Insider 2.0: Microsoft will create a device with the insiders

By | 10.12.2018

Insider 2.0: Microsoft will create a device with the insiders

Insider 2.0: Microsoft создаст устройство вместе с инсайдерами

After the huge success of the program Insider, Microsoft has decided to expand the project by implementing a new program.

A few days ago, the network has spread the first rumors about a new group of insiders who will play an even more active role in the development of Microsoft products, taking part not only in software development but also making important contributions in shaping the future of hardware devices.

The project was given the name «Create Together», and letters with this slogan has already been shipped selected for the users. The company invites insiders to participate in the manufacture of the device is fully tailored to their vision: color, design and other wishes. This device will not created by Microsoft, and one of its partners.

Now is the time to join this program only people chosen by the awarding of software giants, the ideal candidates are people who have distinguished themselves during the development of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. But there is a possibility that the project evolyutsioniruet, and when creating future devices the company will pay attention to suggestions and ideas to the General public.

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