system. Operating system Ubuntu LINUX – simple and straightforward to work, install it from a flash drive pretty quick and easy. During and after installation can cause small problems that are easy to fix.

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