Install new fonts in Windows 7

By | 09.12.2018

Installing new fonts in Windows 7

If you want to use an additional font is not included in the standard Windows system, it can be very easy to install.

To do this:

  1. to find in the Internet the appropriate one;
  2. download it;
  3. unzip (if necessary);
  4. and in two clicks to install.

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Why put new fonts

There are a number of reasons for installing a new fonts, as well as the scope of professions that simply will not be enough.

The main reasons:

  1. the inability to open the file, if it uses individual parameters. In this case, the system will automatically select the font, but conversion errors may occur and translation will be a curve;
  2. the customer or the teacher has set design requirements that are not included in the Windows package;
  3. if you wish to stand out and make an original signature;
  4. when placing congratulatory messages in this way can add personality.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Someone might need:

  1. students;
  2. photoshopers;
  3. graphic editors;
  4. teachers;
  5. designers;
  6. any person.

Where to get

Sources there is a whole lot. The first and most popular in the Internet.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

To do this:

  1. to enter in a search string corresponding to the query;
  2. go to any link;
  3. to choose a suitable font;
  4. click on it to download;
  5. save it to your PC.

Important! Use checked sources, so as not to download a virus to your computer.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Additional options:

  1. to create your own using the graphical editors;
  2. ask a friend to sent by mail or posted on the media;
  3. to buy in the store.

The next step is to install, there are several options.


There are two ways of installing the font on the computer. They are both correct and simple. Everyone chooses the best for yourself.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

It should be noted that the data files have the format:

  1. .fon;
  2. .ttf;
  3. .ttc

Important! When you install files with the same name, Windows is unable to distinguish them. This is a risk that can change the font type.

Typical installation

This is the easiest and most popular method. It does not require unnecessary transitions and knowledge, takes the least time.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. go to folder where is downloaded file;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  2. to open the context menu by clicking right mouse button on the desired file.
  3. choose «Install».

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Everything is ready. Nothing more needs to be done. You can open Microsoft word and the list of fonts to see that you just installed.

Installation in Fonts folder

All fonts of the system Windows are stored in the Fonts folder there and install the new.

Important! The more fonts installed, the longer it runs the program with their use. Therefore, not being used – better to remove it.

For installation, you must:

  1. go to the disk;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  2. select the Windows folder.
  3. find the Fonts folder;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  4. next two options:
  • click the right mouse button on the downloaded file -> choose copy -> go to Fonts folder -> right click the mouse in the location box font -> Insert;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  • grab the downloaded file, left click and hold and drag it into the Fonts folder.

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Important! The name of the installable file can differ from the name specified in the program. In order to learn this name, it is necessary to click with the right mouse button on the file and select Browse.

You can now use the new registration letters. Worth noting that photoshop and similar programs may require additional steps for installation.

Note. It happens that the user cannot find the Fonts folder. In this case, it may just be hidden. You need to go to any folder, find the menu item Organize, the line folder Options and search. Then the View tab and in advanced settings, find «Show hidden files, folders, and drives». Click OK or Save.

Video: finding and installing the font

Check font

In order to make sure that everything is done correctly you need to run word or any image editor. Then on the font tab to find the newly installed. Choose it and write something in the text input field.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Compare the font if it is the same continue to work. If not, maybe get a conflict because the same name or the file itself – with an error.

How to install fonts in Windows 7 control panel

In Windows 7 you can add fonts using the control panel. For some it is the best way.

Algorithm of actions:

  • go to the start menu;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  • select control Panel;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  • find string Font;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

Important! If this line is not visible, click View (located top right) select Small icons.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  • in the window that appears, select the File menu;

    Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

  • next «Install font»;
  • in the window «Add fonts» to specify the path to it;
  • click Install.

Continue to use the necessary text design in the work and enjoy myself and to please others.

Of the many ways one chooses a suitable. It should be remembered that the Internet is a lot of viruses able to infect the PC and corrupt it or spy on his master. Therefore, you should use only reliable sources.

If something does not work the reason is most likely non-working file or the system conflict.

The fonts will automatically appear in all programs where there is an option of his choice. However, in photoshop may not appear, then you will need additional installation.

Установка новых шрифтов в Windows 7

If you have installed the appropriate font, better remove it right away, so as not to clutter up memory and speed up loading programs.

To do this:

  1. to access the WINDOWS folder, it resides on the disk;
  2. find the Fonts folder;
  3. to select an object for removal;
  4. press the right button of the mouse.
  5. from the context menu select Delete;
  6. to confirm the deletion.

Important! You should carefully carry out this operation, as there are fonts required by the operating system for normal operation.

Using these recommendations you can quickly configure the necessary formatting tools.

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