Initial setup Windows

By | 10.12.2018

The initial setup of Windows

So, if you just reinstalled Windows you need to make the initial setup in order to optimize the performance. Offer you 5 tips which, incidentally, can be applied and in that case the system should have long ?

1. System performance

If you have not ultramodern computer, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of resources due to graphical effects in Windows. To do this, click on «My computer», right-click and select «Properties» (or use the key combination Win+Break). In the opened window go to the «Advanced» tab and in the «Performance» click «Settings»

Первоначальная настройка Windows

Choose «adjust for best performance» and apply changes.

2. Move «My documents»

Never store your data on the system drive (usually drive C:). With the same purpose, suggest to move the folder «My documents» on the second partition D:. To do this press the right mouse button on the shortcut «My documents» and select «Properties». In the opened window you can see the block «Location of the washed-up folder». There the path type «C:Documents and SettingsuserMy documents». Just erase and write the new path «D:Мои the documents».

Первоначальная настройка Windows

Confirm in the next step, create a folder and transfer all files. Now the directory «My documents rests on drive D: and a shortcut on the desktop and in the Start-up is now pointing there.

3. Disable some services

To avoid some problems, disable the following services:

  • Automatic updating (if you have not the legal OS)
  • Windows firewall/sharing the Internet (ICS) (if you don’t know how to use it — can create problems when working in network and Internet)
  • The security center (get rid of annoying notifications after turning off the first two services)
  • Server (only if not using shared network resources. Get rid of a virus attack on the network)
  • Workstation (only if not using shared network resources. Get rid of a virus attack on the network)

Disabled services:

Click on «My computer», right-click and select «Manage». go to «Services and applications» — «Services». Before you a list of all operating system services. Select, double-click it, select startup type «Disabled» and click «Stop». Apply the changes.

Первоначальная настройка Windows

4. Clean startup Windows

When you install many programs add themselves to startup and hang in the process throughout your work, even if you do not use. To free up resources they can be removed from startup. To do this, open a command prompt «start» — «Run» (Win+R) and type msconfig. go to the tab «startup» and took off the check mark from the programs that you want to remove from startup. The main thing is not to footcloth extra ?

Первоначальная настройка Windows

5. Enable Minidump

Minidump report that is created at the time when your system crashes and BSOD. Subsequently, it can be deciphered to understand what led to the collapse of the system and fix the problem.

To enable Minidump «start» — «setting» — «control Panel» — «System», go to the Advanced tab, under startup and recovery click «Settings». The bottom must be selected «Small memory dump» and specify the directory where it is stored

Первоначальная настройка Windows

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